Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Farhad reveals to Raghav all courses of action are prepared, Raghav says my man is prepared too let me disclose to you what it’s identity is and murmurs go look at who is, Farhad looks at and sees nobody, it was Sunny yet stows away on schedule and figures who should be the conveyance fellow

Farhad accessible as needs be says I can’t be at two spot, there and convey package, bundle conveyance is more significant it will take me two hours to reach there, Vijay hears all that and says you look pushed, Farhad says one of our shop we found a client taking and supervisor needs me there additionally I need to convey this bundle which is more significant, in any case you go inside I will converse with you later, Vijay says give me your bundle I will convey it for you, Farhad says thank you, and says here is cash pass by taxi and I will message you subtleties.

Controller watching out for Farhad sees that and advises Laxmi.

Laxmi strolls in Pallavi’s shop where she ia managing position, Laxmi says Pallavi I need to converse with you, Sunny after Vijay, and says I realized Raghav is looking for trouble thus he employed Vijay for jewels. Pallavi asks Laxmi is Raghav fine, Laxmi inquires as to for what reason would you ask that, Pallavi says I don’t perceive some other justification for you to meet me in any case do you realize that man, Pallavi sees Vijay, Sunny watching everything. Pallavi says he is my Baba what is he doing here, Laxmi says take a gander at the sack in his grasp, they have pirated jewels, Raghav picked your dad this time for his work, Pallavi says my Raghav will not do this, Laxmi says are you a player in this as well, Pallavi says I realize Raghav could never do this, Laxmi requests that constable get Vijay, Vijay asks Pallavi what everything is this, Laxmi doesn’t allow them to talk and checks pack and discovers papers in it, Sunny shocked as well. Laxmi discovers nothing, Pallavi says I disclosed to you my better half could never do this, you killed a child and presently behind my dad, stop this, Laxmi says I before long will send your significant other prison.

Vijay asks Pallavi what everything was this, Pallavi says you return home we will talk later.

Vijay calls Farhad and tells about occurrence, Farhad requests that he go rest.

Bright visits Police station, and offers Laxmi his assistance and tells about delicate, Laxmi asks how Raghav and Pallavi are reinforced, Sunny says frantically infatuated.

Raghav chastens Farhad for sending Vijay, Farhad apologize, Farhad says I thought you sent precious stones, Raghav says what’s your opinion about me, at any rate my better half doesn’t comprehend me how might others.

Raghav hands Farhad document and says these are subtleties of Pizza conveyance young men, nobody checks them and we can do anything with them, I sat down to talk with custom official and we have 4 bundles and these 4 will work, its a full verification plan, let these pink jewels arrive at manufacturing plant and afterward Laxmi will be moved.

Raghav asks Farhad you said Pallavi was with Laxmi, Farhad says Vijay uncle advised me, Raghav gets a call from Pallavi, he disregards, Pallavi needs to inform Raghav concerning cautioning given by Laxmi.

Pallavi’s supervisor says police going to our shop isn’t useful for our standing, Pallavi says this will not rehash. Vijay discloses to Deshmukh family regarding whatever occurred and says I don’t anticipate that anything good should occur of I work with Raghav, Sulochana says didn’t you secure whatever other position, that man detests you he isnt great, Nikhil says yet couple of days back you said he resembles a child to you, Sulochana says I was attempting to, Nikhil says quit extending point and end it, Amruta says yes and for what reason would Farhad give you something wrong, Mansi says you will uphold Farhad, Amruta says I am not conversing with you ao don’t meddle.

Raghav pondering Pallavi being with Vijay and starts drinking. Farhad strolls in and discloses to Raghav jewels will not be conveyed today in light of the fact that Laxmi has griped about debasement in custom office, Raghav smashed contemplating just Pallavi, and says let me be go, Farhad leaves.

Pallavi coming back her auto breaks. Laxmi offers her ride home, Pallavi says I will oversee, Laxmi says I realize you are disturbed with regards to the present time yet it was my obligation and presently I am off the clock its undependable to be separated from everyone else come let me drop you. Pallavi concurs, Laxmi says its so blustery today, Pallavi says I trust there is no harm, Laxmi asks Pallavi where is she fine, Pallavi says Kolhapur, Laxmi gets some information about curries there and says me and my girl love that, I am isolated from my significant other and my girl stays in lodging in light of my work, Raghav is fortunate to have understanding accomplice like you, I wish we could be companions sometime in the future, you are a caring individual yet its alright individuals don’t need police as there companions, at any rate reveal to me a certain something, Pallavi asks what, Laxmi asks where do you get great biryani here, Pallavi grins and says OK.

Sharda educates Jaya regarding Vijay’s episode and says Vijay is disturbed so I needed to converse with Pallavi, my girl needs to do things right and tells an occurrence of Nikhil cheating in test and passed with great checks however Pallavi educated head, Nikhil fizzled and was restigated for a month, she realized this would happen yet at the same time upheld reality, Raghav hearing all that and drinking, he sees from window Pallavi gets down Laxmi’s vehicle and blows up

Pre cap: Sunny says to Pallavi this will not work Raghav could never get on right track, Pallavi says Rajan we have a canine in this house, Sunny says dare you, Pallavi says don’t stress I will not affront canines by contrasting with you,Sunny about with lift hands, Pallavi says don’t consider it.
Raghav wearing uniform.Farhad asks what akk is this.
Pallavi is shot


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