Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 26th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav says pallavi i love you, pallavi says raghav i love you too, each hug each different. Rajan asks what to cook dinner for dinner, raghav says we are able to have maharashtrian nowadays, ask keshav to prepare dinner and ask farha, amma, kirti all to wear maharashtrian clothing we’re celebrating nowadays,

pallavi smiles and appears at raghav. Kirti with sunny says i’m so glad, mandar’s arrival has brought about no case on you too, simply one component my own family doesn’t care approximately us, even amma has forgotten me and handiest thinks about pallavi, sunny says till our engagement nothing is going to paintings, kirti says that quickly will manifest, sunny asks while,

we had been to ve engaged one month ago, no person is talking about it and pallavi will in no way let us be one and we will need to fight for our selves, kirti asks how do you have any concept. Farhad with help of youtube helping raghav wear a dhoti, raghav says no i know what to do, pallavi walks in and asks what’s happening, raghav says why is your maharashtrian dhoti so complicated our telugu dhoti is so simple,

pallavi says it is simple allow me help, farhad you pass change too. Pallavi says to raghav you need revel in to put on dhoti, raghav says oh you promote dhoti too to your shop, pallavi says shut up, raghav says you could’t, pallavi says i will wait let me help you and facilitates raghav put on dhoti

raghav says i love you, pallavi smiles, raghav continues saying, pallavi says sufficient will you tell the entire global, raghav says sure i will yell and allow whole world recognize, pallavi says sufficient a person will pay attention it don’t embarass me, raghav asks why can’t i say i love you to my wife, pallavi says you may however, raghav says i’m able to hold saying i like you to my wife, pallavi says ok in the room we are able to but outdoor we are able to ise code language like in that movie, raghav asks which,

pallavi says little need of telling you which ones movie, its hindi and in thay film they used code phrase and touched their lip once they wanted to mention i like you, raghav says you look so adorable and touches his lip, each smile at eachother. Vijay suggests mandar adolescence pics,

mandar thinking about pallavi, mandar receives tensed and leaves, vishnu says uncle don’t fear i’m able to look after him and leaves, sulochana walks to vijay and says dada he saw a person else hold his wife’s hand why won’t he be disillusioned. Pallavi tells jaya she has arranged navari saree for her and kirti, jaya says allow kirti manage on her own, go away her on my own, assist me i’m very excited.

Vishnu asks mandar to relax, and says how can you go away meals, i agree that is tough but appearance how plenty those human beings love you, mandar says what am i able to do i am so tensed i saved anticipating this past 2 years and now i’m able to’t be given it,

i recognise each person is glad but i will’t feel it, mandar sees pallavi’s photo on desk, i remembered handiest pallavi now she has a face but that guy took my wife away, vishnu says it’s now not proved but and neglect pallavi and focus to your family,

mandar says i can get my spouse again like he took her away once i’ve my dna document, mansi hears this and says that is so interesting permit me inform aai about it. Pallavi and kirti stroll in, in navari, jaya says so quite, kirti says its ideal for what will take place nowadays, jaya asks what, kirti says dinner, birthday party, raghav walks in, jaya says so handsome, raghav asks in which is pallavi,

jaya says very nice decoration, raghav says farhad did, farhad walks to them, jaya praises him, farhad says i have set the whole lot will depart now, jaya says it’s own family dinner wait, farhad consents. Kirti continues looking at door and mobile. Pallavi walks in, raghav can’t get his eyes of her, raghav gestures very high-quality, pallavi gestures him very great, raghav touches his lip, jaya walks to them and blesses them.

All of us hears marathi dhol, raghav says wow farhad you organized it, farhad says i didn’t, kirti begins dancing, sunny walks in, raghav and jaya irritated, kirti dances with sunny. Kirti holds sunny’s hand, raghav shouts prevent all this, raghav walks to sunny asks why are you here, sunny says i came right here for kirti’s suggestion and permission from you and amma to marry kirti, raghav holds his collar, jaya stops him,

raghav says don’t you have self admire, how dare you come right here, kirti shouts go away him raghav, raghav says he’s murderer, sunny says it turned into an coincidence, mandar is alive and so forget the beyond and permit me marry kirti, kirti says i want to marry sunny, and approximately beyond we had been scared and we want a satisfied existence too and in case you don’t allow me marry him it won’t be top,

jaya says you are threatening your brother, sunny says she stated that in anger, i really like her loads please permit us to marry, pallavi stops raghav from arguing and says we will address him later, pallavi says to jaya, amma all of us are in properly temper lets now not break it, and sunny you wait, its our circle of relatives dinner we are able to communicate to you later. Kirti says sunny will be part of too, you’re my circle of relatives and takes him with her, pallavi calms all people. Kirti serving sunny, raghav says anyone sit, pallavi i’ve something for you its in room, raghav leaves pallavi receives call from vijay and pallavi panics says i should cross deshmukh house.

Pallavi leaves. Raghav receives gift and asks in which is pallavi, sunny says her first husband is returned and now he is her first priority so she went, raghav drops his present, and gets irritated.

Pre cap:raghav says i feel every so often they may name you returned, pallavi says i promise this gained’t happen, i love you. Mandar says with this report i will get pallavi lower back and shut raghav rao all the time.


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