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Anubha says to Raj in the event that you have no problythen you can cause you child to wed Meet. Raj says to Anubha young ladies like Meet must be found with karma yet my child Meet Ahlawat preferred Manu or more that Kundali is likewise significant they way like hearts match and our panditji told Manu and Meet Ahlawat have right match, I’m sorry Anubha I can’t utters a word until I converse with Guruji and leaves.

Meet says Anubha what tou were saying everybody came for deedee and he come for Manu not me how might you think like this. Anubha says I realize that yet there can be changes who conclude couple may be there he made your as well, in the event that you attempt not see anything you will not see yet uf you attempt to see then you can discover god and simply believe Manushi’s haldi was concerned with you and Meet Ahlawat gave you ring first, his name mehendi was composed on your hand, why everything was done yo you first, there should be reason, even fate needs it. Meet says you are upset subsequent to seeing everything, you expressed numerous things before him. Anubha says I wish he is additionally thinks same and Guruji concurs on my idea. Meet says there kundali coordinated, he said yes for Manu you are thinking anything and leaves.

Guruji come to wedding. Get Ahlawat gets together and welcomes him. Guruji welcomes everybody. Raj says to Guruji I need to talk face to face its significant. Guruji says gives up. Masum says to Meet Ahlawat what father need to converse with Guruji face to face. Meet Ahlawat I don’t know there should be a significant thing.

Guruji asks determine what you need to say. Raj says the young lady fled who planned to get hitched to Meet Ahlawat. Ragini says to Masum where are you going, Raj need to talk face to face there should be a significant thing to talk in alone. Masum says yet what it is I need to know. Ragini says on the off chance that he eant to tell will tell us. Masum goes to Meet Ahlawat and says there is something off-putting he look anxious and Guruji additionally look strained in the wake of hearing him, I suspect as much it is identified with Manushi and her family is likewise not here there is an off-base thing. Meet Ahlawat says you previously made wreck last time this time kindly don’t and I have confidence in Manushi.

Guruji asks as indicated by both kid Kundali everything was ordinary there were no terrible sign and it’s not possible for anyone to stop this marriage, says to Anubha would you be able to let me know Manushi’s introduction to the world general setting. Anubha says yes Date is 27 july 1999 time is morning 7 and spot is Shahbadh. Guruji depends on his finger and says as per Kundali which me coordinated was ideal for marriage yet this isn’t same kundali which was shipped off us. Raj gets stunned and says what do you mean you misled us you gave us wrong kundali. Meet says to Raj no sir she cannot be off-base. Guruji says as indicated by Kundali the birth time was Aashar ke Saptami.

Anubha gets stunned and says this is Meets birth day. Guruji says would you be able to show me Kundali. Anubha gives him Kundali. Guruji says this is same Kundali which was given to me and says to Raj would you be able to get what’s going on this is predetermination. Anubha says we likewise care about this custom and I got some information about Kundali and she recollects Manu carried Kundali to her and says she conned us. Guruji calls Raj and says something in his ears. Raj says Guruji is saying that this load of obstacles are on the grounds that fate needed Meet to get hitched to Meet Ahlawat, presently disarray is finished and she will get hitched to my child.

Meet says to Raj I realize we fouled up and I’m unfortunately in my eyes on the off chance that somebody it getting connected is a direct result of there hearts not Kundali your child heart beats for my deedee and I can’t do that this isn’t right how might I have her spot and you need to make me your home spouse so everybody dont leave with nothing and this will be compromise. Raj says why it will be compromise and I advised you, you are jewel it will be favored for us in the event that you come and I guarantee you we will regard you as our youngster. Guruji says this is fate and truth is its all predetermination we are not doing anything it will be acceptable on the off chance that we comprehend it quick. Meet says to Raj I’m not denying Guruji however I’m not prepared nor your kid. Raj says I’ll persuade my family that is my concern, says ro Anubha I realize your kis is indipendent and clean idea however its your obligation to concur her and I’ll make ask my youngster yet in the end it will be our children choice and Guruji and Raj leave.

Meet says to Anubha I realize you previously hurt however you comprehend I won’t adjust my perspective, Meet Ahlawat loves Manu and he can’t give her place to anybody this marriage can’t be occur.

Raj takes Meet Ahlawat with him. Meet says to Raj what happen you look strained. Raj embraces Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat for what reason are you not noting I’m getting strained for what reason aren’t you saying anything. Raj says you are my meriting kid.

Anubha says to Meet its hard to get child like you, you generally saved us and aided us being child or little girl. Meet says that is the thing that I’m saying its my work to help in develop this house. Anubha says this will be your greatest blessing and you thoroughly took care of our satisfaction and says think god is contemplating your please says yes.

Raj says to Meet Ahlawat you stood everytime for family and I generally attempt you ought to be content. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj I realize you needed me to be content you’re really great father. Raj says yet child now and then joy come where god needs. Meet Ahlawat says what are you attempting to say. Raj says you can’t get hitched to Manushi. Neet Ahlawat says yet why. Raj says Manushi fled. Meet Ahlawat gets passionate and drops glass.

Meet says to Anubha what are you saying how might I happen of Manushi. Anubha for what reason wouldn’t you be able to sit Raj has cherished you he will converse with family say yes. Meet says I can’t say yes for this, I can’t do this, attempt to get what im saying how he fell that he is getting hitched to me I can’t do this I’m heartbroken and embraces her.

Meet Ahlawat says to Raj so for what reason are you strained how might let me know you recall predetermination so I’ll think Manushi was not intended for me but rather father on the off chance that she would not like to move wedded and fled what we can do then, at that point, its great she saw early she doesn’t adore and on the off chance that she become acquainted with after we get hitched it will make more wreck and removes his turben and says I’ll come, and thinks what Raj said to him.

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