Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunny and Pallavi attain test publish, Lakshmi doesn’t permit them to head says there may be curfew and if it wasn’t I could nevertheless now no longer permit you too, Pallavi says its now no longer time for non-public grudges and also you can’t prevent a spouse from seeing her husband. Lakshmi says I am preventing a citizen and its on your safety, and we’re taking you to police station for secure motives and now no longer arresting, we are able to launch you while curfew is cancelled.

Raghav says Esha I apprehend however now sleep, Esha says am I making you uncomfortable, our destiny has were given us collectively so one request, don’t inquire from me to sleep, I don’t need to lose this second, for our vintage friendship sake we could chat and I promise I won’t bore you, we are able to speak loads and additionally we’ve got to complete this whiskey, Raghav says no way, Esha says you given up so speedy, are you scared, Raghav says you’ll lose, Esha says we could see and makes drinks. Esha receives inebriated, Raghav receives inebriated too.
Raghav says you’re a cheater, Esha says much like vintage days cry baby, Raghav says we could move for every other spherical I will display you.

Pallavi and Sunny in jail, Pallavi concerned she can’t even attain Farhad, Pallavi asks constable wherein is Lakshmi, Constable says she is on test publish responsibility we are able to depart you as soon as curfew is finished. Sunny says to Pallavi that is all due to you, due to you even I am caught and if some thing occurs to me I will take lot of reimbursement out of your Husband.
Pallavi makes Farhad a name from Police landline.

Raghav and Esha end drink, Raghav says I won, you’re a cheater and now Good Night, Raghav receives as much as sleep on couch however crashes on mattress. Esha walks to him, switches of the lights, Esha says I dreamed this second such a lot of times, I am so glad you’re once more with me, I want this night time in no way ends, and touches Raghav’s face. Raghav inebriated turns round and imagines Esha as Pallavi, and says Pallavi you’re right here I overlooked you so much, you shining on this mild and searching so beautiful. Esha says what did you say, Raghav says Pallavi sorry you felt bad, please don’t move, come close to me. Esha says you taking a person else’s call however I am glad you close to me due to the fact I love you so much. Esha kisses Raghav.

Pallavi informs Keerti approximately situation, and asks her did she speak to Farhad, Keerti says Farhad did come however he stated comissioner may be very busy, and went to peer a person esle and please provide Sunny the name. Sunny says Keerti wherein did you lure me. Pallavi thinks Raghav I don’t recognise what to do and wish you’re pleasant.

Sunny asleep on bench, Lakshmi walks in and asks wherein is Pallavi , Constable says she left while curfew changed into finished.
Pallavi in car, Sunny sees her depart in car. Keerti calls Pallavi and asks did she get area, Farhad determined it with extremely good difficulty, Pallavi says sure I left and there may be a few community too and I simply wish he’s pleasant, Keerti says he’s don’t fear. Pallavi calls Raghav, Raghav wakes up with hangover and sees Esha beside him, and bear in mind closing night time they drank loads. Raghav sees Pallavi is asking him.
Pallavi receives extra concerned, Pallavi nears the area and says Raghav don’t fear your Pallavi is coming close to you.

Raghav sees he’s shirtless, speedy wears it. Pallavi will pay car and receives within the hotel. Raghav tensed seeing Esha in his mattress and says fool what did you do Raghav. Raghav unearths his automobile keys and receives out. Pallavi sees there may be no receptionist. Raghav walks to reception however Pallavi get into talks with personnel and Raghav leaves.

Pallavi turns round thinks its Raghav however its Sunny and says what’s your hassle how did you depart with out me. Pallavi says I did attempt to you have been least inquisitive about locating Raghav, Sunny says wherein do you get all this from. Pallavi receives name from Raghav, Raghav says I am pleasant and I left for Hyderabad, Pallavi says k and looses community once more.
Pallavi tells Sunny, Raghav is pleasant. Pallavi sees Ganpati Bappa Idol and prays thank you for saving Raghav.

Edha walks out of room and sees Pallavi, Sunny sees Esha starring at Pallavi after which hiding and thinks who’s she why is she hiding, Pallavi says Sunny we could move. Sunny says I need to move washroom you move ahead. Pallavi leaves. Sunny sits on couch once more. Esha enquiries at reception wherein is Raghav. Sunny unearths its suspicious.

Pre cap:Sunny asks reception what’s her call and what changed into she doing right here. Receptionist say her call is Esha and she or he changed into right here with Raghav closing night time.
Esha in her automobile says you can’t be silent after what came about closing night time and can’t forget about me.
Pallavi asks Raghav why is he disturbed when you consider that he lower back and the way lengthy will he lie, she is aware of who he changed into with and what changed into he doing.Raghav surprised


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