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Amaji says to Meet, God saved you so you could save our families notoriety, just a girl can save us not a child, you have consistently saved us like a child, presently save us by turning into a little girl, save my family today I implore you.

Meet Ahlawat sits in vehicle and leaves. Amaji falls on Meet’s feet requests that she save families notoriety, Meet embraces her.

Raj and other relatives hanging tight for Meet and Meet Ahlawat, Panditji asks when will Meet Ahlawat come, Masoom says I don’t figure Meet Ahlawat will wed somebody who doesn’t resemble a young lady. Meet Ahlawat strolls in, Raj says thank you child, Meet Ahlawat says father I regard you a great deal and I realize you trust me a ton and let me show you reality, Meet isn’t somebody you think she is, Raj says OK I allow you a single opportunity, however let me let you know I have trust, you don’t, Meet’s companion tell Raj that Meet needs to converse with him, Raj leaves.

Masoom reproves Meet Ahlawat for what reason did he return, Isha says why wed somebody you don’t cherish, Meet Ahlawat says I need to show father he is off-base. Hoshiyar asks how will you respond, Meet Ahlawat says Kunal.

Kunal and Manu getting hitched, Kunal gets call from Meet Ahlawat, Kunal doesn’t reply, Masoom says do whatever you can Meet however don’t wed her, since she will not release you.

Raj with Meet, Raj says I implore you wed my child, I realize he can never get a young lady like you, you have confidence and family esteems, everything matches with both of you and Guruji said you match the best and I trust Guruji and furthermore that Meet Ahlawat will get you and like you, love will discover its direction, say yes.

Meet says I have another motivation to say no, see this house I check out everything in this house, I assumed liability of this house after Papa,how should I leave Mummy and Amaji and we have credit to for marriage, all will be finished, how might they oversee, you let me know how might I do this.

Raj says your family will be our family I will deal with them,Meet says you said I have sense of pride how might I acknowledge this, its custom that girl in law helps child, and will you permit me to be child here and little girl in law at Ahlawat’s, Raj says you need to work after marriage and deal with your family.

Meet says yes. Raj says I am content with your stand and have more confidence in you now, and many will gain from you and I will not be obstacle in your obligation, I guarantee you, you will take care of this house as you utilized as well, presently you consent to my proposition, if it’s not too much trouble, say indeed, every one of your issues are settled now, Meet says yes.

Kunal and Manu trade wreath, Kunal gets call from Meet Ahlawat, Meet Ahlawat says Kunal go to my wedding rapidly, Kunal says I am little dizy as a result of medication, I will come straightaway. Mewt Ahlawat says yes come soon, Kunal turns off his telephone. Kunal misleads Manu that his director called to come earnestly or there will be deficiency of 1 cr however nothing is a higher priority than you. Kunal thinks she is my bonanza for what reason will I go to Meet Ahlawat wedding.

Meet Ahlawat says Kunal will come here and he will think about Meet’s reality. Anubha gets Meet saree to wear, and says this is my wedding dress, so if it’s not too much trouble, wear it, Meet says nothing is more near me and pretty than this assist me with wearing it. Meet prepares for wedding.

Meet unfit to deal with saree, Anubha says you need to become accustomed to aaree, Ragini strolls in, Anubha says we don’t have adornments wear my chain, Ragini says would i be able to help my little girl in law prepare, Anubha says she is prepared however Manushi fled with, Ragini says don’t let out the slightest peep and our ceremonial says our lady of the hour should wear Jewelry gifted by parents in law and this accessory suits just you, come Meet, Ragini assists Meet with Jewelry.

Anubha and Ragini put cloak over Meet.

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