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Meet give cosmetologist cash for her work and says thanks to her. Meet goes to Manu and says you look like courageous woman and embraces her says I’ll miss you. Manu says I’ll miss you as well. Meet says come gives up everybody is pausing. Manu says to herself accomplish something and says to Meet I have bubbled water to make espresso. Meet says alright go have ut. Manu says do you need. Meet says no I’ll call mummy.

Meet says to herself how should I deal with free myself from her. Meet calls mummy and says Manu is looking exceptionally excellent and Meet Ahlawat will experience passionate feelings for in the wake of seeing him, we will leave quickly don’t you stress we will be there. Manu sees exposed wire and says now just there is one approach to run and pour water on wire, power goes and Manu yells my face consume. Meet go to her stressed ask what occur and says stand by I’ll bring. Manu hit Meet on her head with wood. Meet swoons.

Babita guve Meet Ahlawat blade and embraces him. Ahlawat family begin going out.

Manu says Meet if it’s not too much trouble, pardon and calls Kunal says I’m leaving eait for me I’m accompanying everything I have send you new location come there, Manu packs everything and leave.

Ahlawat family come to entryway. Manu sees them and says my marriage is standing infront of my joy, I need to go from here. Manu coutns individuals and say just seven individuals, he is so helpless he brought so less individuals I’ll go to my rich Kunal who have all that cash class. Manu attempt to slip away before marriage covering herself however her cover gets uncovered.

Slam Lakhan conveying floor covering says, If a rug is lying here, then, at that point, how to manage this rug, the two of them begin examining where to take this rug in corridor or patio region. Lakhan says allows call To meet and ask here where to take it. Slam says smart thought.
Lakhan calls her. Slam asks what happen she didn’t pick. Lakhan says yes stand by I’ll attempt once more. Meet doesn’t piccall once more. Lakhan says its her family capacity and I can’t process Meet not noting call. Smash says Meet is in Shakuntala aunt house gives up there and inquire. Lakhan says you are correct gives up and inquire.

Manu gets concealed herself in material and flee.

Smash Lakhan come and sees Meet on floor, tosses water on her and request that she awaken. Get gets together. Slam Lakhan asks how you fell are you OK. Meet checks her head and sees blood and recollect how Manu dealt with her and asks her companion not mention to anybody what occur here return and see all is well I’ll be back go from here. Slam Lakhan gets her up and go. Meet picks her telephone and leave.

Manu in market takes Auto and leave. Meet goes to her bicycle, Manu passes by her in auto. Meet gets on her bicycle and search for Manu. Manu says to auto driver drive quick. Ahlawat family arrives at the objective. Raj requests that Meet Ahlawat contact it with your blade and enter. Slam says to Meet Ahlawat never kneel or, in all likelihood you must be slave of your significant other. Everybody says don’t kneel.
Meet Ahlawat rests on horse and enter everybody extols. Meet Ahlawat get down of pony and welcomes Anubha. Hoshiyar says presently walk tall like this generally so young lady bow infront of you. Anubha do pooja of Meet Ahlawat. Amma advises Anubha to squeeze his nose. Anubha squeeze his nose, Amma says now custom is finished. Meet Ahlawat says to Hosiyar you never educated me concerning this. Isha says to Hosiyar you were perusing yesterday about everything and you missed this. Meet Ahlawat says bo need to stress they just squeezed me not cut my nose. Amma says what are you saying we won’t ever effectively disregard you, these are custom should be followed.

Meet arrives at spot and says to himself, Manu enlightened me concerning this spot when she revealed to me when I was veiled as driver, I can’t see her here, how should I respond and calls Manu. Manu gets call and after that she turned off her telephone. Meet says what I’ll tell everybody, where should I proceed to discover her, I can’t ask outsiders it will be slight for my family and father’s name and supplicates god what should I do Ahlawat family will be at entryway what will I say to them.

Manu arrives at objective. Kunal come in vehicle to get her. Kunal gets down and embraces her. Manu says thank god you are here and who’s vehicle is this. Kunal says this is my driver’s consideration, it will be a danger on the off chance that we run from my vehicle us this your gear. Manu says yes take care uts weighty. Kunal says to himself now you are rich and keeps her sack in trunk and sees drug bundle.

Anubha calls Meet and says come quick Ahlawat family is here come quick and sees Meet alongside her. Anubha asks you are here where is Manu. Meet says Amma is correct I fizzled in securing Manu, I can’t prevent her from heading in misguided course breaks her rakhi and says I neglected to ensure her its all my shortcoming I was unable to persuade her that we will consistently think useful for her, we love her and will not accomplish something that will hurt her. Anubha asks mention to me what happen where is Manu. Meet says Manu love another person she went with that fellow and flee from this marriage. Meet sits on floor and crying.

Meet Ahlawat searching for Manushi. Everybody taking a gander at Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says why all of you are checking out me. Isha says have persistence your significant other won’t flee. Profound says your are having organize marriage yet doing cherish marriage, you will become more acquainted with when marriage is done, spouse consistently descend in companion list. Sunaina says for what reason is it generally individuals who are not locked in remarks. Profound says check out my lines they are solid. Isha says you must be cautious, don’t know may your young lady flee. Meet Ahlawat says stop your helpless jokes let me hang tight for my significant other.

Meet says to Amma, Manu fled. Amma says Manushi can’t run she can’t do this, she got wealthy family she can’t run. Amma snatches Meet and asks how you managed Manushi determine what is valid and begin beating Meet. Meet says I did nothing I was gatekeeper her and shows them blood saying she hit me and ran. Amma says you are lying. Anubha says did you both had battle are you harmed. Meet says yes she hurt us a great deal in ohr hearts.

Meet says fail to remember that determine what we will say to them everybody is ground floor. Anubha says I don’t have the foggiest idea what to say, there is just something single I’ll proceed to advise everything to Raj. Amma says no Anubha don’t do this. Anubha says we don’t have some other way we need to follw whatever they say, we have no other alternative and Anubha leaves. Amma gets terrified and blacks out. Meet attempt to awaken her. Amma says Manu where are you.

Raj says Meet Ahlawat looks cheerful. Masum says since he doesn’t have a clue about his worth, he doesn’t realize he merits a superior young lady then her that is the reason he chose her and is glad. Raj says would you be able to stop your negative we came here on the grounds that Meet Ahlawat loves her, what’s your opinion on this if it’s not too much trouble, mind your own business and we won’t discuss this any longer. Hosiyar says to Masum do you want to have frozen yogurt they are having a wide range of sort of flavor. Masum says I’ll couldn’t want anything more than to have avocado with almond flavor, how individuals could be content with and normal courses of action in normal marriage.

Anubha calls Raj. Raj says I preferred your game plan. Anubha says I need to talk something significant would you be able to if it’s not too much trouble, accompany me. Raj says OK and the two of them go. Masum asks where is father. Hosiyar says its his child marriage may have gone for some work.

Anubha takes Raj in room with Amma inside. Raj asks Amma for what valid reason are you so strained. Anubha come and says we are heartbroken. Raj says what are you saying, did my little girl said something I’m actually quite sorry don’t treat her in a serious way we stick here to Manu, we will take her and leave.

Meet goes into room and sees Raj. Raj recall what he said to Meet with regards to mentor says you here, you know young ladies family. Anubha says we couldn’t reveal to you prior she is Manushi more youthful sister Meet. Raj says my child’s name is additionally Meet what an incident I eet you ordinarily however didn’t ask your name, so she is Manushi more youthful sister. Anubha says we are sorry it was our issue we conceal something significant from you we thought on the grounds that about her appearance you will break this connection.

Raj says in light of her we will break this connection, due to her our connection will develop further, you saved precious stone from us yet I meet her as of now she, you are acceptable parent that is the reason you were strained that we will change are mind on account of Meet don’t consider it any more despite the fact that I like Meet all the more then Manushi, Raj says don’t misunderstand me I simply meet Manushi however don’t have any acquaintance with her yet, yet I realize Meet even I tried her, she is very much like my child so eliminate your pressure and bring Manushi for marriage. Anubha says we can’t do that. Raj asks what do you mean. Anubha gets Manushi duppata. Raj says this is of Manushi, she will wear this and come. Anubha gives her duppata. Raj inquires as to for what reason are you offering this to me.

Anubha says we can’t bring Manushi on the grounds that she fled. Raj gets stunned and says what are you saying. Anubha says everybody is hanging tight my child is prepared for his marriage and you are saying Manushi fled, are you mindful what you are saying, what I’ll advise to my child and his mother, this is the greatest awful sign that frooms family disappear without marriage goes to Amma says my guruji advised me to get hitched in given time, what’s going on I gave each bliss to my child yet when opportunity arrived for his greatest satisfaction I fizzled in light of your girl, I fouled up picking Manushi yet my child need to confront outcomes. Anubha and Meet glances at Raj. Anubha recollect what happen prior with Meet bown before Raj and says I personally do not merit saying anything. Raj requests that Anubha get up.

Anubha says everybody will scrutinize my nurturing, my girl did terrible for the admiration of my family, I can’t do things great subsequent to bringing her yet can demand you there is one way which can help from happing something awful if in this time your child gets hitched to a young lady you know and like, a young lady who is acceptable then Manushi. Raj get some information about. Anubha takes a gander at Meet and send her forward my more youthful little girl Meet. Meet, Amma and Raj gets stunned. Anubha says yes you know her tried her and know quite well in the event that you don’t have any protest you can request that your child get hitched to Meet. Anubha opens duppata before Raj.

PreCap Anubha niece come and asks her where is Meet she should be busyin work and where is Manushi I wagered she should be looking excellent I’m eager to see her. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet you here, should be here to take something. Raj says she is Meet Huddah Manushi’s more youthful sister and I need Meet Ahlawat to wed her. Meet Ahlawat leave and says I can’t get hitched to her


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