Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav thinks approximately the night time, receives out of automobile, he sees properly Raghav, properly Raghav says you probably did a mistake, Raghav says how should I try this to Pallavi, and why didn’t you prevent me, Good Raghav says due to the fact you don’t have any manage on yourself, why did you however, Raghav says I notion it become Pallavi, what need to I do inform Pallavi reality or cover it, however I can’t cover, Good Raghav says in case you cover and he or she unearths it from someplace she can be able to break, consider her earlier than taking any decision.

Sunny says to Pallavi to head in advance and he has a few paintings, Pallavi says what paintings, Sunny says who’re you my mother, why need to I inform you, I actually have booked automobile and leaves.
Amruta tells Milind approximately her assembly with Esha. Sharda tells Milind and Amruta, Raghav is excellent.

Raghav receives home, Keerti sees him and hugs him, Keerti asks in which is Sunny and Pallavi, they went ultimate night time Varangal to locate you, Raghav surprised, he receives a name frol Esha. Pallavi walks in and hugs Raghav. Keerti leaves. Pallavi says I become so scared, Raghav pushes her away, Pallavi asks what took place, Raghav says simply worn-out I need to relaxation, Pallavi in tears says ok relaxation later however now permit me make agree with which you are right here and in no way go away me, Raghav pushes Pallavi away and says please. Pallavi asks why are you behaving like this, Amma walks to them, Pallavi is going hug her, Jaya says so glad to peer you excellent, Keerti advised me the whole lot and in which is Sunny, Pallavi says I don’t realize he stated he has a few paintings and stayed in Varangal.

Sunny asks receptionist who’s that lady, He says I can’t percentage information, Sunny will pay him, He tells her call ks Esha Madhvan, Sunny will pay greater and asks why is Raghav’s call together along with her, He says due to the fact they live right here ultimate night time, Sunny tears the web page and maintains with him and says this paper will make me rich.

Pallavi receives Keerti dinner and asks Raghav what is going to he have, and sees he’s misplaced and asks what took place to you, Jaya says there may be a few horrific eye on us, my children are in problem, tie this at entrance, Pallavi says however Amma, Jaya says I don’t care in case you all agree with or now no longer, however do it for me. Pallavi says ok and leaves.

Esha appears at Raghav’s residence and says I need to speak to you Raghav, you can’t forget about me like this after what took place. Esha sees Pallavi and leaves.
Pallavi asleep turns round and sees Raghav isn’t beside her however status on my own neat window, Pallavi asks Raghav is he excellent, Raghav says I am now no longer sleepy you visit sleep, Pallavi says you’re disturbed because you are returned become all properly there, Raghav says sure, Pallavi says how a lot wilo you lie, I waited for you to inform reality, I realize the whole lot who you had been with and what you had been doing, you had been with that witch right, Amma become speaking approximately and you obtain so scared you’re disturbed,

Raghav receives indignant and says is that this time to comic story, Pallavi says sorry I become seeking to alternate your mood, Raghav says is the whole lot comic story to you, Pallavi says sorry however don’t be upset, I am uninterested in fighting, earlier than you go away you stated you won’t go back after which you obtain stuck in strike, I couldn’t take care of that, and also you aren’t simply my love however a part of me, I can’t stay with out you, shall we promise we wilo combat in morning and resolve earlier than we sleep and constantly agree with every other.
Raghav recollects approximately ultimate night time and leaves Pallavi’s hand and is going to sleep, Pallavi says what took place, Raghav says I am sleepy.

Sunny walks to Keerti, Keerti asks what paintings you had in Varangal, Sunny says its very important, and suppose we’ve got a huge mansion, huge cars, worldwide school, Keerti says sufficient, Sunny says this quickly can be truth due to the fact I actually have a huge card. Keerti asks what, Sunny says you need to realize the whole lot these days itself, have patience, Keerti says ok.

Esha interviews Amruta, and explains her approximately her responsibilities, and expectancies closer to job. Amruta maintains getting name from Neha, Esha asks her to reply it, Amruta says I will speak to her later, Esha says a person is asking constantly pass speak. Amruta says sure Neha pass specific your emotions to him, how will you recognize approximately it earlier than you understand how he feels and he can be relationship a person however become with you ultimate night so pass inform. Esha says thank you.

Jaya tells Pallavi that there has been rush in Tirupati temple however she felt so properly while she went inside. Sunny says Raghav how become your Varangal experience, it should be unique, Raghav says why need to I inform you, Sunny says ok however didn’t you inform Pallavi anything, Pallavi says how does that be counted to you, and stoo being vain and be a bit responsible, Keerti says Sunny sufficient don’t pull subjects unnecessarily, he’s excellent this is sufficient, Raghav leaves, Sunny thinks some thing huge has took place among Raghav and Esha.

Pre cap: Raghav says Esha you had been my past, simplest Pallavi is my gift and destiny and I can’t stay with out her. Esha leaves.
Keerti reads a information in the front of anyone that a lady dedicated suicide due to the fact she broke together along with her boyfriend. Raghav rushes to Esha’s residence..


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