Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav receives name from Esha he ignores it, he receives a message from her announcing I need to fulfill you, Raghav says I don’t prevent calling me or messaging me. Esha replies please simply one time. Raghav receives a name and he shouts prevent calling me, Lakshmi says that isn’t possible, I actually have to speak to you approximately your Varangal go to come to police station, Raghav asks what you need, Lakshmi says come to police station.

Sharda on name with Jaya, she asks wherein is Pallavi, Jaya says she left for paintings and did you pay attention approximately Keerti, Sharda says sure congratulations, Jaya says I am arranging Pooja do include family, Sharda says sure.

Lakshmi asks Raghav why became he hitting the person in Varanagal, Raghav says if it’s miles felony inform me I willl include my lawyer, don’t name me otherwise, Lakshmi says your inflammation indicates some thing is wrong, I will discover the truth.
Raghav reaches home, Pallavi says you’ve got got a visitor, Raghav sees Esha, Esha says Mr. Dasari despatched settlement papers, its pressing, Pallavi says you each take a seat down in Den I will ship you espresso.

Raghav and Esha in Den, Esha holds Raghav’s hand and says you left the day prior to this, Raghav says I don’t need to speak approximately it, Esha says I recognise state of affairs is complex, something took place the day prior to this became treasured I won’t ruin the memory, I met the vintage us the day prior to this, Raghav says do you recognize what’s happening, I don’t care what you believe you studied of the day prior to this however for me its a big mistake, I am a married guy and I love my spouse plenty and something took place final night time I became imagining Pallavi and now no longer you, you have been my past, my gift and destiny is Pallavi and with out her I can’t believe my life, Esha says I recognize, bye and leaves.

Pallavi walks in with espresso and asks wherein is Esha, Raghav says she left, Pallavi says ok you’ve got got espresso then. Raghav says I don’t experience like.
Esha receives to her residence and sees Sumit and receives shocked, Esha says what are you doing right here and the way did you return back interior, Sumit says replica keys, how can I depart my Ex spouse alone, Esha says simply pass, Sumit says why your boyfriend is coming, Esha shouts at him, Sumit says we married and you may be my spouse for ever, no paper can deny that, be with every person you need however you constantly might be my ex spouse. Esha says be to your limits, Sumit says that day your boyfriend and now you, each need to educate me limits, anyhow I am ideal and now deliver me cash, will you or ought to I ask your lover. Esha throws cash at him and says get misplaced.

Pallavi aaya Raghav the next day we’ve got Satyanarayana pooja pass overdue workplace and sees Raghav has fallen asleep, Pallavi seems at him and leans in the direction of him, offers a kiss and says Good Night ans hugs him and is going to sleep, Raghav opens hus eyes while Pallavi falls asleep, he recalls final night time and holds her hand and thinks will state of affairs get everyday among us, I am sorry Pallavi I made big mistake.

Jaya and Pallavi making Pooja arrangements, and asks is Raghav staying right, Pallavi says I attempted however he became asleep additionally he’s so misplaced on account that he’s lower back, Jaya says can also additionally due to what he noticed in Varanagal he’s disturbed, Pallavi sees Raghav and asks will he have breakfast, Raghav says I am now no longer hungry, Keerti walks to everybody studying information says one extra suicide case, and that is 4th case in month, this female dedicated suicide due to the fact she broke up together along with her boyfriend who does all this only for a boy, Jaya says you higher don’t communicate approximately that, Pallavi says I am now no longer helping suicide however humans spoil while their associate hurts them, I could in no way overlook and forgive if a person could try this to me.

Raghav receives name from Dasari and he asks him any concept wherein is Esha, she isn’t receiving calls after she left your private home and from the time she is lower back from Varangal she is so disturbed and doesn’t attention in paintings too. Raghav says ok and thinks approximately suicide information and says there’s pressing assembly and leaves.

Sunny with Lakshmi, she asks him does he recognise Esha, Sunny says do you, Lakshmi says inform me don’t ask me, Sunny thinks let’s discover purpose first after which play, Sunny says I heard Raghav say some thing approximately her, Lakshmi says appearance on this video Raghav is hitting Sumit, Esha’s ex husband and so discover me her relation with Raghav and right here’s Sumit’s cope with you’ll want it.
Raghav is going to Esha’s residence, Esha tied to chair interior so can’t open door, Raghav attempts calling and knocking door, Esha a few how pushes flower pot to signal Raghav, Raghav hears and begins offevolved banging door hard, and breaks it, he sees Esha tied to chair and rushes to her for help, he unties her, Esha hugs him, Raghav asks who did all this, Esha says Sumit did this final night time, I am so scared Raghu.

Pre cap:Esha says to Raghav I am now no longer asking you to reduce ties with Pallavi, I simply need my place,preserve my hand when you have one littel feeling for me.
Pallavi opens door and sees Raghav and Esha preserving palms and asks Raghav what all is this.


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