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Duggu says to Meet Ahlawat on name the whole thing is achieved. Meet Ahlawat says while matters are achieved ask Sunaina to to move for plan B. Meet walks in do her paintings and pass out. Meet Ahlawat forestall and says in which are you going. Meet says I’m going out. Meet Ahlawat says you can’t pass outdoor proper now due to the fact. Meet says why I can’t pass, are you trainer which you are pronouncing no to me for going out, are you thirsty or hungry. Meet Ahlawat says no. Meet says then why I can’t pass allow me speak to aunty otherwise she can be able to scold me. Meet Ahlawat says we have been going to look at film come we could pass. Meet says while did we speak. Meet Ahlawat says we talked of looking film. Meet says I don’t consider and I don’t need to look at, simply hold pillow with you and watch any film you need. Meet Ahlawat stops her and says you want to look at with me due to the fact its horror film and I experience terrified of looking horror film, he thinks I want to devise wonder that’s why I stated approximately being scared or in everyday day I won’t have stated some thing like that. Meet smile and says a massive guy is scared or horror film. Meet Ahlawat says sure in case you don’t need to look at then depart it due to the fact I’ll see and if I get scared I’ll shout and make motion whilst scared that may injur me once more and you may be answerable for that. Meet says that is first time I’m getting blackmailed for looking film can’t you watch with a person else. Meet Ahlawat says you took obligation to attend to me. Meet says k come. Meet Ahlawat says activate TV and whispers on name what’s the reputation Duggu. Meet ask whuch movie you wanna see. Meet Ahlawat says comedy.

Lakhan, Amma and Anubha in residence. Lakhan says I offered new blouse for Ustaad she love yellow shade that’s why. Anubha says did you neglect about now she put on Saree. Lakhan says k neglect about this and ask Amma what to procure for Meet. Amma choices a cactus and hand it to Lakhan says supply it her say I despatched it and says to Anubha your daughter took all of the happiness of Manushi existence and planted thorns. Anubha says what are you pronouncing it’s her birthday nowadays don’t curse her nowadays. Amma appears at Lakhan and says what are you doing right here pass from right here and hold tgis on her hand otherwise I’ll slap you currently pass from right here. Lakhan run away.

Duggu says on telecellsmartphone preparations are achieved however I can’t see Ustaad Mami own circle of relatives I’ll pass and check. Masum pay attention Duggu and says so Anubha aunty is coming, now I’ll manage her to inform all and sundry what’s the name of the game she is hiding.

Manushi ask Amma aren’t you long past yet. Amma says I’m leaving and sees Kunal ask in which are you going. Kunal says sure I actually have a few pressing paintings will come lower back until evening. Amma whispers to Manushi it doesn’t be counted in case you won’t come lower back, says I don’t apprehend Anubha how can she be so bias to 1 child properly neglect about it I actually have cooked for you, you could have it. Manushi hugs her and say you’re the best, you could pass and pray and whilst coming lower back pass and meet your buddy don’t fear approximately me I’ll lock door, pass and enjoy. Amma says I forgot to inform you one factor nowadays Meet’s buddy got here and begin pronouncing nowadays is Meet’s birthday and displaying present then he question me what are you giving. Manushi ask then what are you giving her. Amma says I gave him cactus and says take Dadi’s present. Manushi in surprise recalls hiding jewelry in cactus. Amma says, she sow thorns for your existence, she can be able to get the ones in return. Kunal says proper paintings. Manushi says excuse me freaks out and says you talented her that cactus. Amma says sure Meet and that plant each I didn’t like, now I’ll experience calm, contend with your self and residence.

Meet disillusioned approximately no person remembering her birthday. Meet Ahlawat thinks I realize you feel unhappy of no person wishing you simply watch for a while once you have wonder you may experience glad. Meet receives up. Meet Ahlawat says wait in which are you going, I suggest I’m feeling of doing sports are you able to assist me. Meet says in morning you have been now no longer in mood. He says I need to get healthful so please assist me. Meet says k get equipped and assist him doing sports. She says its fifty two you’re achieved. He says I need to be healthful rapid allow’s do it to a hundred and continues. Meet says why are you bearing ache forestall it. Sunaina walks in. Meet Ahlawat says Sunaina is right here and ask do you want something. Sunaina says to Meet I need you to make you equipped for own circle of relatives picturegraph. Meet ask what own circle of relatives picturegraph and go along with her. Meet Ahlawat says plan to make Meet equipped for celebration is achieved. Duggu on telecellsmartphone says properly achieved Mamu.

Kunal appears at Manushi all statue and contact her. Manushi get’s taken aback and Kunal says no person is domestic now pass get equipped for me and don’t neglect about to put on jewelry, you may appearance princess. Manushi says jewelry long past. Kunal says what do you suggest in which are they. Manushi says I concealed that jewelry in cactus and Amma talented that to Meet. Kunal laughs. Manushi says I’m in anxiety and you’re laughing. Kunal says who cover them in cactus and who present cactus this entire own circle of relatives is mad. Manushi says how might I realize that and it changed into having your talented diamond necklace. Kunal recalls that present and begin taking hiccups thinks if Meet Ahlawat sees that diamond then I’m achieved. Manushi breakdown and begin cursing her faith. Kunal says ediot why are you crying now pass and get your jewelry lower back. Manushi supply him appearance. He says it’s me toddler I’m not able to take you my domestic and due to me you need to cover your jewelry in a few wierd place, concentrate sooner or later you need to visit your in law’s residence wherr you need to convey them each day then from in which you may get the jewelry that’s why I’m say pass there and get your jewelry due to the fact in any case that’s our closing backup until the time dad aid us, it’s your proper you could’t allow it pass. Manushi says you’re proper I won’t allow it pass, I must pass at Ahlawat’s residence and get them lower back and I’ll now no longer supply unmarried diamond to my sisters.

Sunaina blindfold Meet. Meet open her eyes and receives amazed seeing decoration. Meet Ahlawat walks in. Meet recalls how Ahlawat forestall her from now no longer going out and says I in no way concept everybody might wonder me, you took ache to make me glad I’m feeling unique you made my day. Duggu walks in and says we’ve got ine extra wonder for you. Everyone walks in wishing Meet. Meet sees Anubha and hugs her. Anubha supply her benefits, desires her glad birthday and says you get my age. Meet says what I’ll do with that I don’t need, you didn’t desire me considering morning you performed very properly. Anubha says Meet Ahlawat order me how can I consider now no longer obeying, right here I were given ladoo for you. Lady says our Meet is fortunate to have such massive residence and a massive coronary heart own circle of relatives, they take proper care of him. Lakhan desire her birthday and says you appearance beautiful. Ram says you could reward me too. She says you seem like monkey. Meet ask Anubha in which is dadi. Anubha says no. Ram says however she ship a present for you. Meet receives excited and ask what. Anubha says benefits. Meet says she despatched benefits for me. Anubha says sure and also you appearance beautiful. Duggu come and says to Meet, Ustaad Mami include me I actually have wonder for you. Meet go along with Duggu.

Masum sees Anubha by myself walks to her and greets. Anubha greets her. Masum says you appearance proper, right here have this drink, says did you talked for your Meet, she appears in lot of anxiety. Anubha says what I don’t apprehend. Masum says that mystery she feels heavy due to that. Anubha consider what she stated to Meet approximately Manushi.

PreCap Meet and Meet Ahlawat dancing. Babita walks in and shouts forestall the track and scolds Meet. Everyone leaving.
Meet Ahlawat stops Manushi disguised as joker ask who’re you. She says I’m joker. Meet Ahlawat says organisers didn’t ship any joker, who’re you


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