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Raj says to Anubha I’m sorry for what appear these days. Anubha says no want to be sorry I understand a mother’s ache and in the end mother and father simplest scolds child and says we are able to depart now. Masum stops Anubha and don’t forget seeing Masum, walks to her says you appearance scared as though a few secret’s regarded and calls Mani Kaka. Mani Kaka cone with presents and Masum guve her go back present and says I admire you plenty and ask Kala to distribute present to all. Raj says now permit Anubha communicate yo Meet for a while and everybody leaves.

Meet syas to Anubha everybody is type over right here I don’t experience like hiding whatever from them. Anubha says I understand, one aspect it’s far Dadi and different aspect is promise given to Babita however we need to do for marriage however don’t fear I’ll ship Manushi to Delhi to my buddy and ask Meet to take take care of 2-three days.
Masum pay attention the whole thing and says they cheated us and says Meet is assisting her, they may be punished for this mistake.

Kunal searching out Manushi. Manushi hiding above cabinet and says I’m creating a mystery secure over right here and could conceal jewelry over her and paint it in order that all and sundry doesn’t understand approximately it. Kunal thinks now she can be able to losse once more and says to Manushi I’ll trll you a secure location to cover otherwise your own circle of relatives will locate it.

Manushi says you’re proper I’ll come down and Kunal try and seize jewelry pouch however Manushi upward thrust that pouch and says first permit me get down. Kunal searching at jewelry pouch all time takes it from Manushi. Manushi clutch it from Kunal and says inform me I’ll preserve it. Kunal takes it from her and says don’t paintings I’ll preserve it. Manushi take once more and that they argue iver keeping. Anubha takes Manushi’s call. They each get scared and drops jewelry.

Anubha input room and appears at them and ask what’s he doing right here. Manushi says he were given development in his paintings so he became sharing the news. Anubha appears at jewelry and ask what’s this. Manushi preserve that during bag. Anubha takes jewelry bag and says its now no longer desirable to preserve in residence I’ll deposit it in financial institution the next day, in the end Meet made them to your marriage. Manushi says then those are mine I’ll contend with them. Anubha says to take care you need to be married however you aren’t, takes bag from her and says now you aren’t going to Mumbai that you may be desiring those I’ll deposit it in financial institution and says to Parth thank you for looking after Manushi now you may locate an area in resort due to the fact we’ve desirable popularity on this colony and those will communicate approximately our daughter due to the fact she is young, now permit’s cross down your mattress is prepared and leaves.

Kunal says its sufficient what your own circle of relatives consider me, now I’ll visit a resort I can’t tolerate this, she is insulting me plenty. Manushi says don’t mind, now a days I’m additionally not able to undergo right here tantrums, deliver me 24hrs due to the fact after that I’ll do some thing so one can extrade her irritated into love.

Meet checking all of the matters for Meet Ahlawat in kitchen and maintains it on trolley. Masum stops Meet and ask Chhavi to address trolley, you may take breakfast for brother. Meet guve her appears. Chhavi don’t forget how Meet treated her in advance and receives scared. Meet says to Masum I’m in shipping task and in that uf I took any duty then simplest I’ll whole it and anuty gave ke duty of Meet Ahlawat so I’ll take breakfast for him. Masum stops trolley and says he’s my brother I understand what’s we ng or proper for him I understand and frok now on you may now no longer do whatever for him. Meet says I’ll see who will prevent me. Masum maintain her hand and says I’ll prevent you. Meet says you can’t due to the fact I will now no longer prevent and she or he begin leaving.

Masum says your own circle of relatives is taking desirable care of Manushi. Meet stops. Masum walks to her and says your mother swear you, I understand the whole thing, what appear you prevent, I understand Manushi is in your own home that Manushi who ditched everybody, she is dwelling thankfully in your own home,

what appear and seize her mouth, my dad went to your own home to mention one factor now no longer to preserve any relation with Manushi, however your mother wreck that promise, what you assert I’m a faithful child of a cute police officer, unswerving police officer my foot. Meet receives irritated. Masum says in case you are that unswerving then why did you stored hidden from us, if I need I can inform the whole thing to mothers and fathers and if I need I can inform my Mom that Manushi is dwelling in your own home you realize what is going to appear. Meet thinks what Anubha tols him in what delima she is. Masum says in case you need I ought to preserve this to me then do what I say and ask Chhavi to take trolley to Meet Ahlawat. Chhavi try and attain however Meet stops her. Chhavi name Masum.

Meet takes her hand down. Meet says he’s going to now no longer take whatever from her, she isn’t always properly why you need to provide him greater trouble. Masum in case you don’t concentrate me then get equipped to stand my anger and says to Chhavi any further you may contend with my brother and I’ll see who will are available between. Chhavi try and do away with Meet’s hand however couldn’t. Chhavi says she isn’t always leaving it. Masum do away with Meet’s hand from trolley and Chhavi take it. Meet in tears. Masum walks away.

Meet Ahlawat says you return back early see what I introduced snd flip and sees Chhavi says you’re right here. Chhavi says she became busy so I’m right here come I’ll assist you to devour. Meet Ahlawat says you may cross do your stuff Meet will are available someday I’ll devour it. Chhavi says she can be able to now no longer come she is busy come it’s warm devour it.

Meet Ahlawat says to her whilst Meet will come I’ll devour it. Meet from gate says devour it if she is announcing to devour, usually in the back of me and walks in. Meet Ahlawat stops her says see what I introduced for you. Meet ask what’s this. Meet Ahlawat says its present. Meet says I don’t need. Meet Ahlawat says who says no to present and says see its Meet Ustaad new device upgraded how’s it.

Meet sees Masum on gate and ask her now no longer to take. Meet drops guft and says I don’t need I informed you. Meet Ahlawat selections up present. Masum sign Chhavi to transport forward. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat do your breakfast. Chhavi says sure I’m watching for you it’s getting cold. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t experience kike ingesting and leaves. Kaka walks in says says to Meet Babita is looking you. Meet says cross I’ll come and thinkit essential for him to have breakfast however how will I deliver him.

Meet knocks at Babita’s door. Babita says don’t you experience disgrace after breaking someone’s promise inform, your broke my promise lied to me. Meet says auntyji. Babita stops her from announcing, says I can undergo unfastened however now no longer lie, don’t come to botique feom the next day and maintains her headphone. Babita says I want to speak to you that’s why I referred to as you and says did Anubha informed you whatever approximately Manushi, we’re nevertheless in ache due to Manushi mainly my son,

I understand Manushi is your sister however now you’re now my son’s spouse too and our daughter in regulation so I need you to finish a few obligations that’s why I need you ensure that Manushi isn’t always in our existence and your own home, she wreck my child emotionally and mentally and she or he pays for that, you is probably wondering why I’m unexpectedly speaking approximately your sister due to the fact Masum buddy informed her she noticed Manushi close to your own home so I simply need to carry you that’s why I referred to as you.

Meet thinks I experience awful hiding mystery from you however my mother guve me swear of now no longer telling whatever, what ought to I do. Babita says now you may depart and contend with him. Meet thinks what I’ll contend with him, he didn’t had whatever, says to Babita I’ll contend with her however he became announcing from many days he didn’t whatever out of your hand. Babita says he stated like that. Meet says gis breakfast is prepared in his room when you have a while. Babita says he’s my first priority, I usually have time for him.

Babita says to Meet Ahlawat have a touch if you may now no longer devour then how medication will paintings. Meet Ahlawat eats it. Babita ask how’s it. Meet searching at them in the back of curtains. Masum push Meet and nook her says I like your expertise of having shut. Meet says when you have hassle to me then cope with me why are you troubling Meet Ahlawat, he had breakfast due to aunty however he want right care. Masum says in case you end up spouse it approach you’re his wellwisher, I’m his sister I love him and understand how to attend to him, I’m unhappy due to you sisters,

Manushi broke his heart, from the time you entered in his existence he stopped smiling, I need my brother to be glad and it could simplest appear whilst yoi cross iut of his existence now you need to cross and deliver this price price tag to my brother and deliver her envelope. Meet ask what’s on this. She says it has one manner price price tag from Chandigarh to Shahbadh. Meet open envelope and sees divorce papers. Masum says you’ve got got time until 12 middle of the night to convene my brother which you aren’t glad from this marriage and can’t stay as Manushi’s replacement, I’m certain you furthermore may don’t need to stay as option. Meet says I can’t do this.

Masum says don’t display your crocodile tears in case you are so affected then why did you conceal the whole thing approximately Manushi I understand Anubha is moving Manushi to Delhi however nevertheless she wreck her promise now concentrate to me cautiously in case you didn’t deliver my brother divorce then I’ll deliver your fact infront of everybody, then your own circle of relatives will now no longer have the ability to reveal excursion face in colony all of us understand sooner or later or different this dating eill wreck its your preference with the aid of using admire or disrespect and she or he leaves. Meet in tears take a seat down on ground and thinks approximately Meet Ahlawat wonder birthday birthday celebration and what Manushi stated to her approximately divorce.

Meet Ahlawat says how will be someone have distinctive quality, one time coming into and at equal time irritating, don’t understand in which Meet is didn’t come inform yeat isn’t she feeling ill for now no longer combating me from morning.

Meet explaining Chhavi the whole thing approximately Meet Ahlawat’s habitual and medication. Meet takes his medication with her. Masum stops Meet and snatches that field. Meet walks away.

Meet Ahlawat in room recollects how Meet helped her in exercising receives up take out belt and thinks approximately Meet. Meet appears at Meet Ahlawat from window. Meet Ahlawat walks to window and she or he hides. Meet Ahlawat takes her cream and don’t forget him teasing for one cream and misplaced in his thoughts. Chhavi walks in says to Meet Ahlawat come I’ll provide you with your medication.

Duggu walks in. Meet Ahlawat says to Duggu cross and ask your Mami to test my medication. Duggu says I can’t excellent her. Meet Ahlawat says what do you imply, she may be in home. Duggu says don’t understand I’m going to play. Meet Ahlawat calls Meet. Masum walks to Meet and says cross and locate an area in which he can’t locate you and subsequent time include divorce papers now depart.

Meet Ahlawat says why is she slicing phone, what appear. Chhavi says what medication did Meet informed. Meet Ahlawat calls Chhavi and says no want to fear preserve that field I’ll manage. Chhavi says I want to assist you, you know the way lots I take care of you, you didn’t had any medication. Meet Ahlawat says no want to fear I’ll devour it. Masum walks in says what appear devour medication, there ought to be no negligence in medication and ask Chhavi to provide him. Chhavi brings water for him. Meet Ahlawat have medication and thinks what appear to Meet did I stated some thing wrong, she is ignoring me seeing that morning, I want to speak to her.

Meet watering plant life and don’t forget what Masum stated to her approximately divorce. Kaka says to Meet why are you doing this it’s our task. Meet says I became unfastened so I’m doing this you may do some thing else and don’t inform all and sundry I became right here and take desirable care of Meet Ahlawat due to the fact I’m doing tgis. Kaka leaves. Meet says to God why is that this occurring I became approximately to get glad and I became turning into element if this own circle of relatives.

Meet Ahlawat sees Meet in lawn and walks to her. Meet sees him. Meet Ahlawat says what are you doing right here. Meet says can’t you notice I’m doing paintings and harm herself. Meet Ahlawat says display me what appear. Meet says not anything cross from right here. Meet Ahlawat says you didn’t come for my medication and meals and didn’t take delivery of my present what appear to you why are you heading off me. Meet says you’re strolling your mind an excessive amount of I became busy seeing that morning and you’re pretty properly that all of us can contend with you. Meet Ahlawat says why others will contend with me you’re my spouse you may do, I imply you promised mother and took duty. Meet says I finished my promise you are becoming excellent and I’m now no longer your nurse that I ought to live 24hrs with you.

He says you don’t communicate like this, I understood there’s some thing troubling you, both I harm you or did some thing you don’t like however first inform me simplest then I can accurate you due to the fact you’re bot the type of individual the manner you’re behaving inform me. Sunaina takes Meet call walks to them and says you each are right here you realize what we’ve determined that these days we are able to revel in bonfire complete night time and you realize Masum gave this idea.

They each get surprised. Sunaina says precisely my response became additionally equal anyhow we are able to revel in you bith be equipped I’ll inform Mom and Dad and leaves. He says to her you’ve got got time until middle of the night to provide me all of the solutions and I’m extreme and walks away. Meet thinks approximately Masum, she informed her that she have time until middle of the night otherwise will inform fact and says what solutions I’ll deliver I’m getting punished for some thing I did now no longer do.

The episode ends..


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