Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 23th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Esha rushes to Keerti and throws the glass, Keerti receives irritated and slaps her and says how dare you, Pallavi delivered you right here doesn’t suggest you behave any how, Jaya says close up, I realize ladies such as you idiot bad ladies like Pallavi, Pallavi says Amma, Keerti says Pallavi don’t interrupt, Pallavi says atleast listen ger out, Esha says you had been going to drink Papaya juice Pallavi made for me, Esha appears at Raghav and leaves. Pallavi says Keerti Esha turned into simply assisting you, this papaya juice may want to lead you to misscarriage.

Milind solving his bike, he sees a jhumka fall of a women’s ear and rushes to present her and sees its Sulochana and says what all is that this, Sulochana appearance a like says who’re you, Milind says I am your husband and whose garments are you wearing, She says I don’t realize who you’re, provide me my earrings,Milind says I realize why you behaving this manner due to the fact I am now no longer looking to persuade you, right here your earrings, She says thanks and leaves.

Esha packing, Pallavi is going apologise, Esha says they’ve a legitimate motive to react this manner and its higher I go away, I can live in hotel, Pallavi says anything you want however will you be secure there, Amma and Keerti are disappointed with you however when they spend a while they may understand, Esha hugs Pallavi and thank you her, says you’re uncommon don’t extrade, Pallavi says now move unpack.

Milind is going domestic and says to Sulochana what all is that this converting get up, Sulochana why will I, you’ve got got misplaced it, move go to a physician and leaves. Milind says I noticed Sulochana and he or she turned into calling me Anna, Sharda says she turned into domestic, she didn’t move everywhere and also you move freshen up.

Good Raghav meets Raghav in his Den, and says you going to have terrible days, honestly terrible ones, Pallavi won’t allow Esha move and also you won’t provide Pallavi the affection she merits until Esha is right here, Raghav says I won’t try this with Pallavi anymore, I will take her someplace away.

Sunny with Esha says, nobody sees Pallavi’s errors right here, Pallavi knew Keerti is pregnant then why accept as true with a servant, Esha says why telling me all this, Sunny says I realize you should recognize Pallavi, however she is a problem, she even modified Raghav, doesn’t allow him breath bad guy, you on one facet should have such top beyond, and I am positive you by no means attempted converting him and so he appears extra snug with you and Raghav in any case doesn’t love Pallavi and also you unmarried too so why now no longer extrade your beyond on your gift and future.

Pallavi sees her room all messed and says what all is that this, Raghav says antique dreams, we’re going Maldives which we couldn’t so it’s Honeymoon time, subsequent week we’re going Maldives, Pallavi says I am so excited and hugs Raghav. Raghav thinks the whole thing can be ordinary there.

Sunny says I let you Esha, why sacrifice and Raghav is yours, Esha says I don’t realize why you telling this, Raghav loves Pallavi and I won’t ruin them, Sunny says I turned into simply pronouncing and in case you extrade your thoughts your brother is with you, Esha says thanks and leaves. Sunny says you may honestly extrade your thoughts.

Milind round asking humans have they visible Sulochana appearance a like. Farhad sees him and asks what’s he doing right here, who’s he finding, Milind says solving his bike, Farhad says however wherein is your bike, Milind says paintings is finished I am right here to pay, a person asks Kaka did you discover the lady, Milind scolds the person and says go away and says bye Farhad.

Staff discussing approximately how wealthy guy have greater marital affairs, Esha information that and suggests Raghav, Raghav receives irritated, and hits the body of workers terrible, Pallavi and others gather, Pallavi stops Raghav and asks whats wrong, Raghav says doesn’t count body of workers has no proper to gossip, he begs Pallavi to forgive him due to the fact he has family, Pallavi says okay, Raghav receives irritated and leaves.

Raghav in his Den, Esha walks to him and says how dare you allow him move, you aren’t that Raghav I turned into, you’ve got got modified a lot, my university Raghav could ship that body of workers in hospital, he by no means allow anybody speak nonsense mainly approximately me, I simply heard humans extrade with time I noticed that these days and leaves.

Pre cap:Esha says to Raghav, why have you ever modified, you may quickly flip to a not unusualplace enterprise guy.
Raghav missbehaves in press conference.
Pallavi warns Esha says preserve your nonsense advices with you and now no longer provide them to my husband and if she doesn’t forestall all this Pallavi can throw her out too.


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