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Inspector says to Meet Ahlawat he’s below arrest, our sniffer canine had detected capsules for your automobile close to cafe and we observed you right here, and observed this for your automobile. Kunal sees that and runs away. Babita says there’s a few misunderstanding, Inspector says its felony count number don’t interrupt and takes Meet Ahlawat away. Babita panics. Ram receives her water. Ragini and Sunaina rush to Babita, Ram tells absolutely each person, Meet Ahlawat is below arrest, Raj says you human beings cope with Babita I am going police station with legal professional.

Babita says my Meet Ahlawat is harmless, Meet attempts to visit Babita, Masoom scolds Meet calls her a black shadow and pushes her away. Meet rushes to her room.

Inspector interrogates Meet Ahlawat, he says I am now no longer into this, Inspector saya inform us who your provider, I recognize what form of boys you wealthy brats are, Meet Ahlawat says I even have own circle of relatives values, I haven’t any concept what nonsense is this.
Meet in her room harassed on what’s happening, and says all are so concerned and I can’t do some thing to assist them and calls Raj. Meet sees she has a voice notice from Meet Ahlawat, she performs it, it says you knew Manushi is dishonest me, Meet imagines Meet Ahlawat pronouncing matters, he says I noticed the Meet to your hand, she lied and also you supported her, inform me what you probably did become proper and didn’t cheat me, inform me.
Meet don’t forget how she stopped Manu from dishonest all of the time and says he’s proper, I am his offender, I did incorrect hiding matters from him and ge has complete proper to hate me, and I pays for this.

Raj sees Meet Ahlawat in police station. Lawyer asks inspector what are charges, Inspector says we have been in the back of this racket, legal professional says a person would possibly have planted it, inspector says this won’t paintings, strive bail even that isn’t always possible. Lawyer rushes to get bail. Raj asks permission to speak to Meet Ahlawat, Inspector says ok.

Meet Ahlawat asks how is Mom. Babita in ache, Suniana says your BP is low have remedy and food, Babita says now no longer till my Meet Ahlawat is domestic. Masoom calls Hoshiyar to head do some thing and if Meet Ahlawat doens’t come lower back quickly Mom’s fitness will cross worse. Duggu requests Babita too, Babita says my son is in ache I can’t, Duggu says even I won’t for my uncle, Masoom asks Esha to take Duggu to his room.
Ragini asks Suniana to be with Babita. Ragini tells Masoom that its now no longer smooth to return back lower back quickly, Ragini tells her approximately the packet. Masoom receives concerned. Meet looking all this and says those human beings are so nice, I can’t see them in ache, so I will need to try this for them and leaves.

Inspector asks Meet Ahlawat to confess, Meet Ahlawat says I haven’t any concept, Inspector misbehaves, Raj asks them to control, and now no longer contact his son, Inspector says he made a massive crime. Meet walks in says he didn’t do some thing, that packet is mine. Raj and Meet Ahlawat in shock. Inspector asks who’re you, Meet says Meet,Raj says his wife, Inspector says seeking to store your husband, Meet says no, its my packet arrest me and ship him domestic, his mom’s fitness is bad, Inspector says that isn’t your packet, due to the fact you’re a lady, Meet says how does that count number, its my packet, Raj says Meet why, Meet says not anything its my packet, launch him and take me in.
Inspector asks to permit Meet Ahlawat cross and arrests Meet. Meet Ahlawat thinks of Kunal who stated she makes use of kids. Meet is taken below arrest.

Inspector asks who’s your supplier, Meet says I paintings alone, Meet Ahlawat says examine her the sort of mess, Raj says cross domestic and your Mom is looking ahead to you, and I will manage right here you cross rest. Meet Ahlawat leaves.
Masoom receives name from Meet Ahlawat, he tells her he’s launched and permit him communicate to Babitam Babita asks Meet Ahlawat are you excellent, He says I am excellent and coming however will take time due to traffic, I am coming to look you, devour some thing.

Sunaina receives Babita food. Babita satisfied on Meet Ahlawat coming lower back. Masoom says until date in no way police has come to our residence and that is all due to that marriage, I informed you this own circle of relatives is bizarre and in view that their daughter is right here we’re simply dealing with troubles and Kundali scandal, how come matters extrade so fast and what assure that Kundali isn’t always fake, I hate them, grasping witty human beings.

Inspector permits Raj to speak to Meet. Raj asks Meet why did she do so, Meet says its my packet, Raj says ok what’s in it. Meet thinks have to be some thing unlawful and says there’s pistol in it, Raj says you don’t recognize what’s in it and also you stated its your, this packet has capsules.

Masoom says to Babita thank god, Ragini says that lady stored our Meet Ahlawat due to the fact she took the blame on her.. none people proven any courage, chachaji referred to as and informed Meet went there and stated that is my bundle.

Raj says to Meet do you ways tons in risk you’re, you’ll ho in prison for atleast 15 years. Meet says I’ll something occurs to me and Meet Ahlawat going lower back become critical Babita become now no longer in excellent condition. Raj says you’re prepared to assist someone who isn’t always accepting you. Meet says I keep in mind them as my own circle of relatives. Raj says however you took massive accusation on yourself. Meet says what need to I do then I can be not anything to her however Meet Ahlawat is and to convey happiness in own circle of relatives I took this step.

Ragini says you keep in mind her root if trouble however due to her Meet Ahlawat got here out if malicious program trouble, we need to have thank you her. Masum says to Ragini there are opportunities that packet is of Meet and frightened of research so got here out in advance to store and be a massive individual. Sunaina says to Masum a few human beings can cross past for there own circle of relatives happiness. Masum says you’re speaking approximately own circle of relatives happiness, due to the fact this of you we store suffered lots and nonetheless suffering. Masum says to Ragini why can we keep in mind that packet isn’t always if Meet, one minute now I don’t forget Anubha gave packet to Meet whilst she become leaving her residence and equal packet become with police.

Raj says to Meet concentrate you haven’t signed on confession letter, you may do one aspect extrade your assertion. Meet says I can not do that, absolutely each person is unhappy in your property due to Manushi, she ran with each happiness for your own circle of relatives, keep in mind this as atonement, I beg you don’t fear approximately me, I learnt one aspect whilst you are aware of your trouble it appears to be smooth.

Raj says however this time you took trouble if drug deliver and you need to go through for aspect that you didn’t do. Meet says then you need to assist me in a single aspect don’t permit Anubha recognize I’m in prison and you may ask Ram Lakhan they’ll cope with residence they manner I did and if mother name ever deliver her reason. Raj says I’ll now no longer assist on this manner however I’ll do the whole lot to loose you, I did introduced you as my daughter in regulation so you may be sufferer of some thing you didn’t do, concentrate to me and extrade your assertion. Meet says no.

Raj says you won’t concentrate due to the fact you’re cussed however don’t forget I’m additionally your father, I already talked to legal professional and won’t flow from right here until the time you’re loose. Meet says please you cross lower back Babita wishes you my mother use to inform me whilst she is in problem my father guve her extra consolation then remedy, these days aunty want you. Raj says my son need to additionally recognize this in order that he may be with you however he thinks this packet is your however your father won’t permit appear some thing to you.

Police officer come and says it slow is iver simplest lawer can communicate to suspect and officer push Raj. Meet Ahlawat holds him from falling. Meet Ahlawat shouts at officer says you can not communicate like this to all and sundry. Officer says don’t train any member of the family isn’t always allowed to speak to sufferer however nonetheless I gave him time. Raj says thank you. Meet Ahlawat says to officer until time someone is tested responsible you can not name him crook, I additionally recognize that mu regulation. Raj says to officer please permit me communicate to her for two extra minutes. Officer says ok I’m permitting you however simplest one individual can meet her. Raj says it felt excellent seeing you and were given to recognize which you take care of your wife, I’m happy with you. Raj says Meet don’t fear I’m right here and says Meet Ahlawat you each can communicate I’m ready outside.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet concentrate to me cautiously don’t sign up confession paper, I talked to legal professional. Meet says why are you seeking to store me I’m your largest trouble don’t store me. Meet Ahlawat says due to the fact I’m now no longer egocentric I can not see a person who isn’t always sufferer to be in prison due to me. Meet says thank you for nit thinking about me sufferer. Meet Ahlawat says that I don’t recognize and I don’t care I recognize my father agree with in you that’s why I’m right here amd I can not see them in problem that’s why I’m status right here.

Hosiyar says to Babita I talked to Raj he informed me Meet Ahlawat could be domestic quickly, what appear you all are in tension. Masum says at some point of marriage you have been taking images in telecellsmartphone please take a look at for your telecellsmartphone how did that bundle appearance to clean the whole lot. Hosiyar says this one. Masum say sure and indicates to absolutely each person appearance equal packet that’s why she well-known its her packet. Babita says what are you pronouncing how can mother deliver her capsules packet. Masum says why now no longer mother there may be opportunities that entire own circle of relatives is in drug that’s why Meet Ahlawat become pronouncing do now no longer cross on her harmless face she is goon of Shabad however dad didn’t concentrate due to the fact he notion more youthful sister is saving own circle of relatives and consider me that’s why she confessed and thinks her mother and dadi may also visit prison that’s why she well-known to store her own circle of relatives now no longer Meet Ahlawat.

Police officer take Meet to confession room and says you well-known that uts your bundle. Meet says until that point I didn’t recognize what’s interior packet you have to have visible how human beings have equal bags bag at railway station and those alternate it, that become the confusion. Other officer says don’t attempt to act clever and inform who use to deliver capsules to you.

Raj on name with Mehta says police has taken my daughter in regulation into there custody for capsules deliver. Mehta says why didn’t you referred to as me first. Raj says my more youthful son become additionally attempting to name you however it become now no longer getting connected. Mehta says I become on flight that might be reason. Raj says please do some thing you’ve got got excellent family members with CM please do some thing. Mehta says no want to fear I’ll do some thing and hungs up.

Officer says don’t suppose that a person will prevent, deliver me data from in which you convey stuff who deliver you and listing of buyer’s, faculty university students. Other officer says you don’t care at all, you human beings get store all time however this time you won’t be safe.

Meet Ahlawat at legal professional workplace says there are opportunities after I parked my automobile that point a person may want to have saved interior my automobile. Lawyer says that might be for that we’ve got to test all of the CCTV photos close to round cafe. Meet Ahlawat says please do take a look at and write this assertion in bail application. Lawyer says sure.

Officer says your husband and father is attempting to prevent however your upbringing isn’t always proper. Meet says you’ve got got proper to invite questions however don’t have nay proper to mention some thing approximately my upbringing my mom notion us to be natural in view that youth my father become additionally a police inspector who were given killed at some point of his responsibility and nonetheless absolutely each person takes Mr Huddah call with respect. Officer seems at eachother and says you’re daughter of past due inspector Ashok Huddah. Meet says sure.

Raj include telecellsmartphone and says to officer there’s name from CM workplace desires to speak to you. Officer take telecellsmartphone and greets, individual from different facet says she is harmless go away her quickly. Officer says ok and hungs up. Officer says to Meet your father in regulation requested CM to loose you if he wouldn’t have accomplished that also I could have go away you your father become our guru who notion us to comply with course or fact his blood can not try this, however we observed capsules for your husband’s automobile and why could a person go away capsules of lakhs rupees for your automobile, a few drug provider is concerned on this you need to be alert and feature an eye fixed on absolutely each person now you may go away. Meet pop out and hugs Raj. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat police has loose her and says there’s a person else then me who agree with that she can not try this and are available we could cross domestic.

Duggu run closer to Meet Ahlawat and says mamu you already know I notion I’ll now no longer devour like badi maa until the time you don’t come however badi maa had apple so I too had noodles. Meet Ahlawat says excellent boy after which hugs absolutely each person, says to Babita I hate tears and I like your face whilst you are satisfied so smile I’m right here. Babita says you’re alright. Raj says these days your son is lower back due to your daughter in regulation now inform how do you sense after seeing your son in shape and excellent and what are you gonna present her.

Masum says to Raj I even have her present and ask Isha to assist Duggu for his on line magnificence and ask servent to convey bags. Masum deliver Meet her bags and ask her to rot in area from in which she got here. Raj says to Masum what nonsense is this. Babita says that is my decision, walks to Raj and says there’s no area for crook on this residence and this lady is crook. Raj says what’s this Babita I’ll let you know the whole lot what passed off there earlier than getting name from CM workplace police officer already knew she isn’t always the offender that’s why they have been going to depart her and 2d aspect her father become an legitimate and respectful officer. Babita he is probably however this can not justify her man or woman and there are opportunities she is probably doing those paintings below her father call and it’s so smooth due to the fact her father is decent individual to all and sundry doubt on her, these days she went interior for capsules subsequent time she would possibly cross interior for homicide and asks Rah what do you need police need to come to our door daily.

Raj says I recognize your ache however suppose what are you pronouncing. Babita says I speaking due to evidence, her mom deliver her packet and absolutely each person noticed that, image become captured, you have been additionally there didn’t you notice some thing. Masum says to Raj all and sundry dosent rome round with badge that I’m crook who is aware of her mother and dadi additionally paintings for smuggling. Meet says something you need to mention can say approximately me however no want to mention some thing towards my mother and dadi, you all desired to recognize what she gave me so that you can see due to the fact that envelope is in my bag now no longer in his automobile. Meet open her bags and display envelope examine this. Masum open envelope and spot god’s idol Masum and absolutely each person in shock.

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