Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctor exams Keerti and asks to get her extremely sound done. Raghav says medical doctor I will take correct care of my sister and makes certain there’s no strain round her. Doctor leaves.
Sunny attempts to head close to Keerti, Raghav says step farfar from her, Sunny says I am so sorry I didn’t try this purposely I changed into simply angry, I am so sorry, Jaya says it might be higher she in no way married her, could be so happy, due to the fact a husband like you may in no way get her happiness, has no manage over anger infront of pregnant wife, has no proper to be a husband or father.

Sulochana walks to Milind and says you may free, your faux Sulochana will free due to the fact my own circle of relatives will vote me and once I throw her out, I will make you pay for all of the ache you gave me, I will win for certain, due to the fact my own circle of relatives will pick out me, Milind says I will pray for you all of the fine

Jaya offers Keerti soup, and says you rest, I will pass test if Reddy were given you remedy and leaves. Sunny walks in and says sorry Keerti I changed into angry, Keerti says please I don’t need to speak to you please leave, Sunny says I be given my mistake please forgive me, you and my toddler are my life, slap me, scold me, I will do something you say, Keerti says its too past due Sunny, I changed into mad to marry you, I ought to have listened to Amma and bhai. Sunny says don’t say that. Keerti says I desire me and my toddler each ought to I even have died, Sunny says please Keerti, provide me one chance, I turns into fine husband and father, Keerti asks him to leave. Sunny walks out.

Sunny in Esha’s room, Esha walks in, Esha tells him Pallavi is certainly lifeless and her own circle of relatives goes record case towards me, Sunny says God it way I noticed a ghost, I am so scared, Esha says do something, assist me in any other case I will pass mad, Sunny says wait, there have to be a few desire Pallavi has which wasn’t finished so we could name Pallavi’s soul and speak to her, I can do planchette. Esha says okay, Sunny says provide me cash I will carry preparations and we are able to do it this night it self.
Esha palms Sunny cash and he leaves.

Raghav meets Pallavi, Pallavi asks how is Keerti, Raghav says fine, Pallavi says Esha has agreed that I am lifeless, what next, Raghav says Sunny has made a plan, Pallavi asks why, Raghav says he got here to me with idea….
…(Sunny walks to Raghav, and says I need to restore among Keerti and me, I understand you won’t believe me however what occurred nowadays and concept of loosing Keerti and my toddler, scared me a lot, I won’t do any terrible paintings from nowadays, in order to have an effect on my toddler or Keerti, she isn’t even speaking to me I can’t face that, I certainly love her, I agree I even have fooled round a lot, however I absolutely love her and didn’t understand once I became greedy, however I realised what ache it’s far to free own circle of relatives, and I am sorry will reveal Esha and could assist get you her confession, will enact Planchette and get her confession recorded, I understand it’s difficult to believe me however I wamt to restore matters among me and Keerti. Raghav says I constantly need my sister to be hapoy, in case you hold her secure I will believe you in any other case I won’t, Sunny says thank you,….)

Pallavi says Sunny isn’t believe worthy, Raghav says I noticed it in his eyes, Pallavi says if he does if he says so I may be very happy. Sumit sees Raghav and Pallavi together.

Mansi says we are able to have a vote out now however first you will hold your sides, pass ahead.
Sulochana says you all understand I can’t cook, I make such a lot of drama and spend time in parlour and I understand you all will pick out me. Rajni says pick out that Sulochana that loves own circle of relatives and I. modified now and this female is my beyond however now I even have modified.

Sunny organized planchette with Esha, Raghav and Pallavi maintaining eye on them.
Mansi says Amruta I am nonetheless confused. Rajni walks to them and asks will she serve dinner, Sulochana walks in and says why will you, they’re my youngsters and I supported and stored Mansi from Rahul and Amruta from being pregnant matter.
Rajni says Amruta all of us understand you have been at fault and in call of affection I did guide you however that changed into incorrect and helping Mansi for Rahul changed into incorrect he doesn’t should be each person husband who maintains forcing to interrupt relationship.
Sulochana thinks, this kind of silly female this Rajni is, due to the fact my daughter’s understand I in no way could speak like this.

Esha says Sunny I am so scared. Sunny says don’t be scared come, we could begin calling Pallavi’s soul, Esha receives name from Sumit and he says I even have vital component to percentage I am outdoor come soon. Esha tells Sunny, Sumit has a few fact to say, Sunny says we’ve got commenced method we can’t pass, Esha says it’s far vital and leaves.
Raghav says to Pallavi don’t fear I understand what to do.

Pre cap: Police walks in, Raghav says that is Esha whose confession video I shared.
Raghav and Pallavi together.


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