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Barrister Babu 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Thakumaa requesting that Tapur get Durga maa bangles. Tapur says its not here, see this. They see the vacant box. They see the footmarks and follow. They come to see Bihari. Bihari keeps the bangles in the rice box. Thakumaa requests that he open the container. She checks and gets the bangles. She lifts hand on him. Bondita stops her. Thakumaa chides him. She says Bihari is found taking, I will send him to the prison. Bondita says quiet down, we will lose our name. Thakumaa inquires as to why, he fouled up, he will lose his name, I will get him rebuffed. Bondita asks will not you rebuff Chandrachur, he attempted to destroy a young lady’s regard, it’s anything but a little wrongdoing, he ought to lose his name, Tapur isn’t to blame, in the event that we stay silent, such wrongdoing practitioners will get supported, Tapur needs to come clean. Thakumaa says I saw, however we won’t come clean, she will not get her regard back, I can’t see her slander. She takes Tapur with her.

Bondita says pay attention to me. Thakumaa says don’t stress for Anirudh, I had made game plans to make him escape from the jail. Bondita asks her not to do this, and comprehend Tapur’s aggravation, she will see a fallen angel in each man, she can’t be glad even with her significant other. She says we don’t need to make Anirudh escape from the prison, we need to help Tapur and end her dread, we need to startle those heathens to never see any young lady severely, we love Durga and Kaali, for what reason don’t we make the young ladies as Durga and Kaali, for what reason don’t we given them trishul to secure themselves and kill the miscreants, why not free the young ladies with the weight to deal with family regard. Thakumaa says young ladies need to keep their regard covered this way. She covers the bangles in a fabric.

Bondita says Tapur likewise kept it covered, what occurred, you have seen it right, she is frightened, allowed her dread to end, else you will track down a decent life for her, and she will discover motivation to kick the bucket, save Tapur. Tapur cries. Thakumaa says indeed, you are saying right, I was unable to save Tapur from that fiend, I will save her now. She requests that Tapur come, they will take the bangles for Durga maa. She says I guarantee, I will not allow your reality to come out. Bondita says assuming Tapur isn’t slandered, on the off chance that nobody realizes that she said in the court, will you let her say reality. Thakumaa asks is this conceivable. Bondita says I can make this potential, its my guarantee, believe me. Tapur says then I m prepared.

Thakumaa asks will you stay faithful to your obligation. Bondita says clearly, till I pass on. She proceeds to apologize to Bihari. He says I realize you are doing this for Anirudh and this family, all will be great. She says indeed, truly. Bondita comes to meet Anirudh. She requests that he pat her back. He asks did you persuade Tapur to say reality. She gestures. She says don’t ask me how I persuaded her, you will know it in the court. He taps her back and says bravo Bondita, I m glad for you. She says you said this after quite a while. He says I m truly pleased with you. She says save this for later. He requests that she go to the court now. She asks does anybody send away recently married lady of the hour like this. He asks are you a recently married lady. She says you made me old unexpectedly early. He says its not awful to be old, when love is old, then, at that point, its shading is thick, our connection is old. She grins. He says bravo Bondita. They go out with the constables. Subodh sees them and says Durga maa, favor these darlings jodi, these counselor jodi, I wish to petition God for you, yet I can’t, I realize you need to get isolated, Anirudh.

He says as opposed to saving you, she has come here to get your affection, its fine, its not off-base, you both have not many days left, she ought to get 100 imprints as a spouse, regardless of whether she gets a zero as a lawyer. Anirudh says you said right, Bondita ought to get 100 imprints for a spouse’s job, she is a decent wife, she takes care of me food as Annapurna, she shows me new examples as Saraswati, she finishes me as Laxmi,

she doesn’t simply implore Durga Maa for me, she turns into my defensive safeguard by becoming Durga Maa when required, she is an extraordinary wife, yet when she wears the attorney robe, then, at that point, she takes another symbol, Kaali Maa, she becomes Kaali Maa, she will go against/annihilate you and the crimedoers in the court, you generally say that you didn’t lose any case, presently you will lose to Bondita, it will be written in the set of experiences that a female advodate has crushed you, her name is Barrister Babu Bondita Roy Choudhary. Subodh says you will lose your life, she will lose. She goes. Anirudh says you will win. She says we will win. They grin. Rishta tera mera… .plays… .

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