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Masum says to Anubha did you stated some thing to Meet she appeared in tension. Anubha says what I don’t understand. Masum says that secret, she turned into feeling heavy feom hiding it. Anubha take into account what she stated to Meet approximately Manushi and says the way you. Masum says she love us lot and grow to be near famil so she accidentally inform some thing which aren’t to be stated infront of every person.

Anubha thinks I suppose so she is aware of approximately Manushi, says that our daughter isn’t always like that it turned into Manushi. Ram walks in and ask Anubha to return back due to the fact Meet is asking her. Masum says wait we’re speakme. Ram says to Masum neglect about this and takes Anubha.

Hoshiyar walks in and ask did you get information. Masum says I turned into approximately to recognise however however Ram come and took her, don’t fear night time is lengthy. Hoshiyar says lest rejoice your brother has thrown such a pleasing celebration for Meet I suppose so he commenced being concerned for her. Masum says past love, first school, first task no one neglect about and Meet’s past love is Manushi.

Manushi arrive at Ahlawat’s residence in car and says how I’ll cross in if mummy will see me then she can be able to make fuss of it. Man speakme on telecellsmartphone for joker, how we can set up a brand new one celebration has already all started how will I set up a brand new one. Manushi pay attention it.

Meet, Meet Ahlawat and Duggu walks in hall. Manushi input residence see it and receives numb says I took incorrect decesion, I waa going to go into right here as daughter in regulation however getting into residence as joker how unfortunate I’m and this Meet is dwelling like me, besides I want to recognition on my task, even as on foot she stumble and fall, every person laugh. Duggu says to Meet we could reduce cake. Meet says permit Raj and Babita come then we can reduce. Meet Ahlawat says in case you need can reduce cake. Meet says no we can look ahead to them yill that point we can enjoy. Tae walks in says it’s a lovely second we could take a selfie. Meet Ahlawat provide me I’ll take.

Manushi on foot in corridor. Mewt Ahlawat bumps into Manushi. Meet Ahlawat reaches her nostril and play with it says first time I noticed woman as joker apparel that to scared, nicely right task you have been going somewhere. Manushi says after you . Meet Ahlawat walks away.

Meet walks to Anubha says you appearance dissatisfied what appear. Anubha says Masum turned into asking me questions as though she is aware of the whole lot. Meet recollects and says I don’t teel some thing and I’ll by no means destroy your promise. Anubha thinks if Meet didn’t inform then she turned into seeking to trick me.

Kids gambling on trampoline. Manushi attempt to run farfar from them however Ram catches him and begin gambling with her. Manushi says who want gift. Duggu says me. Manushi says then shift I’ll get a few and run away.

Manushi seeking out Cactus. Meet walks close to Manushi and says you’ve got got completed a very good make-up and wig however appearance thirsty and calls waitee and says drink this you may sense clean I noticed the way you entertained youngsters right task Miss Joker. Manushi get’s scared and leaves. Meet says wait and prevents her from stepping on Cactus and says such a lot of youngsters also are round everybody ought to get huet and alternatives the pot and leaves.

Manushi thinks thankgod I’m keep and spot the bundle in pot. Meet throws that during dustbin and leaves. Manushi says thankgod she left and the way come Meet is getting so fortunate and me getting unfortunate, attempts to move close to dustbin however youngsters rush to her and begin troubling her, in the meantime team of workers takes away the dustbin. Manushi shsss the child and spot the dustbin is missing, god so unfortunate what is going to I do now.

Kids begin dancing. Everyone joins them. Meet Ahlawat pushes Meet to enroll in them and inspire her to bop and receives glad after seeing her glad.
Manushi reaches the dustbin region and spot there are many.
Masum walks to Anubha and ask are you now no longer having some thing. Anubha says I’m full. Masum says you have been pronouncing some thing. Anubha says my daughter is so fortunate to have own circle of relatives such as you appearance she is so glad, excuse me and leaves. Masum receives irritated and says she is so foxy however how lengthy will they hide.

Anubha thank you god for supporting her due to the fact Masum is a lot in the back of locating the reality earlier than she creates hassle for Meet due to Manushi I must ship Manushi I must ship her Delhi.

Meet Ahlawat begins offevolved dancing, Meet attempts to forestall him however he begins offevolved dancing with her. Anubha sees them and smiles.

Babita walks in with Chhavi and others she sees Meet Ahlawat dancing and shouts forestall the music. Masum glad. Babita says what nonsense is that this and scolds Meet, says how ought to you be enjoying, my son want relaxation I hold caution however you by no means understand, avoid my son and his existence and I recognise for you handiest your own circle of relatives is crucial not anything for my son he’s closing man or woman on your existence, my son simply back from close to dying coincidence and you’re enjoying.

Meet Ahlawat says mother one minute. Babita stops him and scolds Meet says you promised me to take right care of him and appearance what you’re doing first you left different night time and now partying. Raj stops her and says her own circle of relatives is right here. Ragini walks to her and attempt to calm her down says, these days is her birthday don’t say some thing bad. Babita says so what its ger birthday my son isn’t always nicely he’s greater crucial then her birthday, what is going to appear if she don’t rejoice for one time, while my son is wholesome can rejoice then, you may get many activities to rejoice however if he’ll cross then will by no means come again like my Tej.

Anubha and every person approximately to go away with guests. Meet Ahlawat stops her and tells Babita I throw this celebration for her to wonder her, I referred to as you however you have been busy and additionally different night time Meet went out of doors with me to meet my promise and he or she got here with me to took care of me. Meet says continues quiet. Meet Ahlawat says permit me deal with I don’t such as you getting scold due to me. Babita ask what promise. Meet Ahlawat teels every person his promise for Tej.

Manushi pay attention the whole lot says he’s so fake, use to speak to me for hours and now after Meet being his spouse he modified and additionally he left my residence in anger, nicely neglect about it hold your self busy until that point I’ll search for Cactus.

Babita says cross and take relaxation. Meet Ahlawat says one minute all of us recognise approximately every person happiness on this residence and take right care of eachother, do matters for eachother however we by no means notion approximately Meet she additionally left her domestic and are available to us we by no means notion what makes her glad we by no means did that.

Meet Ahlawat stops Manushi and ask who’re you. Manushi says I’m joker. He says however organiser didn’t set up any joker.


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