Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunny tells Pallavi that Esha went to fulfill Sumit, Pallavi says Raghav is coping with Sumit and also you move do your part, due to the fact we won’t get every other hazard cmon. Esha comes out and begins offevolved searching out Sumit, Raghav preserving Sumit away and preserving his mouth closed. Sunny walks to Esha and asks wherein is Sumit, Esha says he isn’t right here, Sunny says don’t you recognize him, he ought to be drunk, and its already past due we’ve got planchette to make.
Raghav ties Sumit in his den, Pallavi walks in and says Sunny and Esha are beginning Planchette, Raghav says right, we must hold him right here tied until Esha confesses due to the fact he has visible you now. Pallavi says I’m now no longer liking all this, appearance what we became into. Raghav says they left us no option, they want to gain knowledge of a lesson, now don’t blame your self we could move.

Esha and Sunny begin planchette, Sunny acts as though he is asking Pallavi and is going quiet, Esha receives scared, Sunny says don’t say a phrase or more, simply near your eyes, Pallavi walks in, Sunny says Esha don’t be scared, Pallavi is right here, Sunny asks why are you in the back of her, Esha says it become with the aid of using mistake I didn’t need to kill you and also you got here among me and Raghav, Pallavi says I didn’t you probably did, first you killed me, you furthermore may slept with him, Esha says I didn’t, it become all a plan, I went forcefully in the back of Raghav, in order that I can confess love, however he stored speakme approximately you and I were given irritated and so I made that faux night time plan so I can throw you out of his existence, sorry, please forgive me. Esha begins offevolved crying and closes her eyes, Pallavi go away the room. Sunny says appearance Esha she has left, due to the fact you apologised now she won’t hassle you, hold this ash with you, until you’ve got got this she won’t hassle you.

Milind asks Amruta and Mansi to vote, Mansi asks wherein is Kaku, Milind says she needed to go away for Kolhapur for her brother, however her vote is right here on this note. Sulochana says now no longer wished those will certainly pick out me, Milind says allow them to decide. Amruta and Mansi pick out Rajni as their mom. Sulochana receives irritated, Milind opens Sharda’s note, she has voted South Indian girls is Sulochana. Milind says so she is our Sulochana, and this yellow saree is faux.

Raghav indicates Pallavi recorded confession, Pallavi says in the end we’ve got it and all can be right and I can come lower back to my house, Raghav says sure we are able to be lower back together, Pallavi says however I am scared what if matters fail, Raghav says don’t worry, you’ve got got already suffered lots and now we are able to have most effective happiness, and I love you, Pallavi says I love you too and hugs him.

Sulochana says you all are a part of this dirt, this girls is lying, she isn’t Sulochana I am, Milind is making you do all this, Milind says you once more wondering incorrect, they pick out her due to the fact she is the antique model of Sulochana who cared approximately own circle of relatives and wasn’t grasping and god is aware of whilst you became so grasping, Mansi says sure, you by no means got here to me as a mom however spoilt me instead, even Amruta understood however I didn’t, you ruined matters, Amruta says you probably did such a lot of incorrect matters you can be jailed for it, you made Pallavi’s existence hell and also you gave us embarrassment, I experience ashamed of you and your making plans plotting so I need her as mom, Mansi says me too, Sulochana says I realize that is all Milind’s plan to throw me out of this house, I will move courtroom docket and show that is my own circle of relatives and kids, I won’t will let you move so easily, Milind receives irritated and says forestall Sulochana.

Sunny walks to Keerti, says please pay attention to me after which you may punish me and I will go away too.
Sumit sees knife in den, he drags his chair until there, selections it and freea himself, however door is locked from outside, he sees window.
Sunny says Keerti I desired cash and in that greed I forgot my like to you, and I don’t need him, I need the antique one that loves Keerti, Sunny has no which means with out you. Keerti says I will forgive on one condition, Sunny says will do the whole lot you say, Keerti says you’ll must prepare dinner dinner pasta for me, Sunny says ordinary until I die and hugs her.

Milind says Rajni isn’t my love or something nor I need her to stay, I become simply displaying you what you were, Rajni says he did all this to get his antique spouse lower back, he continually stated he cherished you, appearance study his diary, all approximately you. Sulochana reads his diary, Rajni says due to this diary I ought to imitate you, your own circle of relatives and Milind love you lots, however what did you do with them you stored chosing the incorrect part.

Pallavi and Raghav inform Jaya approximately confession and Sunny helped them, he feels horrific for what he has done, Jaya says right he were given on target lower back, I pray my own circle of relatives has happiness. Raghav says sure most effective happiness.

Pre cap: Police arrests Esha.
Raghav and Pallavi together, get married..


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