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Meet Ahlawat and Meet sleeping. Meet Ahlawat gambling recording of loud night breathing and thinks its too loud way she is in deep sleep and receives off the bed and realises his leg is tied to a duppata turns round and reveals Meet gazing him preserving the opposite stop she ask wherein too and activate light. Meet Ahlawat says washroom and why did you tie me. Meet says so you then definately don’t move on stroll wait I’ll open for washroom. Mest Ahlawat thinks I became gambling loud noise of loud night breathing so she may want to fall asleep however she didn’t, uahwv to plot some thing else to move out. Meet says what are you staring move. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t need to move. Meet says so harassed you’re now allow me tie once more. Meet Ahlawat says you may now no longer tie I sense itching, you ties it that’s why I awaken in any other case I became asleep. Meet says on every occasion you need I’ll open it however I’ll now no longer take danger now visit mattress. Meet Ahlawat lie down and he or she tie him once more. Meet Ahlawat thinks now I should suppose some thing to ship her out of room best then I can leave. Meet transfer off light, stare at him. Meet Ahlawat says if you may stare I can’t fall asleep so move now.

Kunal visit save room and spot its locked says why is it locked every body is in there room now wherein I’ll sleep. Anubha stand in the back of him and says this room became packed so want to fasten it afterall counts of thief’s has expanded in Shahbadh, you could sleep in varanda right here bedsheet for you and leaves. Kunal says she simply hates me, she despatched me from save room to varanda subsequent might be out of doors the residence, I speedy want to thieve her jewelry and leave.

Meet Ahlawat placed water in pot and says concentrate in case you aren’t sleep can deliver water for me it’s empty. Meet get’s out if mattress take a look at the bottle. Meet Ahlawat says concentrate I need to sleep peacefully so I’ll be absolutely overlaying myself. Meet says is it. Meet Ahlawat sure. Meet says k and leave. Meet Ahlawat cowl himself and matter until five says she would possibly have long gone it’s time to depart, places pillow beneathneath his blanket. Meet walks in and says inform what essential paintings it is. Meet Ahlawat says not anything essential I became getting bore so idea of taking place stroll. Meet says so that you need to position water in pot and use pillow as conceal and move on stroll, no there should be a motive you probably did all these items so inform why you probably did. Meet Ahlawat forget about her. Meet says k I’ll inform auntyji in case you aren’t announcing whatever. MEET Ahlawat says its very essential and don’t need everyone have to are aware of it might be among you and me and tells her.

Amma feeling may want to. Anubha receives her heat turmeric milk says it’s suitable in wintry weather have it and says I can’t apprehend Manushi don’t understand what she need from het life. Amma says I can’t have it, its bitter. Anubha says Amma please do now no longer hassle you need to drink and already Parth is any other anxiety for me, I booked his price price tag however he got here lower back, Manushi is asking after him, how a whole lot I understand her she don’t do whatever without spending a dime don’t understand what’s she hiding. Amma says you’re proper I additionally don’t like that bor want to do some thing. Anubha says I even have a plan allow’s ship Manushi to Delhi, my pal Mamta very own a salon there, running together along with her will assist Manushi. Amma says I’ll go along with her. Anubha says that’s a superb idea. Anubha says I’ll make arrangements.

Meet Ahlawat says in each month of 20 I move donate garments meals for the needy in call of Tej Veerji, in order that he returns domestic safely. Meet says why conceal such suitable paintings. Meet Ahlawat says it became an oath I had taken and you understand that is my factor with my god no one is aware of approximately this in residence. Meet says I even have order from auntyji which you have to face no soreness however that will help you how approximately I move. Meet Ahlawat says no that is my factor and I should best move you and after I do it I sense satisfied and non violent and sense like a person is looking after my brother and you understand we have been collectively humans us to think about us as twin, whilst humans are so near you and whilst they’re now no longer close to you sense terrible that’s why I’ll move and donate. Meet says it’s a worm danger I’ll assist you and thinks I’ll whole each promise of aunty and Meet Ahlawat.

They each get equipped to depart. They come downstairs stumble into desk and drop vase however Meet Ahlawat catches it in among. Meet Ahlawat says inform me one factor are you taking place picnic. Meet says it incorporates the entirety that’s essential for you. Masum sees them and says Babita ask Meet Ahlawat nit to depart room and Meet is supporting him to get out residence that to this time at night time, I want to discover wherein they’re going and observe them.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat get to vehicle and Meet says I’ll force you may take a seat down on shotgun and maintain pillow for his guide and assist him to settle dwon. Manushi get out of residence and says Babita says strictly for bedrest of Meet Ahlawat, wherein is she taking her tgis night time I’ll observe and document it to reveal it as proof to mother. Meet thinks Meet Ahlawat is so type hearted and Manushi did incorrect through breaking his coronary heart this night I’ll make Manushi to satisfy

Meet Ahlawat and provide him all of the solutions for his query to heal him and says to Meet Ahlawat I’ll placed place in GPS to attain faster. Meet ship message to Manushi asking her to satisfy at Highway no.five close to Aman Preet Sing Chawk it’s essential I’m sending place. Masum try and sneaks into vehicle whilst Meet became sending message. Meet Ahlawat ask Meet to move. Masum at bottom of vehicle thinks I’ll display mother what’s she doing this night mother will throw her out of residence.

Babita and Raj sleeping. Babita wakes up, places on lighting fixtures and says my Meet Ahlawat is in ache and its tough to relie on Meet to live unsleeping all night time and deal with him, best a mom can try this and nobody else and so I should see my son as soon as and leaves.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat on their way, he says concentrate, we’re going these days now no longer the following day, we can’t attain earlier than 12 with this velocity, Meet says I won’t velocity up, you may scold later, he says I won’t, provide me I will dry, Meet says funny, have water and offers sipper, Meet says you’re injured now simply drink it.
Babita approximately to knock, Raj stops her and says Meet is making an attempt tough to attend to our son and doing suitable too, a health practitioner can’t additionally be so careful, Babita says agree however its now no longer honest to relie on her absolutely and we fall asleep. Raj says I observe that however even health practitioner aren’t ideal sometimes, I understand you don’t relie on her however you could display which you believe to your son and takes her room.

Masuma see Meet and Meet Ahlawat donating and says I got here right here in ache to peer all this now I’ll sense ache once more whilst going lower back, if I’ll display this to Mom she won’t say whatever I’m feeling bloodless too. Meet and Meet Ahlawat donating foos and garments to terrible one. An antique guy pray for Meet Ahlawat, Meet Ahlawat says in case you need provide blessing for my brother. Meet says the entirety might be fine.

Manushi out of doors in bloodless says she ship me place however didn’t inform why I should come however I should move in any other case she can be able to inform every body to Mummy and Mummy will throw me out of residence and prevent car.

Meet get hold of message from Manushi says it’s suitable information she is coming. Meet Ahlawat says allow’s move. Meet says wait while you are out so sense this bloodless weather and empty street due to the fact those street are very crowded everytime and we are able to pay attention our hearts beating too. Meet Ahlawat thinks what he stated to Meet approximately now no longer seeing her face ever and says to Meet I can pay attention my coronary heart he is calling one query why did we had combat and went out of residence, even I disrespect Dadi and Aunty too they should have sense terrible,

I don’t understand how I did this can’t apprehend how a whole lot time I’ll express regret you. Meet thinks Manushi will express regret to you terrible occur to you and pay attention car voice says Manushi is right here these days she should provide all of the solutions for his query and provide him relief, she thinks why is she now no longer out until but I’ll move and produce her says to Meet Ahlawat my father use to mention on every occasion you do a notable paintings you have to do a yoga to cleanse you, take a deep breath and blow it out. Meet Ahlawat says we are able to try this at domestic. Meet says I’ll be lower back in 2 minutes.Meet Ahlawat ask wherein are you going. Meet says going to take water, she leaves.

Masum conceal and observe her thinks wherein is she going. Meet attain to car says why aren’t you out Manushi. Masum try and see. Meet ask what occur. Anubha famous her. Meet in shock. Masum sees Anubha and says what us she doing right here. Anubha says in case you need to peer Son in regulation satisfied then by no means take Manushi’s call in the front of him and his own circle of relatives. Meet says you understand Manushi destroy his coronary heart he have proper to understand why she did this. Anubha says I understand however its now no longer tume we are able to inform everybody that Manushi is domestic due to the fact your mom in regulation gave me promise that I’ll now no longer maintain any relation with Manushi.

Masum says I can’t pay attention what they’re speakme. Anubha says concentrate to me there may be want of speakme what Manushi did in marriage it’s of no use, Meet Ahlawat is sure to youn understand and try and make him overlook Manushi it’s your duty to make him satisfied. Meet says however Manushi did incorrect he want solutions. Anubha takes Meet hand placed it in her head and ask her to swear that you may now no longer inform everybody it’ll be among us. Masum try and pay attention what they’re speakme.

Anubha says I swear you try and apprehend and ask Auto driving force to depart. Meet stroll lower back to Meet Ahlawat. Masum sats I suppose so it’s an excessive amount of severe subject matter that’s why Anubha come so overdue to present swear, first they alternate Kundali then they modified lady don’t understand what they’re making plans I’ll deliver out the fact.

Kunal feeling bloodless sitting in Varanda says how’s your own circle of relatives they do now no longer have a blanket to your husband I’m felling bloodless on this sheet. Manushi strolling close to round him in panick says close up. Anubha come internal sees Manushi. Manushi walks to her and ask why did Meet calk me do you understand whatever. Anubha says concentrate no want to consider your sister or her husband move percent your bag you’re going Delhi. Manushi says what’s your problem. Anubha shush her and says no want to shouts in any other case Amma will awaken.

Manushi says I’m now no longer growing fuss I’m your elder daughter and I want solutions. Anubha says why you probably did after being an elder daughter, you ran farfar from marriage and more youthful one did the entirety for this residence recognize and also you stated you went to Mumbai for paintings no concerns you could now paintings in Delhi beneathneath my pal. Manushi says however why mummy. Anubha says I don’t need any argument and you’ll be leaving in 4 days and inform this Parth to depart our residence respectfully in any other case I’ll throw him out and bow we could visit room. Kunal whispers I simply need jewelry not anything else.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat attain domestic. Meet Ahlawat says be satisfied due to the fact I’m going to thanks for this favour and also you didn’t even destroy Mom’s promise allow’s move in now. Meet and Meet Ahlawat step internal. Meet thinks how will I conceal this massive lie however want to cover due to the fact I even have guarantees Mummy.

Masum says to Hoshiyar we should locate evidence approximately this lady Meet and display her proper face and throw out and do some thing the following day that fact comes out on it’s very own.

Next day Meet wakes Meet Ahlawat and says goodmorning. Meet Ahlawat want her and try and awaken. Meet allows her and provide her heat water to drink and says don’t devour whatever until 1 hour after this. Meet Ahlawat says my pores and skin has emerge as overall dry see there is probably a cream. Meet says for now you can’t use whatever due to the fact you’re harm first deal with your self then appearance after dry pores and skin. Meet Ahlawat says it’s additionally care referred to as as pores and skin care however how you may understand due to the fact you operate best one cream for the entirety. Meet says until the time I’ll use them I can whole my shipping and prevent drama come now.
Meet Ahlawat courses Meet his pores and skin care routine, Meet follows instructions. Babita walks in and asks how he, Meet Ahlawat says all suitable, Babita says I understand she should be sleeping, Meet Ahlawat says no Mom, she became unsleeping all of the time and had medicinal drug too, and don’t worry, you may have migraine and he or she is right here taking thoroughly care of me and now Meet observe beneathneath eye cream. Babita sees them collectively and leaves.

Raj welcomes Babita to breakfast, Babita says Meet is taking suitable care of him, Raj says you gave 6 months proper and with this spees she can be able to galvanize you and be your favored daughter in regulation and Isha any new movies, Isha says sure, Raj says I will take your Aunty to movie these days,

Babita says our son is ill, Raj says he has his spouse and now allow me galvanize my spouse now, different own circle of relatives contributors insist too.
Meet Ahlawat walks down with Meet, Babita says I despatched you breakfast, Meet Ahlawat says I became lacking you all and Mom. Meet sees her image on newspaper and says oh God how will I deal with this bomb.

PreCap: Babita reads information approximately Meet in newspaper, Babita says you left my son on my own wherein did you move, Meet Ahlawat says no, Meet says sure I did..


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