Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav on name together along with his Jewellery customer and running in keep, Rupa says Pallavi its lunch time, Pallavi says you cross, I will join, Pallavi asks Raghav to devour lunch and are available lower back in 1/2 of n hour.
Raghav is going out however doesn’t discover some thing so eats biscuit. Pallavi sees him and calls Rupa.

Raghav walks lower back to keep, Rupa says Raghav I had more meals devour this, Raghav says thanks I had biscuit, Rupa says that won’t assist. Raghav says ok and is going have lunch, he tastes meals and smiles.
Raghav says as traditional the meals may be very tasty.

Milind sees Rajni in kitchen and Sulochana going toward kitchen and forestalls her, and symptoms and symptoms Rajni to head cover, Sulochana asks who you had been signing, Milind says I didn’t, and Sulu infant wherein are you going, Sulochana says your behaviour may be very suspicious, I should cross interior and test interior, Milind sees Rajni cover and says ok cross, Sulochana is going have water.

Amruta and Keerti talk approximately Raghav and Pallavi, Keerti says I wish Pallavi forgives Raghav, Amruta says won’t Keerti, due to the fact she advised me the day gone by she known as Raghav in keep for punishment. Keerti sees a coconut vendor and recollects he’s the only who got here as physician whilst Esha attempted committing suicide, Keerti tells Amruta approximately it, Amruta says if he’s physician ehat is doing here. Keerti says shall we test, Amruta and Keerti get him and slap him and asks him truth

Sunny with Esha asks her to calm down, says don’t fear Pallavi won’t forgive him, you do unique matters for him and luxury him, in order that he realises you’re perfect.
Pallavi asks Raghav to fold clothes, Rupa says its exceptional he can do it tomorrow, Pallavi says human beings and matters extrade very quickly, so it’s higher to complete todays paintings and tell watchman after paintings is done, he’ll near the keep, Pallavi leaves.

Keerti abd Amruta stroll in keep with the guy, Raghav asks what all is this, Keerti says this guy got here domestic as physician whilst Esha dedicated suicide, Raghav asks him who paid you to do this.
Esha at domestic dressed and organized Raghav’s preferred meals on table. Raghav walks in, Esha says I become expecting you, loom I made you, your preferred dishes to cheer you up, you’re disenchanted due to Pallavi proper, and why are you starring at me and I am searching proper proper and touches Raghav, says nobody is here, you could inform me, Raghav pushes her and says live farfar from me, why did you comeback and destroyed my existence a lot, Esha says I understand you’re disenchanted, however you already know proper I become pressured to depart you to store your existence and now I am lower back, it become simply scenario which added us collectively and God wishes us to be collectively, Raghav says shutup together along with your nonsense, bear in mind one factor I love most effective Pallavi and this factor you calling love is your obsession, Pallavi helped you purchase you ruined her existence, and suicide performing, calling faux physician, splendid job, sufficient now, I will restoration Pallavi’s fault now, and pulls Esha’s hand

Sunny stops Raghav and says how will you behave with a female this way, Raghav says go away my hand or your next, Sunny leaves his hand. Raghav throws Esha out of residence and closes door.
Jaya and Keerti have a take a observe Sunny.

Sumit walks to Esha, gives her hanky and says appearance once more we’re collectively and nobody will come to assist you, neither Pallavi nor Raghav and I experience terrible seeing you on this state, you probably did a lot for Raghav, appearance what he did for you, I experience terrible for you, I understand I wasn’t terrible husband however believe me I cared for you however seeing you cross lower back to Raghav made me frustration and we wjll combat lower back, I wjll be with you, Esha asks how. Sumit says I even have an concept so one can get you Raghav and me money.

Keerti says Sunny you known as that physician proper, Sunny says sure however Esha gave me the variety, Keerti says however she become performing fainted, Sunny says lengthy lower back as soon as she stated have this variety for emergency and she or he may be very abnormal female, Keerti says appearance Sunny I don’t need to factor at you however if I discover you had been concerned with Esha, I will by no means forgive you

Pallavi suppose’s approximately Raghav’s leg and places her surrender diya, Milind stops her and is going get oinment for her, and says I understand you’re in ache however I suppose this misunderstood is created, I suppose Esha is lying, Pallavi says however Raghav confessed, Milind says can be it’s all Esha’s plan and Raghav fell for the entice and so that you are, Esha is mad in the back of him and she or he can visit any low and all I understand is Raghav simply loves you.

Pre cap: Pallavi hand hurt, Raghav sees it and asks how did this happened, Pallavi says I become lights diya.
Esha walks in with police and accuse Raghav if rape.


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