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Meet Ahlawat says to Meet that mother insulted you lots however nevertheless you stored me from goons for that we want to mention thank you however all of us insulted you. Meet Ahlawat attempt yo be a part of his arms. Meet says what are you doing medical doctor stated no to transport your hand first get nicely then I’ll ask you to do matters and what manifest if Babita scolded me Amma and Mom additionally scolds me and Amma scolds me very badly,

if she scolded then what ought to I depart and also you additionally stated me now no longer to expose your face, those family members are constructed with plenty of efforts and I’m very cussed in those family members I don’t depart effortlessly. Raj says to Meet you may alternate something you need however don’t alternate your coronary heart and why of wondering simply be what you’re. Nurse walks in and says a person needs to be there with affected person everytime so inform me who might be there in order that I can provide an explanation for him approximately the dosage of remedy.

Raj says she is Meet sufferers spouse she can be able to take care. Babita says I’m affected person’s mother I’ll appearance after. Nurse says ok I’ll provide an explanation for it and pay attention cautiously and provide an explanation for the whole thing. Babita ask Chhavi what all physical games she advised. Ragini says she advised this tons I don’t bear in mind the whole thing I’ll move and ask. Meet says no I recorded each commands I’ll ship it to all. Ragini says appropriate.

Kunal doing physical games. Manushi sitting over him says hiw romantic I had dream to do couple exercising very interesting. Kunal says sure very interesting now get down if Mom and Dadi see us will make difficulty of it. Manushi says loosen up they went to temple so that you convey on. Kunal begin doing and Manushi rely and he prevent at 3, she says the is first-class threat for us I’ll move and take bathe then we are able to have breakfast then exit. Kunal says appropriate concept and she or he leaves, he says until the time she take bathe I’ll thieve her jewelry.

Ragini and Manushi assist Meet Ahlawat to lie down in bed, Chhavi assisting too. Ragini ask Babita to move and take relaxation you aren’t nicely. Babita says I’m all appropriate, I recognize you all will take appropriate care of him however I employed a expert Nurse for him as they take appropriate care in hospital. Meet Ahlawat says to Babita I’m ok.

Chhavi says why did you employed nurse whilst I’m right here to assist him. Meet Ahlawat says to Chhavi thank you on your situation however Nurse might be appropriate I’ll be capable of manipulate. Babita says sure Nurse are expert it’ll be smooth for her. Meet walks in with trolley. Babita thinks its nurse however says it’s you. Everyone study her trolly. Babita ask in which is Nurse. Babita says why who will appearance after him and please don’t says you’ll appearance after him my son want a expert Nurse to appearance after him 24 hours.

Meet says I recognize I’m now no longer expert however this trolley is expert appearance it were given the whole thing and bear in mind how Goons beat him and says they chocked him badly so this warm water will assist him to get relief, despite the fact that harm dosent recognize if a Nurse is treating or a spouse, I use to take care if Dadi too effortlessly I don’t prevent until a person is all quality don’t fear I talked to Nurse and learnt the whole thing, a member of the family can take appropriate care then outsider. Ragini says to Babita Meet is proper supply her one threat.

Babita says then who will do your job. Meet says I already took vacation it’s now no longer that important. Babita says preserve one factor in thoughts my son is my existence if he’s in hassle so am I, preserve one factor in thoughts he ought to now no longer shout in pain. Meet says don’t fear I’ll handle. Babita says way to Meet and says to Ragini and Chhavi yo depart. They all depart. Ragini says take care

Kunal searching out jewelry in cupboard, he preserve it in bad. Manushi from in the back of ask what are you doing Kunal, walks to him and sayd I can not assume in dream you can do this. Kunal says many theft are going on in Shahbadh so I became preserving them in secure place. Manushi says so what you concept you can thieve my jewelry. Kunal thinks she stuck me it’s time to run. Manushi snicker and says you ought to say I’m clever I already stored all jewelry out of those container someplace secure that no person ought to attain and display him empty container. Kinal thinks she is clever. Manushi says you have been feeling by myself that’s why you got here in and says now depart. Kunal thinks I concept she became silly however she I come to be silly, I must play my card smartly.

Kaka walks in with water bucket he maintains it and depart. Meet preserve chair close to bucket and ask Meet Ahlawat to take a seat down. Meet Ahlawat says you don’t want to fear I can do sponging with one hand. Meet says no want yo be cussed scolds him and says I’ll do. Meet Ahlawat says I can do it from one hand. Meet says ok then do it and says that bucket has cleaning soap water and different one have most effective water and leaves. Meet Ahlawat try and unbutton him however couldn’t. Meet looking him from out of doors and says why are you going through hassle how can you are taking tubtub whilst couldn’t open a shirt. Meet Ahlawat says you didn’t move. Meet says I you’re harm however I can experience pain, I imply I recognize how those accidents react they want right care and ask him to arise.

Meet Ahlawat receives away from bed and take a seat down on chair. Meet enables him to take off his shirt. Chhavi out of doors seeing the whole thing. Meet wipes him with sponge. Chhavi says I this can’t be manifest I want to inform this to Masum they may be getting close.

Meet try and prepare dinner dinner for Meet Ahlawat with Duggu. Meet not able to manipulate in kitchen. Duggu making amusing of her. Babita catches one onion and ask Meet what goes on. Duggu says Meet is attempting to make soup for Meet Ahlawat. Babita says I can see that and in which is prepare dinner dinner. Meet says they went to market. Babita says so that you need to damage my son don’t recognize a way to do and says shift I’ll prepare dinner dinner. Meet says this is ideal mother’s hand meals is ideal remedy for recovery.

Babita says however spouse ought to prepare dinner dinner for her husband in order that your husband do now no longer pass over his mother, I additionally use to prepare dinner dinner for my husband each ladies ought to recognize a way to prepare dinner dinner and begin cooking meals. Duggu cheers her. Babita says in case you really need to prepare dinner dinner for my son first examine then prepare dinner dinner for him, takes it cautiously its warm.

Chhavi receives pizza for Meet. Meet Ahlawat receives excited and says placed more oregano. Meet walks in and says its now no longer picnic medical doctor stated no for junk meals, I delivered healthful meals for you domestic prepare dinner dinner. Chhavi says Meet Ahlawat became hungry so I ordered for him however how might you recognize, you have been out someplace and says to Meet Ahlawat I ordered meals from each of my arms for you. Meet try and preserve her. Chhavi says don’t take anxiety I’ll stand and says you harm lots many time. Meet says appropriate and take your pizza both consume it or supply it yo terrible children and no want to fear approximately him his spouse is right here.

Meet Ahlawat stumble even as getting up. Babita rushes to him and says now you’ll now no longer arise for any work. Meet Ahlawat thinks I want to exit for that work.
He wakes up in night time and try and depart. Meet ask him in which sre you going


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