Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 29th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

At Deshmukh’s, Sulochana makes puran poli for Rajni, Rajni says thankyou however I became simply joking, Sulochana says come sit, have it after which depart, Rajni has it and says bye I need to depart now.
Sunny packs bags, Keerti asks wherein, Sunny says we’re going to our new residence, I actually have rented a residence for now close by and shortly I Will purchase a brand new residence, Keerti says we are able to togther purchase our new residence, we are able to be satisfactory parents.

Mansi says to Milind, thank you for giving our Mom back, Milind asks our trouble is solved what approximately Pallavi, Amruta says Pallavi has despatched message, Esha is arrested and all troubles are solved, Sulochana says permit’s pray and thank Bappa, Milind says we are able to do it Pallavi’s fashion and performs track for aarti.

Raghav asks Sunny Keerti wherein they’re going, Jaya says you inform them, Keerti says Sunny desires to determine his own, he’s going to work, and we’ve rented residence too, Pallavi says why depart this residence however, Raghav says you weren’t close to me, and while you had been, matters had been messed up, and this residence is mine and yours, if Arjun became alive, he could live with me right, then why now no longer you and Sunny, in case you need to live by myself cross however if motive is marriage and different nonsense please don’t cross, and I won’t permit too, Pallavi says Raghav’s residence and my store has emptiness too, Sunny says please I don’t need any other favor, I will ask if I want favor. Jaya says its satisfied time, name Deshmukh’s we could celebrate, Pallavi says ok and I will prepare dinner dinner these days, Keerti says I will be a part of you, Pallavi says you cross unpack

Raghav pulls Pallavi near and says wherein are you going, we could end our thanks process, Pallavi says I ought to prepare dinner dinner dinner, Raghav says team of workers will cope with that, I am ready come soon.
Pallavi walks in room and sees Raghav is sleeping, she attempts to wake him up and pulls blanket, and sees its simply pillows. Raghav walks in and closes his eyes, Pallavi says what, Raghav fingers her envelope, Pallavi opes it, it’s admission form, Raghav says style designing institute admission form, Pallavi says thanks, Raghav says now because you stated thanks, its welcome time, Dilip walks in and asks Pallavi what to prepare dinner dinner, Pallavi says I will come you cross, Raghav says we could cross, I will assist you, we could prepare dinner dinner together.

Pallavi and Raghav in kitchen, says we could cool Marathi and Hyderabad each food, Raghav says won’t or not it’s too much, Pallavi says we are able to make one dish each, Raghav says I gets flour, wherein it’s miles, Pallavi says 1/3 shelf, Raghav drops all of it on himself. Pallavi begins offevolved giggling and says you can’t get flour and need to prepare dinner dinner, Raghav pulls her near and approximately to kiss, Dilip once more walks in, Raghav says a lot incorrect time, and I will come prepare dinner dinner Hyderabadi dish.

Jaya says Sunny play accurate Punjabi track I like it, we could dance, Sunny performs track, , Jaya and Sunny dance, Milind walks in and says thoroughly Jayaji, Amruta says you dance so well, Jaya says only a little fun, Milind says I am very satisfied, subsequently matters are sorted, Jaya says its a brand new beginning. Sulochana says very accurate however wherein is Pallavi and Raghav, Mansi says right here they arrive our Raghvi. Pallavi walks on Marathi attire, Raghav on South Indian.
Sulochana says Pallavi you appearance very pretty, Pallavi says thanks and satisfied to have our antique Kaku back, Milind says due to me, Pallavi says done. Sulochana says however nevertheless while she comes I will ask her to prepare dinner dinner, Dilip receives a plate, Pallavi asks what’s this, Raghav asks to do away with the blanketed cloth, Keerti asks why Havan Kundh. Raghav says due to the fact it’s miles a unique night, me and Pallavi married in anger and hatred however these days we are able to fortuitously get married and make actual promises, so will you marry me once more Mrs. Pallavi Raghav Rao and is going on his knees. Pallavi says sure, Raghav places ring on her finger.

Raghav and Pallavi take pheras and observe wedding ceremony rituals.
Raghav applies sindoor on Pallavi’s brow and places Mangalsutra. All applaud. Raghav says I promise I won’t permit absolutely everyone come among us and all our lives we are able to be together. Amruta says we could have a own circle of relatives picture. Pallavi says sure and ots now no longer the cease however new beginning.

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