Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav is granted bail, Raghav walks to Pallavi and appears at Esha and Sumit, Inspector says I wish you’re punsihed this time and your spouse doesn’t store you, Pallavi says time will inform us that, Raghav whilst leaving says Esha, you’ll remorse like I am regretting you iny life, Pallavi won’t take delivery of me however you’ll by no means get her region and leaves with Pallavi.

Raghav says Pallavi, thanks for assisting me, Pallavi says I am assisting fact and don’t recollect this as forgiven.
Sharda walks to Vijay and says the Sulochana in our residence isn’t ours, Vijay says are you knowledge what you saying, Sharda says I understand you discover it weird, and tells how she observed approximately it, and the way Milind continues saving her, Vijay says are you fine, Sharda says even I concept equal while actual Sulochana instructed me however I am suspicious now, Vijay says you suggest Sulochana has double function and begins offevolved laughing, says thisnall sounds precise on TV.

Jaya hugs Raghav and thank you Pallavi for assisting Raghav, Keerti asks while is hearing, Raghav says after five days, Raghav says I am horrific however I won’t do this, Jaya says I understand that and I believe you, Keerti says we understand how horrific that girls is however how can she fall so low. Raghav seems at Pallavi and says I wager O deserve this after what I did to Pallavi, Pallavi says Raghav awareness on a way to address Esha.
Jaya says I will set up dinner you have meals, Keerti requests to live, Pallavi says sorry I will leave, Raghav forces on losing her, Pallavi says I will manage, don’t drink in pressure and leaves in tears, Raghav thinks thank you for assisting me Pallavi, in particular after I don’t deserve this.

Sumit receives Esha meals, Esha says I am now no longer hungry, Sumit says cmon we’ve got lengthy combat and the manner you acted today, you’ll ought to be robust and assured due to the fact that is rape case, Esha thinks of Raghav’s behaviour and says I won’t lose this, I understand its now no longer clean to defeat them however they won’t win, they’ll ought to loose.

Pallavi considering Keerti telling approximately Esha’s faux suicide, Amruta walks to her and tells she went Dasri jewellers to get her stuff lower back and Dasri met her, he stated he observed approximately Esha’s case and he’s amazed and stated Esha wasn’t speculated to be in Varangal, Dasri turned into going to head and while Esha observed Raghav is there, she compelled him to permit her pass, Pallavi says this indicates Esha has accomplished this purposely, Pallavi thinks of Milind assisting Raghav and says we want proofs towards Esha from Varangal and if Raghav is harmless we want proof.

Jaya denies to have meals and asks did Raghav eat, Keerti says I compelled him to have little and he could be very harm due to the fact that is rape case and his popularity is falling down and while media will discover it, it will likely be extra annoying and this combat is ours and now no longer simplest Raghav’s.
Sumit says Esha sleep in room, I will sleep on couch, Esha says thank you for assisting me, Sumit says each time and what is going to you pick Raghav’s belongings or love, Esha saya offcourse belongings, Sumit says so evil.

Rajni says to Milind, if Vahini is suspicious quickly all people will discover the fact or even I ought to pass home, so shall we inform fact, Milind says a few extra time after which we are able to inform all people, Pallavi hears Milind name Sulochana, Rajni, and asks who’s Rajni, Milind says she is, Pallavi says she is Sulochana Kaku, Milind says she is her appearance a like and staying with us, Pallavi asks how and why, Pallavi asks what you need to fix, Milind says we need to educate Sulochana her lesson and now no longer take all and sundry listen granted and behave, Pallavi says and among you , Milind says no I am dependable with Sulochana, and that is simplest to educate Sulochana a lesson, Pallavi says I actually have an idea.

Raghav makes himself a drink, Pallavi stops him, and says I instructed you now no longer to right, Raghav says you had brought inexperienced tea in this, Pallavi says k now inform me the whole thing approximately what occurred in Varangal. Raghav tells he reached Varangal and there has been rise up and the way he drank, slept and he noticed Pallavi while Esha attempted to return back near after which he slept and while he awoke he noticed Esha subsequent to him. Pallavi says I might also additionally forgive you and I want assist for it, due to the fact there is a part even you’re unaware, Pallavi leaves.
Sunny sees her and asks Keerti what’s Pallavi doing here, Keerti says she didn’t come, she could meet me, Sunny thinks I am certain she turned into Pallavi.

Esha receives name from Sunny, Sunny says you forgot your brother, Esha says much like you didn’t assist me, Sunny says if I could even I could be thrown out and Keerti is now suspicious, and I am providing you with inner inputs which might be assisting you, and now Pallavi turned into here, and there’s some thing cooking among them so live alert. Esha tells Sumit to preserve eye on Pallavi and Raghav and he or she will supply him proportion after obtaining Raghav’s belongings, Sumit says k.

Pallavi with Amruta meets Varangal inn supervisor and asks for details, he doesn’t supply any answer, Pallavi threatens him and asks him to inform fact, and if he doesn’t she can be able to hit him with stone on his head. Manager says that woman requested me to get alcohol and brought remedy in it, and gave me lot of cash after which she known as me again, she turned into sitting on couch after which requested me to take away sirs garments and cowl him with blanket after which she slept on couch, after which I left.

Pallavi says oh God, Amruta this indicates not anything occurred with Esha, Pallavi says you’ll come to police station with me and I will ensure you’re safe, Sumit sees the whole thing, Pallavi says Esha is making plans all this, this kind of reasonably-priced girls, she attempted to grab my love, my courting and my own circle of relatives and now Esha will combat all evils of Esha

Pre cap: Pallavi at Rao Mansion approximately to head inform Raghav fact she observed, Esha hits her on her head from behind, Pallavi faints.
Esha says it’s now no longer clean to defeat me.


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