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Meet masked as drivers sees Manu and turn around says subsequent to seeing all that I figured you may will not play with others regard however in the wake of hearing what you said on telephone I saw how much off-base I am in the wake of keeping confidence in you.

Meet hauls Manu inside her room. Manu says what are you doing or I’ll call Amma, I have a meeting with parlor. Meet recall what she discussed arrangement, says you were intending to run with that person. Manu says don’t put me on anything. Meet says quit messing around, numerous lifes are appended to this marriage, causes her to sit and ask do you love somebody then, at that point, tell relatives and on the off chance that you like him request that he get back home and allowed them to meet hin and on the off chance that they like him I’ll converse with Ahlawat family and our relative,

I’ll do anything for your joy. Manu envisions what Kunal will says in the wake of knowing reality, that she is poor and will disregard her a ton and your fantasies won’t be satisfied… Manu gets up and says dislike your opinion. Meet says then, at that point, tell ehat is pack was doing in trunk. Manu says I kept this pack to take with me to Ahlawat’s family I don’t need any of my stuff to be left behind becayof marriage. Meet says gems as well. Manu says yes gems too on the grounds that I thought I’ll prepare at parlor itself or my make may destroyed while wearing at home.

Meet says yet advised distinctive area to driver. Meet yells stop it, enough its not your concern what I do. Meet says comprehend one thing from here you will go to service and from that point to Ahlawat’s home, I have called your parlor woman and told me anything you desire I’ll give you however you won’t go anyplace and posting one thing its with regards to regard of both the families ponder Amma and Mumma after our dads demise our mother has been with us everytime, its there day and Meet Ahlawat loves you a great deal, trust you I will not allow this to happen as a result of your gibberish. Manu says you are my more youthful sister don’t carry on like sibling and I will not prepare to modest parlor on my wedding, you figure yourself do brilliant I’ll call dadi she will make you right. Meet says you will prepare here just your cosmetologist will be here soon and work presently man of the hour would likewise veen prepared.

Hoshiyar ties Meet Ahlawat turban and says niw you resemble a husband to be. Masum come and do pooja. Babita says presently proceed to bring a delightful spouse for me. Meet Ahlawat says for what reason aren’t you going with is, everybody knew as of now and didn’t advise me and says to Raj mother was energized for my marriage it will not look great in case she isn’t having. Babita says its custom we need to follow, time changes yet ceremonies dont, you realize very well what happen when we didn’t follow custom. Everybody checks out Sunaina. Meet Ahlawat says yet mother.

Babita says I will not allow this to happen again and guruji told mother can’t see at that point if custom and I’ll be sitting tight for you here. Meet Ahlawat demand her to come, says you can close your eyes at season of custom it will be fun our entire family will be there and request that Raj demand Babita. Raj says I can get you, your mother will miss each second however there are some custom which are senior have said and we need to follow them, you know how much significant our Guruji is. Meet Ahlawat says alright and says to Babita can I video call you. Babita says yes you can and I’m certain my little girl in law would be looking exceptionally wonderful.

Hooligans beating Kuanl in vehicle. Kunal says kindly don’t beat me, I enlightened you concerning that rich young lady, my arrangement was with to run with her, her family was not prepared for me so we made arrangement to flee. Thugs says assuming you’ll run, what you’ll get. Kunal says attempt to comprehend me after marriage each issue will be proceeded to request a few days. Other Goon says on the off chance that you can’t pay the sum atleast pay our advantage and gives him a bundle. Kunal smells it and says this is drugs. Hooligan says yes since it is.

Cosmetologist preparing Manu. Manu says how are you getting along everything is going in my eyes and says I never considered having marriage cosmetics from some modest spot.

Meet video calls her companion and gets some information about the game plan, says I have eye wherever do everything all decent. Slam says no compelling reason to stress manager we will deal with everything, tell where are you. Meet says think as though I’m on mission, Manu is preparing as she is done I’ll bring her straightforwardly to work. Manu sees Meet and says how might run in case she is here.
Cosmetologist request that she turn her face opposite side. Manu sees Meet occupied accessible as needs be, she says to cosmetologist would you be able to carry water with straw I’m feeling extremely dried out. Manu gets her telephone and call Amma says take a gander at Meet she carried me to an obscure Parlor, she is doing bad and she is disturbing me, hi you listen me. Meet accompany telephone and says I’m hearing, I have redirected every one of your approaches my number so it will be of no utilization. Cosmetologist come and give water. Manu thinks she is redirecting all approaches her number, Kunal would have left and she will consider me miscreant I can’t allow this to occur, Kunal keep tolerance I’ll without a doubt come. Meet says you are mishandling to you or, in all likelihood determine your opinion. Manu says for what reason will I misuse you.

Ahlawat’s family moving. Slam calls Raj and request that he dance. Raj says trust that capacity will begin, you have started everything in house itself. Smash says we need to tell other family how we are. Hosiyar request that Babita dance. Everybody moving. Isha says to Meet Ahlawat what are you doing here once you are on horse, you’ll not get opportunity to move. Meet Ahlawat proceeds to join everybody. Meet
Ahlawat sees blood on Kunal brow and says for what reason are you dying. Kunal says I got sneaked through washroom. Meet Ahlawat says this is a result of that young lady. Kunal murmurs says don’t tell anybody. Raj come and says what’s going on and says to Kunal you are draining what occur. Meet Ahlawat says to Kunal you need to go see specialist, it will not be restored with ordinary treatment you need to take join stand by I’ll call Deep. Kunal says let your companion appreciate. Raj says come I’ll go with you. Kunal says its a little injury no compelling reason to stress and even Babita is likewise not going so you must be with him.

Meet Ahlawat says to Raj your nephew isn’t attempting to take help on the off chance that anybody, no concerns I’m your sibling and give him vehicle keys, go get yourself sewed. Kunal says I’m sorry I made numerous arrangements for your wedding but since of this everything spoilt. Address Ahlawat says no issue to stress in the event that you get free early come or probably you can meet my better half in other capacity and here take my cloth. Kunal while leaving thinks its fate which is helping me so we can run, presently I have vehicle too for our arrangement and I trust my Manushi your are out of your home with cash and gems

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