Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Esha says Pallavi’s telecellsmartphone became with me, telecellsmartphone need to have exchanged at shop, Pallavi says I need to have picked your telecellsmartphone in rush, Esha says even I didn’t pay interest till Raghav’s messages, Raghav thinks this indicates Esha despatched the ones replies. Esha fingers telecellsmartphone and leaves.

Pallavi contemplating Raghav’s phrases that he desired to construct romantic second and so despatched messages, and says Raghav Esha spoke on message, Raghav walks in, Pallavi says Raghav what became Esha saying, Raghav says I despatched you messages however Esha idea I despatched the ones to her, Pallavi says she study your messages and allow me see what messages she responded and opens telecellsmartphone and says she deleted all of the messages and why didn’t she name and tell approximately things. Raghav says sufficient Pallavi have my telecellsmartphone study all messages, Pallavi reads Raghav’s messages and says you stated I love you, Raghav says can’t I, Pallavi says what did Esha reply, Raghav says how does that matter, Pallavi says your ex responded so it matters, Raghav says it became past, and sufficient of pulling this topic, Pallavi says I simply desired to clean a few doubts however nobody may have mature verbal exchange with you, Raghav says don’t communicate then, and I am going out of Hyderabad for a assembly and if a person desires to combat I won’t come returned. Pallavi says as you want don’t come.

Esha in vehicle, her vehicle hits a scooty, its Amruta, Esha scolds her motive force and is going assist Amruta, crowd begins offevolved blaming Esha, Amruta asks them to go away and helps Esha, crowd leaves,Esha thank you Amruta and says allow me restoration your scooty, Amruta says okay. whilst assisting Amruta select out her stuff, she sees Dasari institution paper and asks why, Amruta says I am right here for interview, Esha says for internship, Amruta says yes, Esha says I actually have cancelled all my conferences today, you return back on Monday and we can talk your salary, Amruta says however interview, Esha says I want a person with right communique abilties and so that you are hired.

Pallavi rushes down and doesn’t see Raghav anywhere, she asks Rajan in which is Raghav, Rajan says he doesn’t know. Keerti asks Pallavi why is she concerned, Pallavi says I had a bit combat remaining night time with Raghav and we each slept indignant and now I don’t see him anywhere, Keerti says he need to have left for workplace and you already know his anger, you patch up while he receives returned, don’t fear bye. Pallavi thinks of making plans some thing surpise for Raghav, she sees Farhad and asks in which is Raghav, Farhad says he left for Warangal he preponed the plan due to the fact he shouldn’t be late. Pallavi says he left with out speaking to me and calls Pallavi.

Raghav in his vehicle indignant, selections name, however because of community mistakess each not able to communicate, Pallavi says you didn’t devour whatever and left with out speaking too, and while will you returned. Raghav says I will devour some thing don’t fear and I am sorry, name disconnects, Raghav sees manufacturing unit labour’s at strike and attacking, he asks motive force to take vehicle returned quickly.
Farhad rushes to Pallavi and tells him approximately Warangal state of affairs, and state of affairs is worst there, and get in touch with and wifi community are suspended.

Raghav attempts to get room, reveals none, Raghav can pay extra cash and takes room already booked via way of means of visitor who hasn’t arrived yet, Raghav thinks approximately Pallavi that she need to be so concerned. Pallavi and Farhad looking to get a few records approximately Raghav however no assist, Farhad says he didn’t even had motel booked. Pallavi thinks of asking police for assist and calls police station and asks for assist, Laxmi says you requesting assist for a person who didn’t need to assist me, why must I, Pallavi says due to the fact this is your duty, Laxmi says sorry

Raghav is going to get water, he sees Esha requesting her room returned, Esha sees Raghav and says I don’t need to live right here I am going and leaves. Raghav asks reception to ship him water and is going to his room. Raghav stressed in his room and thinks approximately Esha, how she need to be surviving in this case and is going out, he asks reception in which did the girl cross. Receptionist says I don’t know. Raghav is going out sees Esha status by myself in cold, a vehicle pulls her in and leaves. Raghav sees that and follows the automobile to assist Esha, Caf stops at police Naka,and reveals no manner to move one aspect police and different Raghav, Raghav is going get Esha, Esha faints. A guy walks out of vehicle and asks who’re you.

Pre cap:Raghav hits the guy, Esha says forestall he’s my husband Summit, Summit says that so that you again on your ex after giving me divorce.
Pallavi concerned for Raghav, Keerti says don’t fear I will include you, Sunny chilling, Pallavi says you’re pregnant you won’t cross anywhere, Keerti says go along with Sunny
Esha in tears says to Raghav,I can’t stay like this, I genuinely idea that I love you message became for me and hugs Raghav.


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