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Meet and Meet Ahlawat pray, Manu’s word falls down, Anubha says I will make Bidai preparations and takes plate which has Manu’s word.
Kunal and Manu thank Panditji and pay him, Manu inspired seeing quantity. Manu thinks wow he’s so wealthy he gave such large quantity and no issues in any respect I am so proper. Kunal thinks God why did I pay pandit a lot in excitement, however no issues I actually have a wealthy wife.
Kunal says shall we cross take advantages out of your own circle of relatives, Manu says I had equal concept shall we meet my in laws, Kunal says first your parents, this may lessen my guilt. Manu says first I need to visit in laws.

Raj says we are able to attain chandigarh through 1, Masoom says Mom is waiting, bad Mom she thinks she can be able to have a quite daughter in regulation, Raj says don’t fear approximately that I will attain earlier than you and try and persuade her, Ragini says however will she. Meet Ahlawat walks to them, Ram asks wherein is Meet, Meet Ahlawat says I don’t understand, Raj says what do you mean, you went together, Ragini says can be she is shy and awkward I gets her.

Anubha maintains plate close to Amma and asks is she fine, Amma wakes up, Anubha says Meet stored our popularity and they’ll come to you, bless them and do Tika. Amma maintains the gold coin in plate and asks Anubha what’s she doing, Anubha says some thing to provide Meet, due to the fact Manu took away everything, Amma says deliver some thing frim those items given through guests. Anubha begins offevolved looking.

Kunal insists on going to her residence due to the fact his Dad may be very angry, allow him relax then. Manu says my own circle of relatives is greater risky they could ship you prison and additionally don’t forget that brief hair drivers daughter, she will do some thing for my own circle of relatives and hit you terrible, Kunal says shall we cross resort then, and later meet our parents, Manu says properly idea. Kunal thinks properly quickly I may be wealthy. Manu thinks a few days greater after which a highly-priced life, I simply want anyone located the letter

Amma reveals the letter and offers to Anubha, Anubha reads and says its from Manu and reads ahead, it says Meet my sister I understand Dadi and Mummy hate me however I don’t care and I understand you’ve got got fallen in love with my Groom. Amma in shock, Anubha says what nonsense is this, and reads I will take all of the blame and want you agree well, all will suppose I ran away however you’ll be satisfied due to the fact you may marry Meet now, and some thing might also additionally show up don’t be scared and marry him in any other case my sacrifice won’t cross ruin, your loving Manushi.

Amma says how did I agree with that poor Meet, she turned into born to provide me pain, first my grandson and now my Manu’s life.
Meet tubelight and says to Ram Lakhan to repair fan capacitor and says contend with all costs and get regular vegetable, milk and Dadi’s vegetation and those are Dadi’s remedy and deliver her regular and top off in time or she can be able to have BP issues, however anyhow once I won’t be right here she can be able to haven’t any issues

Amma breaks Meet’s picturegraph and says nowadays I will kill her. Anubha says Amma prevent it, she is Alhawat’ daughter in regulation and due to us she went to marry now no longer on her want. Amma says she constantly desired too, she performed a huge game, how did I now no longer research that, why did I accept as true with her, how may want to I agree with Manushi ran away, she stated Manu hit her however she lied, my bad type Manu ran due to her, I cursed Manu however she did inquisitive about her sister, Meet had terrible intentions, she is Alhawat’s daughter in regulation, cross and pushes Anubha.

Ragini walks to Meet, and says all done, and I constantly so a bride considering destiny with husband however first time I noticed a bride wondering that there need to now no longer be any hassle for her own circle of relatives after she is going, and Raj turned into proper approximately you, God bless you, shall we cross now, your mom ought to be coming too.

Amma says to Anubha, Meet is lifeless for her, she harm me, she can be able to by no means be satisfied in her life, I curse her that she can be able to by no means be satisfied, Anubha says prevent it don’t do this, Amma says my bad Manushi.

Meet asks Anubha for the duration of Bidai, wherein is Amma, Anubha says she is ill I instructed you, Meet says I will cross deliver her remedy and are available returned and is going get remedy and says allow me cross deliver. Anubha says prevent allow her relaxation and we need to do your Bidai now.

Amma in her room says God my Manushi, what need to I do my bad girl, why did she fall for Meet’s plan, why didn’t she inform me. Meet knocks door and says I were given your remedy open the door. Amma says I will die however now no longer devour remedy given through you. Anubha walks to Meet and asks did I do some thing incorrect why is she now no longer establishing the door, and the way can I cross with out her advantages. Anubha says don’t fear I actually have given remedy and also you meet her later now come.
Amma says Meet I curse you, you’ll by no means be satisfied.

Pre cap: Meet and Meet Ahlawat leave, their vehicle breakdown, Meet fixes the vehicle.
Babita sees Meet and says get lost. Raj says Meet Alhawat married her.


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