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Everyone outdoor playing bonfire. Babita and Ragini making a song music. Meet Ahlawat thinks why is she now no longer coming out. Masum thinks why isn’t she coming out. Raj says how cultural our own circle of relatives is and says to Ram do you keep in mind how our mom use to sing music all through bonfire. Ram says I keep in mind and now we don’t have any music left to sing when you have any please sing it.

Raj says sure ofcourse and I even have unique recollections for this music due to the fact I’m speaking approximately the time whilst Babita use to are available automobile in university and I use to return back through my cycle, she turned into stunning and I turned into only a easy man however nonetheless I don’t recognise what she seemed into me, suddenly I were given fortunate and relaxation is records and says to Babita do you keep in mind how you operate to provide your expression in this music so are we able to do it today. Babita says how I’ll do, it turned into a long time ago. Meet Ahlawat and every body inspire her.

Raj and Babita entertain every body. Meet pop out. Meet Ahlawat ask her to return back and sut. Meet recalls what Meet Ahlawat and Masum stated to her approximately 12 midnight, she walks and take a seat down in nook alone. Meet Ahlawat receives up and walks to her. Masum rushes and take a seat down beside Meet. Meet Ahlawat take a seat down beside Masum. Masum display her time and walks away. Meet receives up and begin walking. Meet Ahlawat keep her and ask what appear to you why are you ignoring me for the reason that morning, I received’t permit you to pass provide me answers. Meet says look forward to a while I’ll provide you with answers.

Manushi puking. Amma concerned and ask her to take a seat down and says what appear to you’re you feeling true wait I’ll get water for you. Manushi says I’m true however feeling dizzy. Amma says how in many instances I advised you now no longer to consume of outdoor, inform what you had waut I’ll name health practitioner. Manushi says no don’t name health practitioner I’m true and run away. Anubha walks in. Amma calls her and ask is Manushi feeling specific to me. Anubha says thankgod you realised, I’m locating her specific for the reason that she got here lower back, I’m scared that she won’t burn herself. Amma says Manushi isn’t always like Meet and I can wager on that, she is diamond however you arr the only who can’t appearance honestly you continually blame her. Anubha says for mom each youngster is identical however daughter are specific proper, one apprehend matters in a glimpse however itger one repeat the equal mistake over this each neighbour says that mom favour most effective one over itger however I want you apprehend this and provide equal like to each daughters.

Masum seems at watch and says I suppose so she went to convey divorce papers. Meet pop out of residence and walks to Masum with paper. Masum says wise female and ask for envelope. Meet drops envelope in bonfire. Masum shouts. Raj ask what did you burn. Meet says not anything it turned into trash no want to worry….
(Meet speaking to Raj, Raj explains her pronouncing earlier than marriage you already know you’ll be going through hatred however recognise you didn’t surrender that’s why you are making locations in every body’s coronary heart due to your hardwork and says I must teel you some thing there are alternatives to stand a trouble one through strolling farfar from it and different through going through it and also you face problems. Meet recalls what his father use to mention approximately going through trouble.)

Meet says to Masum I use my mind lots after which it got here to me that do anything you need to try this time you sre messaging Meet Hudda if I’m now no longer pronouncing dosent suggest I’m scared, I appreciate you however you don’t like that appreciate, I didn’t grown up with masses of cash however I grown up with relation and I can’t spoil them once I took oth for this relation infront of hearthplace and I’ll keep that relation for lifestyles long, I’ll now no longer divorce Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat flip her and ask what you stated, what appear to you I’m asking you why are you ignoring me and says guve me answers. Meet holds her ear and do take a seat down-united statesin the front of him. Babita ask now what you probably did.

Meet says I’m pronouncing sorry to him due to the fact I harm him. Meet Ahlawat says what are you doing. Raj says we don’t recognise what appear however she is pronouncing sorry from her coronary heart so please forgive her. Meet keep doing take a seat down-ups. Meet Ahlawat stops her and says what’s this new talant appearing like melodramatic queen. Meet says sorry I turned into busy for the reason that morning so I’m sorry for that and I promise I’ll most effective cope with you, received’t go away you alone. Meet Ahlawat says now it’s done.

Chhavi walks in says it’s so bloodless right here and says to Meet Ahlawat you need to be feeling bloodless wait I’ll cowl you. Meet says one minute stops her. Chhavi leaves to Shawl and says take it. Meet says you probably did plenty of paintings for the reason that morning now pass and relaxation I’m right here for him and cowl Meet Ahlawat with Shawl. Masum shouts sufficient forestall your drama. Raj says scolds to Masum. Masum says we’ve to speak to those human beings like this, you don’t forget her candy and hardworking and have confidence in her, she is lier. Babita says first suppose and says earlier than blaming. Masum says I’m now no longer blaming her I recognise reality and says to invite her is her sister Manushi is at her home, she saved this mystery from us. Babita says stup up Masum and ask Meet is that authentic what Masum is pronouncing. Meet says sure me, mother and dadi don’t need to cover this from you all however the situation wherein turned into Manushi melted our hearts and mother and father can’t reject there children. Raj says she is proper now’s her sister is lower back then why have to we punish her and make distinction with Hudda own circle of relatives and says I sense terrible why Masum supplied this touchy subject matter and such terrible way and says I don’t wanna pay attention anything. Everyone receives ordinary and Masum says now she can be able to inform the whole thing approximately her through himself and could plan tougher this time.

Isa says we are able to play folding paper. Meet says I don’t recognise a way to play. Meet Ahlawat says we received in shape collectively this is simple for us. They begin playing. Meet Ahlawat says I love you, my love delivered you lower back to me I love you Manushi.


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