Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 16th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sulochana sees Sharda, Sharda says while did you return back to bazar, you have been withinside the residence, Sulochana says I am now no longer domestic beyond such a lot of days, Sharda says you have been in kitchen right, Sulochana says Milind is fooling us all, she is a few different women, she picked my name too the day gone by, Sharda says you imply she is a person else and Milind has saved her in our residence, Sulochana says sure you could most effective assist me, Sharda says Milind can’t do this, you’re mistaken, Sulochana says you all might be taken aback while you may recognise the reality.

Pallavi walks in store and sees Raghav working, Rupa says Raghav is so punctual got here to store early. Pallavi sees Raghav’s injured leg and feels bad, Pallavi attempts to open her bag and however her hand hurts, Raghav asks what’s this, Pallavi says I became lights diya were given hurt, Raghav takes her hand and applies oinment, Pallavi says all this isn’t always required. Raghav says I thoroughly recognise it’s now no longer due to diya and the day gone by you gave me food, I recognise the flavor and your heart.
Rupa asks Pallavi to test account’s.

Sharda walks in and sees Milind and Rajni go away hand in hand and says Sulochana modified garments and now’s out with Milind, can be that is her new recreation definitely, Mansi asks why are you speaking to yourself, have you ever misplaced it like Baba, Sharda says I don’t recognise.

Pallavi displaying sarees to consumer, consumer says I need it for my daughter’s wedding, you have to be married you have to recognise what sarees we want, Pallavi appears at Raghav, Inspector walks in and says rape FIR is lodged towards you. Raghav asks who did, Esha walks in and says I did, sufficient of you, you pressured me to complaint, Raghav says inspector she is mendacity, Raghav says Esha I requested you to depart residence, so this new drama, you’re making huge mistake with the aid of using messing with me, Esha says time will inform us that, Inspector says include us Raghav, Pallavi says I. coming too.

Rajni and Milind stroll in, Sharda with open containers and says anticipating Sulochana come in order that and hold things you get from market, first-class Sulochana, Rajni says sure, Milind thinks if she locate the reality it is going to be bad, Milind says Sulochana get scissors and I will assist Vahini until then, Sharda says I even have scissors, you pass, come assist me Sulochana.
Sharda asks Sulochana, so what have you ever idea of doing for Amurta’s birthday, Milind thinks Vahini is tasting Rajni I guess, and says Sulochana include me I want to locate towel, Rajni says I might be lower back and leaves.

Esha tells Inspector that Raghav requested her to live in Varangal with himz while there has been insurrection, and I wasn’t getting room, so I shared room with him, Raghav says she is mendacity, her ex husband attacked her, so I helped her, Inspector says quiet, allow her communicate, Sumit says Raghav js mendacity I wasn’t in Varangal, Esha says trusting Raghav became my largest mistake, while we entered room, he closed doorways and commenced forcing himself on me and raped me, I cherished this guy and appearance what he did.
Raghav says she is mendacity, she supplied me drinks, Esha says how ought to we get drink, there has been insurrection out of doors and motels didn’t have drinks, Raghav says it became for your bag, Esha says what nonsense, why do we a woman roam with alcohol. Raghav says Esha how disgusting, that night time, Inspector says inform us what took place Raghav.

Raghav says I made massive mistake and did incorrect to Pallavi and cheated on our marriage, me and Esha have been ingesting speaking approximately College recollections and were given drunk, however Esha idea some thing ought to take place among us, however I stated no, Inspector says you’re a crook you observed we can accept as true with you, Pallavi says you could’t name him crook, till you’ve got got proof, I agree Esha and Raghav have been together, she informed a exceptional tale and she or he informed us, she didn’t prevent Raghav due to the fact she love him, Esha says Pallavi, you taking his facet how stupid, I agree in residence due to the fact I had no option, Raghav informed me to inform this tale in order that he could have witness and later I get trapped after I hotel FIR, I became scared so I pay attention to what he stated and I am so frightened of this guy. Raghav says Esha close up, Inspector places Raghav in the back of bars.
Raghav says Pallavi dont fear approximately me pass domestic.

Milind stops Rajni and says I assume Vahini has doubt on us, Amruta’s birthday isn’t now, did you are saying whatever or communicate for your language, why is she suspicious, Rajni says what to do now, Milind says hold playing around Vahini and don’t live lengthy with her.
Mansi sees them and thinks what’s cooking among them.

Pallavi reaches Rao Mansion, Jaya asks what’s she doing here, Pallavi says Esha has lodged Rape FIR towards Raghav, Jaya says she destroyed everything, I informed you Pallavi that woman is worst, I swear my son can’t do this, Pallavi says I recognise Amma, Keerti tells Pallavi approximately Esha’s suicide drama and the way Raghav threw Esha out of residence.
Jaya says what’s going to take place now, Pallavi says don’t fear I will locate all information of this situation and Raghav gets bail with the aid of using today.

Pre cap: Pallavi asks Varangal resort supervisor and asks him what took place that night time or she can be able to hit him, He says that madam who stayed with sir, requested me to get bottle of alcohol, positioned a few remedy in it after which later requested me to do away with sirs garments.
Pallavi says I will take Raghav to domestic and inform the reality to everyone, Esha hits Pallavi on head.


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