Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav says Pallavi our plan changed into perfect, you’ll first name Amma, Keerti, Sunny for dinner and could come there and Esha can be right here to damage you, Pallavi says she hit me hard, Raghav says I everyday her deal. Pallavi says and as deliberate I began out shouting for assist and whilst you’ll attain room, I will assault Esha, Raghav says and as everyday she can be able to act in go back and could shoot you, Pallavi says I did remarkable acting, Raghav says it changed into oscar prevailing after which I delivered stones in jute bag and threw it as you. Pallavi says however this isn’t over yet, we need to solution Esha in her terms, Raghav says not anything is not possible now due to the fact we’re together.

Keerti involved for Pallavi, Sunny says I locate some thing fishy in this, there may be some thing in reality passed off and Raghav is hiding some thing, Keerti says I suppose Pallavi desired to inform some thing approximately Esha and Esha harmed her after understanding approximately it, Sunny says this is possible, I spoke to Esha someday again and she or he souned very scared.

Esha scared, Sumit asks whats incorrect, did you scare Pallavi and Raghav did he locate anything, Esha says Pallavi is lifeless and tells the whole thing however now Raghav is with me and I am happy, day after today I will shift again with him, I wilo be Mrs. Raghav Rao, Sumit says don’t neglect about me after that, I need his property, Esha says I promise I will come up with some thing you need.
Amruta and Sharda watching for Pallavi, Milind says don’t fear Pallavi isn’t irresponsible, Pallavi walks in, Sharda asks wherein changed into she, Pallavi says don’t fear, I changed into coping with matters and sorry you needed to fear so much, I will apologise to Amma and Keerti however it changed into needed, Milind asks what’s incorrect, Pallavi says simply believe me and you may locate it. Milind says all of us believe you.

Jaya involved for Pallavi and asks Keerti did she locate approximately Pallavi and may be very scared. Esha walks in, Jaya says in reality she has carried out some thing to Pallavi, inform us Esha what you probably did and if I locate you’re in the back of her I won’t spare you, Raghav says Amma calm down, Esha is innocent, Esha says Aunty I am right here to apologise for all my errors and feature taken again the case too, and I remorse what I did and surely sorry, and could apologise to Pallavi too, Keerti says sufficient of your drama Esha, what else you need us to do, Raghav says neglect about the whole thing Amma and Keerti, Keerti says Pallavi is lacking seeing that the day before today and I am certain she is in the back of it, Raghav says neglect about Pallavi, she dealt with me like a slave, referred to as you occupied with dinner and went lacking, she doesn’t care approximately us, Esha atleast got here again and she or he loves me, in contrast to Pallavi who doesn’t recognize anybody of us, I realize you all locate it bizarre however I need Esha again, Jaya says have you ever misplaced it, Raghav says Esha visit visitor room and I gets your stuff.

Esha serfles in her room and says wow I love this region and shortly will rule right here, Esha receives scared through some thing, Raghav walks in and asks whats incorrect why are you scared, Esha says are there Rats right here, Raghav says no, allow me test and bends bellow mattress and unearths a doll and says its only a smooth toy, this changed into Pallavi’s favored toy however it changed into at Deshmukh’s how did it come right here, anyhow neglect about all this, and now prepare dinner dinner Suji Halwa for Amma to affect her, Esha says certain, Raghav says I will goodbye bye.

Milind says Rajini these days you’ll need to persuade you’re Sulochana to absolutely each person, Sulochana walks in and says you observed this female will take my region, Amruta, Sharda, Mansi stroll out and taken aback to peer Sulochana’s appearance alike, Amruta asks who’s our Aai, Sulochana says I am your mom, Ragini says Amruta I am your mom, Rajni and Sulochana begin arguing, Sulochana approximately to assault her, Milind stops her, Rajni and Sulochana hold arguing, Sharda says all quiet, Milind inform us who’s actual one, Milind seems at each and receives stressed and says even I don’t realize, each are same, Sharda says we could take their check these days and whoever passes will win. Rajni and Sulochana agree.

Raghav tells Pallavi, he has advised Amma and Keerti the reality and Amma began out dancing understanding the reality and additionally requested Keerti to hold Sunny away and now you cross, Pallavi says bye and leaves.

Esha makes Suji Halwa, and says I wish Jaya Aunty likes it and as soon as she can be impressed, I will rule right here like a queen, I can be proprietor of this residence and business. Raghav walks to Esha and says Halwa is smelling nice, and cross name Amma. Esha says sure and leaves.
Esha walks in with Jaya and Keerti, Esha says I made Halwa for you, Raghav says open it and serve, all will love it, Esha opens the bowl and sees sand in it, Esha asks how did this happen, Raghav you have been right here, Raghav says no I went to wait a name, Keerti says you need us to consume sand, Esha says believe me, Jaya says did a ghost come right here then, Jaya smiles at Raghav, Esha stressed.

Pre cap: Esha calls Jaya, Jaya acts like she is possessed through Pallavi and says I will inform absolutely each person the reality which you killed me.
Pallavi scares Esha through performing as a ghost.


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