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Everyone at dinner table. Meet sees her picturegraph un newspaper below the headline, ‘A woman stored many humans from falling in manhole’. Pray to god says what you probably did now every person one will recognize we have been now no longer in residence and could query me and Mewt Ahlawat. Babita walks in. Meet attempt to disguise newspaper. Raj says please provide me for a minute and says shall we pass for an luve occasion in which we will pass have our dinner. Isha says to Raj what are you searching in newspaper paper in technology of utility isn’t that antique school, it’ll shop time. Babita says I’ll pass handiest while Meet Ahlawat is alright. Raj continues newspaper on table. Babita see the thing and begin analyzing infront of every person. Raj see her picturegraph. Masum in shock. Meet Ahlawat assume’s I assume that journalist included her information yesterday. Babita ask Meet in which have been you ultimate night time and left my son by myself. Meet Ahlawat says no mother. Meet says sure I want to move for an pressing delivery. Babita says how dare you left my son by myself is you supply activity turned into greater critical then my son, what if he want a few assist are you that irresponsible and prevent giving faux guarantees you’re so careless. Meet Ahlawat says mother I didn’t had any hassle in night time. Babita says that’s now no longer the trouble, trouble is she now no longer trustworthy, she is a lier, I can not compromise on your health. Meet says I’m sorry won’t occur again. Babita says I don’t accept as true with you. Masum thinks she pop out if one step beforehand from my expertise she concealed Meet Ahlawat’s mystery and making area for smooth nook however I even have deliberate a marvel for you which of them ones may also assist to carry out your mystery. Meet Ahlawat have a take a observe Meet, she bods her head to now no longer to mention whatever.

Meet Ahlawat in his room take into account what Babita stated to Meet close to eating table. Meet walks in and says what are you doing am I seeking to make you healthful and you’re losing your power via way of means of roaming, I advise you to move in electricity saving mode. Meet Ahlawat says and in what mode you have been downstairs to sacrifice in the event that they get to recognize approximately my top deed then allow them to recognize. Meet says humans get scolded from there own circle of relatives and what’s incorrect if I were given scolded due to the fact your oath turned into greater critical. Meet Ahlawat says concentrate me sometime, you acquire scolded due to me and I’m feeling and heavy and also you don’t deserve that scolding. Meet thinks I’m mendacity already to every person from now no longer telling that Manushi is at home, you don’t deserve that and I sense heavy due to now no longer telling you. Meet Ahlawat is going to bed. Meet thinks I ought to make him satisfied he’s unhappy otherwise he won’t get healthful.

Meet dressed as south indian guy entertain Meet Ahlawat, Isha and Duggu joins her. Duggu’s lungi pass down however they manage. Meet Ahlawat begin smiling.

Manushi says what date night time. Kunal says sure date night time I sense like stranger to you and if this keeps then someday I’ll ask sister who’re you, I need you to get get dressed for me, all included in jewelry in particular for me, I need to sense unique. Manushi thinks he loves me a lot and wealthy too I need visit a few silly salon in Delhi to earn pennies and says I’ll make you sense unique don’t fear I’ll get prepared for you and nobody will make yp aside they hug eachother and Kunal leaves. Manushi says now I’m gonna do some thing as a way to scare the hell out of mummy now I’ll display my authentic colours.

Guruji visits Ahlawat’s. Raj says to Guruji why did you return back we may want to have ask our motive force yo select out you. Guruji says I had been referred to as. Masum walks in and says I referred to as Guruji she greets him and says I assume my brother is dealing with masses of issues in his lifestyles, ultimate time it come to his lifestyles I turned into concerned so I referred to as him. Raj says sure Guruji we will take care of little hassle however this time it turned into approximately our children lifestyles however our daughter in regulation stored her. Masum says we need to recognize why it’s occurring all of us recognize how type hearted, loving and ideol boy he’s then why he’s continually in trouble, is anyone presence affecting him. Meet thinks is due to me.

Guruji says if a person have whatever to talk so please says to me handiest then I can assist you. Masum looka at Meet and thinks his expression are changing, my plan goes accordingly. Masum says we’d stay is it viable we will write on piece of paper in order that we may be sense unfastened from that load. Guruji says it’s viable. Isha says I’ll get pen and paper. Everyone takes diary and paper. Masum thinks I simply need to recognize Me et’s confessions after that mother gets to recognize approximately her and her own circle of relatives and could throw him out of Residence.

Everyone write tgere confession. Masum appears Meet writing. Meet recalls what Anubha stated to her approximately Manushi. Everyone provide there confession to Guruji. Meet is going to Guruji says I even have stored my paper empty due to the fact I assume what we sense have to be stated to every person now no longer to be written and continues her reproduction says please provide your advantages to Meet Ahlawat due to the fact he want greater of it, you could include me I’ll let you know what you’re feeling. Guruji says k allow’s pass.

Meet takes Guruji to room. Meet says he’s dozing due to remedy I’ll wake him up. Guruji says allow him relaxation and provide Meet Ahlawat his advantages and begin walking. Meet calls Guruji and says my father use to mention, which you pay for each mistake on this lifestyles itself does hiding a fact harm complete own circle of relatives. Guruji says while we see a person satisfied we receives satisfied in that identical manner each emotion have an effect on eachother while it’s from a person near you.

Meet says I even have a confession to make I can not write it on paper and I need to mention it in person. Guruji says inform what you need to mention. Masum looking the whole lot from outdoor says now you return back to admit what your own circle of relatives is making plans and all of the doorways might be closed for you of this residence. Meet approximately to mention however listen a valid and search for the source, she clode the door. Masum says she closed the door in case you are foxy then I’m additionally from Ahlawat’s own circle of relatives I’ll appearance from most important door and walks to different facet says I can see and listen the whole lot.

Meet says to Guruji those humans are very wealthy and are very type hearted, every person have fath in me and love me I don’t like to cover whatever from them, ultimate night time my mother inquire from me to cover some thing that’s not possible for me to cover and I sense very heavy due to that and take into account what Anubha stated to her ultimate night time and assume Mummy gave me her swear bot inform. Meet Ahlawat cough. Meet rush closer to him to appearance.

Masum says she didn’t inform why is she feeling heavy however I’ll additionally attempt to discover out.

Meet Ahlawat on name says I deliberate a marvel party for Meet and you’re invited.

Masum says to Anubha dis you stated whatever to Meet she appeared concerned she felt very heavy. Anubha thinks I assume so Meet have spill out unknowingly


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