Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sulochana domestic and says nowadays I will discover tyat ladies and display all and sundry, I am proper and Milind incorrect, Rajni walks in, Sulochana and Rajni shout searching at every other, Sulochana faints, Rajni runs to room, Sharda rushes to Sulochana, Milind says which one is she, Sharda asks what, Milind says I suggest whilst did she come. Sulochana profits aware and says I noticed ladies identical like me, Milind says what nonsense are you talking, come I will take you to doctor, you may be best.

Sumit hits Varangal motel waiter who instructed Pallavi reality.

Pallavi and Amruta attain domestic, Pallavi glad and says Raghav simply conceal matters from me and he hasn’t cheated me, we may be lower back together, Sharda walks to them, Pallavi tells approximately Esha’s plan to Sharda, and says I can keep my own circle of relatives and move lower back to them, and type the whole lot with Raghav and inform him reality and end his guilt, we could name all and sundry to dinner nowadays after which I could have a sparkling start. Sharda says I will invite them for dinner.

Sharda calls Jaya and says Pallavi has invited you considering dinner do come, Jaya asks why, Sharda says Pallavi has ro say something. Jaya says ok and disconnects name.

Jaya informs Raghav and Keerti approximately dinner invitation, Keerti says we could move can be its approximately Esha, Raghav says I am enthusiastic about having dinner with her, and also you move beforehand I will be part of after assembly, Jaya says ok and prays to God to present her kdis happiness lower back

Rajni hiding, Milind says pop out Sulochana is asleep, Rajni says Milind matters have become very complex we could inform all, Milind says I am worn-out too and I assume even Sulochana is lacking her own circle of relatives and when you consider that nowadays we’ve Pallavi’s own circle of relatives for dinner so now no longer nowadays.

Sumit informs Esha approximately Pallavi locating the reality, and says I actually have hit him and locked him. Esha concerned and says actual trouble is Pallavi and if she tells Raghav, Raghav won’t pay attention to me, I can’t permit this happen, I need Raghav in any case.

Jata abd Keerti arrives at Deshmukh’s, Pallavi hugs Jaya, and says don’t fear all can be best soon, Jaya asks in which is Sulochana, Milind says she isn’t doing well, Pallavi asks in which is Raghav, Keerti says he’ll come after assembly.
Sharda asks Jaya why is she so concerned, Jaya says examine my youngsters they’re in such a lot of problems, Sharda says preserve religion and accept as true with your daughter in law, Jaya says ok. Keerti asks Pallavi what’s it, Sunny thinks I am loss of life to understand what’s it, Pallavi says I will inform with Raghav, permit me move domestic and get Raghav, after which inform all and sundry, Pallavi leaves.

Pallavi arrived at Rao Mansion, she comes to a decision to move inform Raghav and sees Esha at the back of her, Esha says its now no longer clean to defeat me, I won’t permit Raghav move farfar from me and hits Pallavi says on her head and takes away her telecellsmartphone and drags her, Pallavi’s earring falls down, Esha takes her upstairs to her room and ties her to a chair, covers her mouth, locks the room frim out of doors and leaves.

Jaya says in which are those , Mansi says can be Raghav’s assembly is taking long, Milind says permit me attempt Pallavi and says her telecellsmartphone isnt reachable, Keerti says even Raghav’s telecellsmartphone isn’t reachable.

Raghav sees Esha and says how dare you stroll in, get out, Esha says no you’ll need to pay attention to me, I understand you’re irritated and your largest enemy now however I love you the most, what become my fault, and is it incorrect that I had emotions for you and also you didn’t forestall your self that night time due to the fact you too have emotions for me and I can do the whole lot to get you,

Pallavi simply treats you want a slave and doesn’t need you and making a decision who you need, one that accepts you or one that desires you to extrade and in case you select me over Pallavi, I will take lower back this situation and in case you don’t and I win case, you’ll free the whole lot, so marry me and you’ll get a spouse who loves you, and Pallavi will provide you with jail and loneliness and ache for own circle of relatives, even Amma and Keerti will depart you, so inform me who do you select, will you return back with me and be with me.

Raghav approximately to keep Esha’s hand hears Pallavi’s voice and rushes to the sound.
Jaya, Keerti, Sharda concerned for Raghav, Pallavi. Milind says I will move check, Keerti says me and Sunny will move check. Sunny receives name from Sumit.
Raghav unearths Pallavi, Pallavi says Esha did this to her and Esha has lied and plotted all this, and tells what waiter instructed her. Esha walks in and says wow Pallavi, appearance how reasonably-priced you’re, you weren’t there however I become, and me and Raghav understand the reality and Raghav loves me and he desires me and now no longer you.

Pre cap: Pallavi factors gun at Esha and says you ruined my life, I will end you now, Raghav says calm down, Pallavi says I won’t, and shoots.


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