Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 13th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pallavi considering Raghav, Amruta tells her Pallavi, Raghav identityentification going for Agnipariksha, he’s paying attention to no person, most effective you may shop him.
Sunny says Keerti, Pallavi won’t come, she doesn’t care approximately Raghav, although he’s going to die she won’t come.

Jaya and Keerti attempt convincing Raghav, Raghav says no person interferes, Keerti thinks I desire Amruta has spoken Pallavi most effective she will be able to shop him.
Raghav think’s approximately his time with Pallavi, how she cherished him however now hates him. Raghav steps on burning coal, Jaya and Keerti in tears seeing Raghav on this state, Esha now no longer liking it too. Pallavi pulls Raghav and each fall down. Pallavi asks are you fine, display me your legs, appearance they’re so sore, Raghav asks did you forgive me,

Pallavi receives a chair for Raghav and makes him sit, Raghav asks did you forgive me, Pallavi says those silly matters will make me forgive you, you aren’t a few unique that I will shop you, I will shop everyone who could be doing this, and all that is your emotional blackmail, you believe you studied via way of means of hurting your self I will come strolling to you, you need simply me now no longer my love, you don’t care if I am satisfied or sa, you proved which you are selfish, you don’t deserve my love or forgiveness.

Raghav says Pallavi I am sorry and I turned into punishing myself for hurting you and this turned into to show my love and now no longer blackmailing, I simply need your happiness and not anything else, you usually take me on proper path, assist me what can I do to get you returned, your trust, deliver me one danger, I simply need you please.
Pallavi says you’ll concentrate to the whole lot proper, Raghav says yes, Pallavi says come to my store at eight day after today, Raghav says ok and does that imply you giving me a danger. Pallavi says come at eight you’ll understand.

Sharda concerned approximately Raghav, Pallavi walks in, Sharda asks is Raghav fine, Pallavi says yes, he simply has a few accidents on leg and day after today I actually have known as him at eight to buy his punishment.

Jaya feeds Raghav, Raghav receives ganpti from desk and a chair, Jaya asks what are you doing, Raghav says those Ganpati idol, Pallavi loves loads and its shadeation has dwindled and he or she use to get disillusioned seeing this, so I will shadeation it for her, Jaya says you’ll take it store, Raghav says Amma, Pallavi gave me a danger and I don’t need to free her, I usually have centered on myself, I were given the whole lot I desired via way of means of money, forcing or snatching however this time its Pallavi’s happiness and I will break my pain, ego for Pallavi, her happiness is my aim, Jaya says my God assist you, Raghav says thanks Amma.

Esha listens to Raghav and Amma’s communication and says Raghav has end up greater stressed due to the fact he’s farfar from Pallavi, what if she forgives him day after today.

Pallavi at store, Raghav walks to her and desires her desirable morning with smile, Pallavi says wait right here I might be returned completing my paintings, Raghav says ok and continues Ganpati idol in workplace small temple, Pallavi sees the idol and says I had equal Ganpati idol however it has dwindled, did sir get it, her colleague says no concept can also additionally be.

Raghav asks Pallavi what’s that I should do. Pallavi says right here you need to paintings has store attendent, Raghav says what, Pallavi says why can’t you, your ego doesn’t aid you, Raghav says I will do the whole lot, Pallavi says ok then right here is broom, begin cleansing the store, we can have purchaser in 10.

Raghav begins offevolved cleansing the store, he begins offevolved coughing due to dirt however completes his paintings, he swipes the ground too. Pallavi sees his legs are injured however Raghav remains trying, she feels horrific however ignores Raghav.
Pallavi asks Raghav to preserve mop and bucket inside.

Vijay having tea, calls Sulochana and asks her to make aloo sabji, Sulochana aays I didn’t,Milind thinks oh God how did Sulochana come domestic and says Sulochana prevent dragging others in our fight, Dada I will speak to her don’t worry. Sulochana says inform me what goes on, who turned into with you in marketplace and if I locate that turned into true, I won’t spare you or that female and leaves. Milind wondering what he can do now.

Pallavi attends clients and asks Raghav to get water for them, clients recognize Raghav and are harassed what he’s doing right here, Raghav offers them water, Pallavi begins offevolved displaying them sarees, Roopa asks Raghav to smooth the shelf. Raghav looos at Pallavi and thinks thank you for giving me a danger.

Pre cap: Pallavi asks Raghav to complete his lunch 1/2 of n hour, Raghav doesn’t locate any meals so eats biscuit, Pallavi sees him.
Raghav in Rao Mansion, says to Esha sufficient of your drama, you haven’t any proper to live right here, Sunny stops Raghav and says you’re doing wrong, Raghav says dare you contact me or you’re next.
Raghav throws Esha out of the residence and closes door.


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