Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 25th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunny receives Keerti water and says a lot water, Keerti says I get so thirsty, Sunny asks what’s this, Keerti says my get dressed chunari, Sunny says my mother had comparable for Karvachauth, Keerti says I usually visible Karva chauth in movies and its day after, Sunny says my mother use to rapid for Dad and could say even my spouse could rapid for me, Keerti says even I will then, Sunny says you could’t you’re pregnant, Keerti says I can’t rapid however will observe all ritual.

Keerti requests Jaya and Pallavi approximately Karva chauth, Pallavi says if we’re celebrating I will rapid for Raghav, Pallavi sees Esha and asks her to sign up for for Karva chauth, Jaya says this rapid is for husband and now no longer ex husband, Pallavi says even singles can rapid, and you could simply have a good time too.

Farhad tells Raghav deal is final, Raghav says I didn’t attend assembly then how come, Farhad says Pallavi attended tye birthday birthday celebration and when you consider that that is their first deal in India we’ve a press convention withinside the residence please don’t deny, Pallavi says if he does I even have my jhadu ready, Raghav smiles and thank you Pallavi, Pallavi asks for go back gift, Pallavi says no combating and promise anger manipulate and additionally you may inform them you aren’t related to some thing unlawful, Raghav says as you desire

Milind begins offevolved following appearance a like Sulochana, he holds her hand to prevent her and says what new drama is this, she says I am call Sulochana I am Rajni, Milind says I am your husband, Rajni says are you mad, and begins offevolved shouting for help, Milind attempts to give an explanation for crowd however receives crushed.

Farhad briefs group of workers for convention, Sunny sees that and asks Keerti what all is this, Keerti says overlook it, its Raghav’s a few assembly, we could cross shopping, Sunny says I heard Esha is taking element in Karva chauth, Keerti says sure Pallavi invited her and I am so harassed approximately her, I experience irritated and horrific for her, Sunny says allow her be, we could cross shopping.
Raghav stumbles into Esha, Esha congratulates him for the deal, Raghav says Pallavi receives credit score for this, she is help in own circle of relatives and enterprise, I am so grateful for her, she has made me this type of higher person, Esha says I became proper you’re changed, however antique Raghav became so gutsy, you’re idol of all people in Jewellery enterprise and customs isn’t a large issue, all people does this, and also you do charity too however why did you change, in preference to taking part in your strong point why conceal it and dont spill beans in media otherwise who is aware of you quickly may be only a ordinary enterprise guy and now no longer The Raghav Rao.

Milind receives domestic crushed and begins offevolved blaming Sulochana for it and tells approximately marketplace incident, Mansi says however she is domestic didn’t cross anywhere, Sulochana says he desires a psychiatrist, Nikhil says I am with Kaku she didn’t cross anywhere.

Farhad tells Pallavi he’s so satisfied to peer Raghav calm in assembly, and its all Pallavi effect. Raghav is requested approximately unlawful offers in Jayti, Raghav consider Esha’s phrases and misbehaves with the reporter, Pallavi asks Farhad to move deal with Raghav. Raghav is going to his den. Pallavi says Raghav you promised to be calm, Raghav says I may be as I am and won’t concentrate to all and sundry and leaves. Pallavi says Farhad what is incorrect with himz Farhad tells Pallavi that he heard Esha and Raghav talk.

Pallavi walks to Esha in anger and says don’t take gain of my kindness dare you intrude in my married life, I labored difficult to make Raghav what he’s now, he doesn’t want your advice, he’s my husband and we can determine what he must be and now no longer you, so maintain your nonsense advices with you and I were given you right here and might throw you out anytime, maintain that during your thoughts and leaves. Sunny hears Pallavi and Esha’s conversation.

Esha sees Raghav and Pallavi’s wedding ceremony photograph and appears at it and consider Pallavi’s phrases in tears. Sunny walks to her wnd and asks whats incorrect, Esha says nothing, Sunny says I heard you and Pallavi, on one facet she calls herself so type and on different study her behaviour, Esha says she isn’t incorrect and who’re we to prevent them, Pallavi and Raghav its their private remember and I am simply a 3rd person, Sunny says Raghav isn’t satisfied on this relation, he does matters to make her satisfied, however negative aspect doesn’t realize Pallavi is with him for his cash and he’s dropping himself on this relation and handiest you could deliver happiness in his life. Esha says Sunny, why are you telling me all this, what’s your advantage in the back of this, Sunny says what gain will I even have, I am simply seeking to make my own circle of relatives satisfied.

Pre cap: Raghav apologise to Pallavi, Pallavi says overlook it and you’re first-rate husband. Pallavi fasts for Raghav, Esha thinks you may spoil my rapid in order that my desire to be with you comes true


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