Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi invitations Deshmukh’s for Karva chauth, Sharda says I am so satisfied for you, you’re satisfied proper, Pallavi says sure I am so satisfied, Sharda says I wilk pray for you and Raghav.
Raghav deliberating his behaviour, and says is Esha proper, is Pallavi seeking to extrade me. Sunny is available in among the car, Raghav receives indignant, Sunny receives withinside the car, and informs Raghav approximately Karva Chauth and says let’s supply Pallavi and Keerti presents.

Keerti discusses with Pallavi significance of Karva Chauth, and additionally that its celebrated as friendship among girls too, Pallavi sees Esha and thinks become she very impolite together along with her and calls Esha to sign up for them. Deshmukh girls arrive. All speak approximately speedy, Sulochana seems at Esha and asks has she fasted too, Jaya says why will she, she is a divorcee.

Sunny and Raghav attain Market and begin shopping, Raghav makes a decision to speedy for Pallavi and thinks I fortunate to have Pallavi, and she or he is fasting for me and I will speedy for her lengthy life.
Sunny sees Esha and says include me. Raghav presents Pallavi lehnga, Pallavi says so quite however why, Raghav says your Karva Chauth gift, Pallavi says I concept you’re disenchanted with me, Raghav says I am sorry, Pallavi says we can hold combating this is our USP, Raghav says this sorry become for plenty different matters or even I fasted for you, Pallavi hugs him and says you’re pleasant husband. Sunny Esha searching at them, Sunny says appearance Raghav apologised even if there’s no mistake and he even is fasting, and he has to hold sacrificing for Pallavi. Esha sees them and leaves. Sunny thinks accurate activity Sunny plan is working.

Milind has tourist Rajni, Rajni sees him and approximately to leave, Milind says Sulochana you right here to play fancy get dressed again, she says I am Rajni, and I am right here to offer this pamphlet ofy tiffin enterprise and phone me in case you need meals and leaves. Milind confused.

Jaya, Keerti get prepared and ask Pallavi to head quick get prepared, Keerti says why handiest five plates, there need to be 6, Pallavi says I did make 6 plates.
Esha with Raghav’s picturegraph and says you deserve a great spouse and all happiness and dont want to extrade for a person and I desire we didn’t separate and needed to stay with human beings we don’t love, and I don’t understand what’s going to manifest in advance however I need us collectively and could speedy for our togetherness.
Pallavi is going to get prepared. Jaya praises all and sundry, Amruta receives name from Milind, Milind asks what’s Sulochana doing, Amruta says pooja preparation, Milind says ship me her picturegraph proper away, Amruta says ok and sends Sulochana picturegraph to Milind. Milind sees picturegraph and says how is that this possible, how can she be in places.

Karva chauth pooja starts offevolved at Rao’s, Raghav sees Pallavi in purple lehnga and can’t get eyes off her, Esha sees Raghav and Pallavi collectively, Pallavi sighs I love you to Raghav, Pallavi is going be a part of the pooja, Esha status apart and watching.
Everyone is going on terrace to look moon and breakfast. Raghav approximately to offer Pallavi water, Pallavi stops him and breaks his speedy first, Esha receives indignant and thinks Raghav your happiness is me and I will show you that and loose you from Pallavi and spoil my speedy first for our togetherness, Esha breaks pot.

Pre cap: Pallavi asks Esha now no longer to feature peanuts in khichdi.
Pallavi tells all and sundry Esha cooked khichdi, Raghav has it and begins offevolved choking due to the fact if peanut allergy


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