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Meet slept even as conserving Meet Ahlawat’s hand. Meet Ahlawat wakes up and notice Meet conserving his palms and drowsing and the way his palms are tied to maintain it in air. Meet Ahlawat don’t forget what he stated to her for now no longer displaying her face.

Anubha praying to God says you helped Meet Ahlawat from getting badly injured and says I actually have one query why all of the problem is in my Meet’s lifestyles, how a lot will you check her greater. Someone ring door bell, Anubha pass and open door sees Kunal and ask didn’t you depart. Kunal says I actually have a few critical paintings so idea first end them after which depart for that I want to live right here. Anubha says there are numerous resorts right here.

Manushi rushes to Kunal, Parth you right here and the way did this manifest. Parth say I met with an accident. Manushi says unhappy and says mummy he stored my lifestyles in Mumbai and you’re insulting him. Parth says it’s ok I’ll live some other place and begin leaving. Manushi holds his hand, Anubha reveals it suspicious. Manushi says Parth you helped me in an unknown metropolis and so that you can live in my small residence for but you need and is going inner with Kunay.

Manushi deliver Kunal water and whisper thankgod you arr lower back I become involved. Anubha thinks why is he lower back.

Raj ask Isha wherein is Babita. Isha says she went with Chavi and mummy to fulfill to a consultant Masum suggested. Raj says precise wherein did they visit his clinic. Isha says no, to Lifeline clinic close to highway. Raj receives involved and thinks Meet Ahlawat is in identical clinic and says to Isha you keep on have your breakfast. Isha says come have a few with me. Raj says no and suppose would possibly Babita will see him.

Nurse walks in greet Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Meet wakes up involved and says is your hand bleeding god is aware of how I slept, she examine Meet Ahlawat says you’re badly injured right here so don’t flow this hand. Nurse says you’re this sort of being concerned spouse and used a great concept and says we want to take him for check. Nurse assist him to get up. Meet involved for Meet Ahlawat and sees him war with slipper and facilitates him put on it.

Nurse take him out. Babita, Ragini and Chavi walks withinside the clinic. Babita on name and Meet Ahlawat close to her with nurse however she doesn’t see him and Meet Ahlawat receives in the lifestyles. Babita and Ragini see Meet Ahlawat inner health practitioner’s room and attempt to rush inner. Compounder forestall her.

Babita says hez is my son what’s he doing right here. Compounder says you’re his mom and also you don’t understand, his spouse were given him right here he become badly hit through a few goons. Babita thinks the goons are one Meet fought with withinside the honest and says to Ragini I’m very positive those are the goons Meet had fought with and my son attempt to store her and so he’s hit badly. Babita sees Meet and receives angry,

she walks to her. Meet says to Babita he’s higher I’ll pass check. Babita slaps her and says appearance what you probably did to my son I ask you to attend to him, I can’t tolerate this you simply carry hassle for us and we can’t tolerate this ajy greater so get out. Ragini surprise and Chhavi glad. Babita says don’t dare to go back and pushes Meet. Babita rushes to Meet Ahlawat.

Doctor tells Babita, Ragini and Chhavi aboyt Meet Ahlawat’s situation and says his hand is improperly injured and has a few stitches too, he isn’t bleeding is a god sign. Ragini ask are we able to take him home. Doctor say positive I’ll get geared up his discharge papers and leaves.
Meet Ahlawat input room Raj follow. Babita breakdown seeing Meet Ahlawat and ask what manifest to you. Raj says I become going to inform you however you had been sick so didn’t inform you.

Babita says you once more saved me out io matters and concealed matters why. Raj says I wasn’t hiding I become going to inform you these days morning whilst you fell higher and now Meet Ahlawat is convalescing and we’re going home. Meet Ahlawat says sure I’m convalescing and ask them to move beforehand I’ll vome later. Babita ask why. He says I’ll include Meet, she can be able to get involved if she doesn’t see me.

Babita says she won’t come. He ask why. Babita says I threw her out of lifestyles. Raj and Meet Ahlawat stunned and ask why. Babita says due to the fact she simply carry hassle and also you don’t even like her, you ought to be glad due to the fact I closed this chapter, she doesn’t need to be your spouse, she is the purpose you’re injured. Meet Ahlawat says you’re incorrect I’m alive due to her, how may want to you we ought to now no longer do that with her, complete night time she took care of me even if she become injured and in place of pronouncing thankyou you insulted her, I must pass and locate her.

Meet Ahlawat attempt to rise up he journeys however Meet saves him. Meet makes him take a seat down on wheel chair and scolds him, health practitioner ask you now no longer to transport forestall being so stubborn. Babita says you didn’t pass. Meet says I went to get him slippers and makes Meet Ahlawat put on it. Chhavi says can’t you se he become already sporting one.

Meet says silly female and says to Meet Ahlawat I introduced huge length slippers for you due to the fact your legs are sore, it’s now no longer branded however will assist you is it comfortable. Meet Ahlawat says pay attention mother insulted you lots that you don’t deserve, your fought gor my lifestyles all of us ought to be pleased about that however insulted you. Meet Ahlawat attempt to maintain his ear to apologise. Meet stops him and relaxation his hand.

Meet tells Babita she ship Nurse lower back. Babita ask why who will cope with him. Meet says contamination dosent understand who’s treating Nurse or spouse. Babita says take precise care of him.


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