Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 23th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Keerti in her room, Sunny walks in and thinks Keerti is hiding some thing from me, I should discover now. Sunny says to Keerti I simply noticed you Amma, Raghav, discussing some thing serious, and modified subject matter once I walked in, Keerti says under no circumstances we have been simply discussing news. Sunny says don’t you believe you studied Raghav is behaving bizarre he has forgiven Esha and were given her domestic too. Keerti says you’re proper, Raghav is performing bizarre and I requested him too however he ignored, Sunny asks did you communicate to Pallavi approximately it, Keerti says no, I haven’t spoke to her considering that many days and my brother is performing mad why have to I trouble her and also you have to be glad your so referred to as sister is lower back, Sunny says simply timepass I name her sister, Keerti says Sunny I suppose you have to recognition to your lifestyles than others, you haven’t been to Studio too beyond such a lot of days, you may free all of your customers, Sunny says don’t fear I am linked with customers on social media, Keerti says however that won’t assist earn, Sunny says I will manipulate and leaves.

Raghav walks in his Den and locks door and says Pallav, you realize Esha is so scared, Pallavi says exact, Raghav pulls Pallavi near and says dont you need to do some thing else, Pallavi appearance’s at him says no, Raghav is going near her, Pallavi steps lower back, Raghav says in which will you Mrs. Rao and holds her hand. Raghav approximately to kiss her, Pallavi’s telecellsmartphone rings. Raghav says incorrect timing, Pallavi says its Amruta I should cross, Raghav says please don’t cross. Pallavi says its essential please allow me cross. Pallavi says I qm going via way of means of lower back door don’t overlook to shut it, Raghav sats come lower back soon. Pallavi leaves.

Sunny sees Pallavi stroll out from lower back door, and says why is she right here and the usage of lower back door.
Pallavi and Amruta giggle on Esha’s reaction, Amruta says I am glad matters are working, Pallavi says Amma and Keerti are supporting too, Amruta says I am certain Esha won’t confess fast, she can be able to discover different ways, Pallavi says proper and Sunny is largest threat, Amruta tells her approximately Sulochana Vs Rajni competition, Pallavi via way of means of mistake tells her approximately Milind’s plan, and says please don’t inform absolutely each person and simply assist Kaka. Amruta says I desire all matters work.

Esha looking to sleep maintains taking into consideration Pallavi, and the way Jaya become possessed, she turns into stressed and says this can’t be imagination, is Pallavi in reality ghost, this can’t happen. Esha beverages water, and appears around, Raghav peeks in Esha’s room and says plan is working, Esha that is simply starting of what you are becoming in go back for troubling us.

Esha wakes up subsequent day and falls sleepy again, Keerti walks in and says I were given you tea, Esha says thank you, Keerti seems at Esha and acts as though possessed via way of means of Pallavi, and says this tea has poison, Esha says what are you pronouncing Keerti, Keerti says it’s Pallavi and now I will kill you want you probably did and could preserve doing this until I kill you, Esha receives scared and shouts, Raghav and Sunny stroll in, and says Keerti gave me poison tea, Keerti says what nonsense are you speakme you threw tea I were given for you, Esha says you simply acted like Pallavi and gave me poison, Keerti says I attempted to be buddies with you and also you in go back blaming me only, appearance Sunny how your so referred to as sister behaves together along with your spouse, Sunny says Esha you can’t communicate to my spouse this way. Raghav says one minute and takes Esha apart and says do you need all and sundry to recognize Pallavi’s fact, Esha says I can’t live right here, I am so scared, Raghav says loosen up you don’t should cross anywhere, now relaxation I will think about some thing, Raghav says shall we cross all and sundry, allow Esha relaxation.

Sharda declares cooking competition, Milind thinks Rajni chefs exact, Sulochana thinks I heard Rajni chefs exact I should do some thing, Sulochana says shall we have Maharastrian style. Amruta, Sharda, Mansi agree. Rajni careworn how she can be able to prepare dinner dinner Maharashtrian.

Esha begins offevolved packing and says I can’t live on this haunted house, I am leaving I want peace. Esha’s room light’s begin flickering, she receives greater scared, door receives locked.
Esha shouts Raghav for assist, she sees Pallavi in her closet and shouts, Pallavi holds her neck, Esha says depart me alone, don’t kill me, Pallavi says I won’t spare you, you killed me, separated me from Raghav, I will kill you, Esha shouts please Pallavi allow me cross. Raghav shooks Esha and says why are you performing bizarre, Esha says Pallavi become right here I don’t need to live right here I am going, Raghav shouts in anger and says who do you believe you studied I am the antique Raghu, who will pay attention in your each nonsense, heard me carefully, I do what I need, due to you I misplaced my Pallavi, simply shutup and live right here.

Pre cap:Esha says this Pallavi is lifeless and nevertheless now no longer leaving me alone.Sunny says I noticed her on this house
Sunny unearths the fact, and says to Keerti and Amma, I recognize the fact and feature despatched Esha to test at Deshmukh’s and now will name her and inform her fact, Raghav hears that


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