Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

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Pallavi walks to Keerti and asks did she discover blouse, Keerti says no, Pallavi says permit me assist you and unearths it for her, and offers her Jewellery, Jaya asks Pallavi to get prepared fast and says you and Raghav need to take a seat down in pooja in order that even you and Raghav supply me a grandson, and in which is Raghav, Pallavi says now no longer but however he is aware of how essential is that this pooja for you and he won’t pass over it.

Raghav with Esha, Esha says thanks and now you may pass I will manage, Raghav says how dare he behave this way, Esha says he’ll due to the fact I instructed him I love you and usually will, and this has turn out to be a routine, I by no means permit him come near me and so gis frustration grew to this, Raghav says why undergo qll this then, the Esha I knew become so bold, Esha says she is hidden due to the fact lengthy again, I met her whilst that night time you, Raghav says please I don’t need to speak approximately it, my lifestyles and coronary heart has Pallavi now.

Jaya says Pallavi you appearance so quite and in which is Raghav, Pallavi says I messaged him however he didn’t reply. Sunny walks to Keerti and reward her. Deshmukh’s arrive for pooja, Sharda asks in which is Raghav, Pallavi says he might be right here soon. Jaya performs music, Milind says so peaceful, Jaya says Raghav’s dad use to play it, I sense he’s round me after I play this.
Jaya asks Pallavi in which is Raghav, Pallavi says I don’t understand I am looking to attain him.

Esha says to Raghav, I. now no longer asking you to interrupt up with Pallavi, I simply need my location, don’t deal with me like stranger atleast after that night time and if my request is incorrect and also you don’t have location for me you may pass and if there may be a few location for me keep my hand, and I promise I will by no means are available in among you and Pallavi and be satisfied withinside the limit.

Pallavi tells Jaya, Raghav isn’t receiving call, Sulochana whispers Mansi what all is that this happening, Mansi says I see a few main issue. Door bell rings, Pallavi says it ought to be Raghav. Pallavi says Raghav in which had been you, Esha walks in, every body taken aback to peer Esha. Pallavi asks what all is that this, Raghav approximately to inform her, Esha stops him retaining his hand, Pallavi appears at Raghav. Esha says I met with an accident, Raghav become passing through and so he were given me right here, Pallavi says you appearance injured too please are available in.

Jaya scolds Raghav, says can’t you live domestic today, Pallavi says Amma calm down, Amruta says Esha you right here, Esha says you, Amruta says Pallavi is my cousin and introduce every body Esha as her boss. Esha says Raghav you’ve got got own circle of relatives characteristic I ought to go away, Pallavi says you’re injured, do first useful resource after which pass.

Jaya in kitchen angry, Keerti attempts to calm her down, Jaya says how dare Raghav get her right here, I can’t stand her and now no longer permit her destroy his lifestyles again, and does Pallavi understand approximately her, Keerti says I don’t understand however now calm down, Sunny hears all that and thinks she can be able to inform me approximately Esha now, Keerti sees Sunny and asks what’s it, Sunny says Panditji is asking every body. Keerti says okay

Raghav and Pallavi take part in pooja, Esha imagins her in location of Pallavi, Amruta asks Esha is she nice and sits beside her and says human beings are proper global is so small I didn’t understand we can meet like this. Esha leaves.
Jaya asks Keerri to distribute Prasad.

Raghav walks away, Pallavi follows her and asks whats incorrect witb her, what did truly happened, it doesn’t appear to be accident, Raghav says she is beneathneath home violence and tells entire incident, and so Raghav were given her right here. Pallavi says so first-class of you, permit her live right here for few days, Raghav says what are you saying, Pallavi says its simply to keep her from her husband, and sees Esha isn’t round, Pallavi calls Amruta, Amruta says Esha left. Sharda walks to them and blesses them and says now its your flip after Keerti, Jaya says very correct. Raghav says I even have pressing work, Amruta says Pallavi I will go away I even have office, Pallavi congratulates Amruta, Sharda says even I will go away

Esha searching for a house, Amruta hears that and says are you seeking out house, Esha says sure urgently, Amruta says you may shift with us we’ve got one room vacant, Esha says your own circle of relatives, Amruta says they’ll be satisfied.

Keerti asks Sunny why does he need to understand approximately Esha, Sunny says simply due to the fact he were given her domestic, Keerti says she become Raghav’s ex, she married a person which broke Raghav.
Pallavi hugs Raghav from in the back of he pushes her away, Pallavi asks whats incorrect, Raghav says I simply were given surprised, Pallavi says I need to speak approximately what every body is soliciting for for, our kids, and blushes, and says I don’t assume its incorrect either, even ww ought to have a own circle of relatives, Raghav consider approximately night time with Esha and pushes Pallavi again again, Pallavi asks why are you behaving like this, Raghav says this get dressed is aggravating me I will alternate and come. Pallavi thinks what is incorrect with him.

Pre cap: Raghav says Pallavi, Esha become with me in Varangal that night time and I made a mistake


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