Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

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Sumit hits Raghav, aays how dare you contact her, Raghav says how dare you contact her, Raghav and Sumit get into combat. Esha profits consious and sees them combat and says forestall it, he’s my husband Sumit. Sumit asks who’re you, Esha says Sumit don’t you understand, live farfar from me, Sumit says you got here right here to bitch approximately me and now threatening me too, don’t wakeful the evil in me, simply take the bitch away, and the way dare you speak to me like this, what did you do wity him, you booked identical motels proper, Raghav says thoughts your language, Esha says I am dealing with this preserve quiet and also you Sumit suppose earlier than you speak, and now pass away, my attorney will speak to you, Sumit says inform me who’s this. Raghav says I am Raghav Rao, Sumit says wow you gave me divorce and runited with him, this should be your lengthy planning, Raghav pushes Sumit says live away, Sumit says you live away that is our private matter. Raghav holds Esha’s hand says shall we pass.

Farhad at commissioner ready to peer him to get data approximately Raghav, he informs Pallavi, Commissioner hasn’t referred to as him yet, Pallavi says to Farhad live there he has right reference to Raghav and could honestly assist us.
Pallavi receives concerned approximately Raghav, the climate receives awful too. Pallavi says I can’t take a seat down idle.
Raghav receives Esha to his room. Esha says thankyou, Raghav asks that guy turned into your husband, you married him for cash, you had a lot greed you married him. Esha says I don’t need to speak to him, Raghav says I need to, you probably did incorrect to me, you gave me lot of ache and now I want to understand the answers, what did you get through doing this. Esha says my father made me do this, if I could marry you rather than Sumit, he could kill you.

Pallavi concerned, Keerti says my pals husband counseled now no longer going Varangal now, Pallavi says there’s no statistics approximately Raghav, I am very concerned. Keerti says I will include me, Pallavi says you’re pregnant you may’t, Keerti says however I can’t can help you pass alone, Pallavi says what can I do, Farhad is at commissioner and nobody else is available, Sunny chilling. Keerti says go together with Sunny, its higher to go together with own circle of relatives then strangers, Pallavi says now no longer required, Keerti says you’ll go together with Sunny, Keerti calls Sunny, Sunny requested what happened, Keerti says pass assist Pallavi discover Raghav, Sunny says I care approximately my existence, Sunny says I won’t, Keerti forces him, Pallavi says I wouldn’t go together with you if it wasn’t emergency, I am ready in vehicle and leaves. Sunny says I am now no longer her driver, Keerti says please.

Esha says I could by no means marry everybody then you definitely and also you knew my father how risky you’re and so I informed you I am marrying Sumit for cash, Raghav asks why the divorce, Esha says he’s a totally reasonably-priced guy, he has lot of cash however no humanity, he did home violence and so I gave him divorce three years returned and he continues threatening me and so I got here right here to inn a criticism and so he kidnap me and pressure me to put off the bitch, in any case its existence all this occurs.

Esha attempts to useful resource her own, Raghav sees she is in ache and is going assist her. Esha says I shall go away, says I need to head due to the fact I don’t need the simplest right recollections I ought to ruin, recollections with you provide me strength, Raghav appears at Esha, Esha saya I am now no longer flirting simply telling, Raghav says I am married have a lovely extremely good spouse and love eachother, Esha says I actually have visible that, by no means notion we are able to meet once more like this and I am so pleased with you, you accomplished all which you said, Raghav says however you why did you do this, Esha saya shall we now no longer speak approximately that man and break our mood, I am hungry shall we order, Raghav says let’s order your chinese language, Esha says sure chinese language and whiskey, Raghav says wherein will you get whiskey now, Esha says in my bag, Raghav says you continue to do this like university days, Esha receives yhe bottel and says sure. Raghav makes her a drink. Esha says wherein is your peg, Raghav says I had a lot I don’t anymore, Esha says even I won’t then, Raghav says simplest one peg then and makes him a drink and each have it.

Sunny and Pallavi in vehicle, Sunny says I don’t have any hobby in getting into that strike and if something occurs to me even a scratch I will rake repayment from you and Raghav, Pallavi says you may go away proper away, I can manage. Sunny says you believe you studied all are mad, I understand you doing this in order that I don’t get a trip home, and why didn’t you speak in the front of Keerti, and I understand your nonsense. Pallavi ignores him.

At Deshmukh house. Milind sees Sharda praying and says have meals you iust lower back once more you’re praying, Sharda tells him approximately Raghav caught in Varangal strike, and there us no data approximately Raghav. Milind says God is with us don’t worry. Esha receives inebriated and says I actually have a lot a laugh with you and by no means cherished everybody like I did to you, why are you so special, Raghav says its sufficient Esha you drank a lot. Esha says I haven’t forgotten you and I nonetheless consider you normal why Raghav, Raghav says Esha visit sleep, Esha stops Raghav and says consider I love you message you despatched Pallavi, I notion you messaged me, and it turned into so painful to understand the truth, I don’t have proper over you, this makes me experience week, I cry normal considering that our cut up however Raghu I can’t stay like this anymore, and hugs Raghav.

Pre cap:Raghav inebriated falls on bed. He wakes up and reveals Esha in his bed. Pallavi reaches the hotel.


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