Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Laxmi strongly goes into room, Raghav follows, there is nobody, Raghav thinking where is Pallavi, Farhad gestures at him, Laxmi inquires as to for what reason is this room covered, Raghav says this room has my old recollections and nobody is permitted here, Laxmi says I will look through first, Inspector tells Laxmi somebody has left pink precious stone in police headquarters, he said he thought that it is in street, Raghav asks laxmi to leave, says you discovered what you were searching for. Laxmi leaves out of frustration. Keerti asks Raghav what everything is this, Raghav says leave not currently. Keerti leaves.

Farhad and Raghav go to Pallavi, Amruta with Pallavi, Raghav asks why is Amruta here, Farhad says I met her while heading to carport, Raghav says thank you Amruta, Amruta says don’t say thanks to me, Kaku let me know everything and she is appealing to God for Pallavi, here is prasad. Raghav says my determination got us all here, Pallavi on the off chance that she would be cognizant now would battle such a huge amount with me, however presently she isn’t responding.

Keerti searching for Sunny all over the place, she hears entryway banging and hurries to Raghav’s cave and opens entryway, Sunny embraces her and expresses gratitude toward her and says somebody locked me they didn’t realize I am here, Keerti says what are you stowing away, Sunny says nothing and leaves. Amruta says I will leave, Raghav requests that Farhad drop Amruta.

Examiner and Laxmi contemplating Raghav’s brilliant move, Inspector says let Raghav be or, more than likely you should leave, he is extremely keen.

Farhad drops Amruta, Farhad says Amruta I need to talk, we had difficult stretch thus didn’t converse with you and your dad came to see me and he cautioned me to not see you, Milind strolls in says however you actually are here and slaps Amruta, Milind says get inside rapidly, Amruta leaves, Milind says Farhad might you venture to see my little girl, Farhad says we are grown-ups we like one another and know our cutoff points as well, you are over reasoning.

Raghav recall Pallavi’s first words that there is no way Raghav can get on right track. Raghav envisions Pallavi preventing him from drinking and says for what reason are you drinking so a lot, Raghav says I can’t see you like this, I am in such a lot of agony, I can’t free you, I am biting the dust seeing you like this, kindly don’t leave me and go. Pallavi says one condition and says will you hit the dance floor with me. Raghav holds her hand, and both dance, Raghav while moving says I simply need this, you me and this second, I would prefer not to awaken from this fantasy where its equitable Raghvi and their joy. Raghav awakens from his fantasy and races to Pallavi.

Vijay stressed over Sharda, Sulochana says is everything right, Milind tells Vijay and Sulochana that Pallavi isn’t progressing nicely and Sharda is appealing to God for herself as well as it’s undependable to let vahini stay alone in sanctuary.

Raghav says you actually are on bed, I thoroughly took care of you and you cannot awaken for me, what amount should I sit tight for you, dont do this Pallavi, is life a joke, I beseech you, entire world asks to Raghav yet I implore you if it’s not too much trouble, awaken for your Raghav,

Doctor says Raghav rest we are here, Raghav says I will not get up till my Saree Ka Dukan converses with me, and I will pass on drinking, since, in such a case that she isn’t living Raghav will not as well, Pallavi’s heartbeat begins fluctuating, Raghav alarms, Doctor says we are loosing her, Pallavi looses her heartbeat, specialist tells Raghav she is no more.

Raghav says Pallavi awaken don’t do this, Raghav says specialist accomplish something or I will kill you, get entire medical clinic here yet I need Pallavi, Doctor says we are attempting and requests that attendant siphon Pallavi’s heart, Pallavi gets her heartbeat back. Raghav holds Pallavi’s hand and says I will not release you.

Milind strolls to Amruta and says sorry, I shouldn’t have responded along these lines or slapped you, Amruta says if it’s all the same to Mom yet you, it was a shock,

I figured just you would get me and Farhad and I know due to my past you are responded that way and like Mom and Didi even you judge me dependent on my past, I will see Pallavi, Milind says would i be able to come too please, Amruta says alright, Vijay says would i be able to come as well, Amruta says OK

Raghav awakens and sees Pallavi is acquiring consious and calls specialist, Doctor says you can move her in room now, Pallavi says Raghav, Raghav says simply rest don’t talk or think excessively.

Pre cap:Raghav drinks and goes to Pallavi says now we are poor can’t bear the cost of this. Farhad says Raghav is having genuine drinking issue, Pallavi says we need to take care of business.


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