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Amma says to Anubha ask her to go away in order that Manushi can stay in her room, pity she is residing like thief. Meet walks in and ask who’s hiding. Amma says don’t communicate me ask your mom. Anubha says no person is hiding we had been speakme on one of a kind subject matter move and smooth cooler in order that I’ll hold it in shop room. Meet ask Anubha inform me. Anubha says there may be one monkey who hides all of the time. Amma says she can be able to now no longer inform, holds Meet hand and says get geared up to ho on your in-legal guidelines Anubha will drop you there. Anubha come and prevent Amma says don’t do prevent.

Amma says what prevent now her husband additionally left her right here will you contend with her complete time. Anubha saya she can be able to now no longer move. Amma take her however even as taking walks Meet drop an eye from desk she examine watch prevent. Anubha says prevent it she can be able to move while she need. Amma says if you’ll now no longer move then I’ll visit drop her. Meet select out up watch thinks Meet Ahlawat’s watch is useless after falling. Anubha ask waht occur. Meet says this watch isn’t always operating and its reflect is likewise broke it’s terrible omen I suppose so some thing terrible will occur. Anubha says not anything will occur don’t fear,

Meet Ahlawat walks out in anger that’s why you’re wondering like this come sit, in advance you handiest consolidated me for the state of affairs now you need to hold endurance you’ve got got admire of homes and Raj additionally trust in new, no want to suppose a great deal on small combat. Meet says we fought in advance however this time I’m very worried like some thing terrible will occur and tgis watch is likewise now no longer operating. Anubha says don’t fear and take her to pooja room and indicates the godess ideol says she won’t permit some thing terrible occur to you. Meet pray please contend with Meet Ahlawat.

Manushi on telecellsmartphone says to Kunal come lower back quickly Meet goes lower back to in-regulation residence and begin celebrating.

Goons interrogation a person. Kunal walks in one of the provider threaten Kunal. Kunal says via way of means of hitting me you may fulfill your self however can’t take revenge, I discovered out who knowledgeable police approximately your drug packet and display Meet’s picturegraph says it’s Meet Huddah she may be very dangerous. Dealer says why must we believe you. Kunals ays you may name police and recognize the truth. Dealer says due to her we were given loss will now no longer go away her and ask in which can I locate her. Kunal says she simply left together along with her husband on Chandigarh Highway and don’t spare her she is dangerous.

Meet not able to mild dia. Anubha says first calm your self, girls are constantly preventing for there marriage much like Kaashi Bae come to be her husband strength.

Drug Dealer get to Meet Ahlawat. Meet attempt to mild dia however burn herself. Meet Ahlawat shouts what occur cant you see. Drug Dealer ask Meet Ahlawat in which is your spouse. Meet Ahlawat thinks in order that they recognize her.
Meet mild dia. Anubha says much like Kashe Bai became Baji Rao’s satisfaction identical manner yoyi are Meet Ahlawat’s satisfaction, Raj ahs relied on you in this marriage, and with authentic efforts you may cast off darkness.

Meet Ahlawat shouts communicate to her and live farfar from me. Drug Dealer name him out and says your spouse gave our drug packet to police and we won’t spare her foe this. Meet Ahlawat take into account that packet and thinks how did that come into my car. Other goon says name her proper now. Meet Ahlawat first we can communicate a bit.

Anubha says you need to guide and contend with Meet Ahlawat. Meet attempt to prevent fia from going off. Anubha says to Meet you need to take pledge in the front of goddess that you’ll in no way go away Meet Ahlawat. Meet take pledge and says I’ll in no way go away him alone.

Meet Ahlawat receives in combat with drug provider. Meet Ahlawat get hit on his head and Dealer ask his mate to name his spouse. Meet receives name from Meet Ahlawat’s telecellsmartphone. Meet Ahlawat begin feeling dizzy. Meet attempt to name Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat is overwhelmed very badly. Anubha ask Meet who referred to as you. Meet says it’s Meet Ahlawat and listen shop room door noise. Meet observe the sound and visit shop room and locate Manushi on ground with stool on her top. Anubha receives worried. Meet take Manushi out. Drug Dealer chocking and beating Meet Ahlawat.

Meet and Anubha take Manushi in room. Amma walks in worried. Meet take into account and join all of the dots says you bith already knew and why did you concealed her. Meet says to Anubha you recognize I became looyfir her however nonetheless you instructed me lie. Anubha says how may want to I inform Meet Ahlawat became right here and I don’t need to ruin your relation. Meet ask in which became she and with whom she ran. Anubha says don’t fear visit your in-legal guidelines residence overlook this. Meet says I’ll now no longer move till I communicate to her. Amma says Manushi is profits conscious. Meet ask Manushi in which did you ran, you need to provide solution inform me with you ran with Kunal. Anubha ask who’s Kunal. Manushi says I don’t recognize, I were given hit in head and he or she is performing wierd, who’s Kunal I don’t recognize. Meet says then inform why did you ran and with whom. Amma stops her and says she ran for you. Meet says what’s she announcing inform me.

Meet Ahlawat badly injured falls on floor and attempt to get his telecellsmartphone however get overwhelmed. Anubha receives name from Meet. Meet selections Meet Ahlawat telecellsmartphone and says goons close to motorway come… Meet in panick

Meet rushes to Meet Ahlawat Dodges the goon and receives to Meet Ahlawat


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