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Meet Ahlawat says I didn’t git any statistics approximately Manushi, we could exit in colony and try and discover some thing there. Meet Ahlawat begin going out he reaches corridor and notice telecellsmartphone says that is Anubha’s telecellsmartphone then she have to be having Manushi’s range, what uf I message on her range that Dadi isn’t always doing well,

please come speedy then she would possibly supply respond and I were given a manner to attain her. Manushi is keep room cribing aboyt her bleack espresso and breakfast and try and see out of doors keep room to discern out whats going on, Manushi strive to name dadi and says permit’s throw some thing at dadi then she can be able to come. Meet Ahlawat says I need to do this.
Manushi throw some thing out of exhaust vent. Meet Ahlawat pay attention sound, receives scared and maintain the telecellsmartphone down and try and appearance from wherein sound got here, Anubha telecellsmartphone ring so Meet Ahlawat move again to telecellsmartphone and sort message, Come speedy Manushi dadi isn’t always felling well.

Meet walks in and take telecellsmartphone examine message. Manushi says if I come infront of them and they’ll now no longer spare me. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat you’re messaging Manushi from Anubha’s telecellsmartphone, that is the eay you discover to get Manushi and recollect why Meet Ahlawat stated to return back for ritual. Meet Ahlawat says sure that’s I added you right here to for ritual due to the fact your own circle of relatives isn’t always telling something approximately Manushi, you understand why I’m doing this due to the fact I want closure and if I don’t I’ll die in them that’s why I want to realize solution and until the time she dont supply me solution I’ll now no longer prevent.

Meet says I realize how vital it’s far so as to realize solution, I recognize however this is incorrect you’ve got got recognize right here however you’re crossing line, in case you need to realize approximately Manushi you need to have informed me why did you informed me lie I’m additionally attempting to find her, if mother could have visible this this will have disturbed her, I’m feeling horrific after seeing this then assume what she would possibly feel, you need to have taken a great deal care of this, what they’ll assume. Meet Ahlawat shouts you all ho to hell, did Manushi could have idea something earlier than running, did you idea earlier than taking her region then why will I assume. Meet says communicate civilly or Anubha and Dadi will realize approximately our relation. Meet Ahlawat says this isn’t always a relation it’s a torture that’s troubling me each minute, dishonest and gambling with others felling is you and your sister aspect now no longer mine,

pay attention to me in case your own circle of relatives were given to realize approximately our relation so permit it be, I can not undergo this relation and me and my mom don’t be given you, you’re only a pressure selection on me which no person can alternate, until now I even have now no longer recall you as my spouse nor in destiny I’ll provide you with that repute understood, you’re pretty clever so do me a choose don’t display me your face in that housea dn walks away. Manushi pay attention the whole thing and receives satisfied.

Meet Ahlawat exit of house. Anubha and Amma in shock.
Manushi says I knew it Meet Ahlawat won’t neglect about me so fast and Meet Ahlawat form of romantic man or woman won’t be given you as his spouse. Meet says to Anubha he became in anger. Anubha says he’ll now no longer recall you as his spouse. Meet says maintain quiet. Anubha says in the event that they didn’t need to just accept you as spouse then why did Raj gave his phrase that he’ll maintain you as his daughter, that is marriage now no longer a shaggy dog story supply me telecellsmartphone I’ll communicate to Raj. Meet says take a seat down, Raj usually help me and its now no longer Meet Ahlawat fault he idea of having married to Manushi his own circle of relatives commonplace Manushi as there spouse however they were given me,

there dream’s has shattered, while dream are shatter it hurts and it take time to heal, identical aspect is appear to them so we want to offer them time to heal it’s now no longer there fault. Anubha says from those many days you’ve got got going through the whole thing alone, godess will provide you with power to combat and make you satisfied and hug her. Meet says take a seat down don’t fear I’ll get a few water for you, she walks yo get water and pay attention message tone, Ram Lakhan textual content her that we noticed Kunal. Meet examine it and exit says I’ll come.

Babita walks into her room says to Raj I’m searching out you and you’re right here studying ee-e book. Raj says what appear why are you concerned. Babita says I’m concerned approximately Meet Ahlawat I realize how a great deal uncomfortable he may be there, he’s so shy that he won’t say something. Raj begin taking deep breath. Babita ask what are you doing. Raj says I’m liberating pressure I’ll display you a ee-e book examine this it has many thoughts to alternate poor mind into fantastic thinking. Babita says my son is there so I could be pressure. Raj says however they’re takiycare of him. Babita says you understand he can not sleep with out AC, when you consider that youth he were given luxury. Raj says you arr incorrect right here that is our Meet Ahlawat who drives my vintage automobile he is powerful don’t fear, I recognize you’re concerned and says there has been a spouse who love me plenty are you able to discover her for me. Babita says prevent it and stroll away. Raj says with my son, my daughter In regulation is with him she can be able to take care of the whole thing.

Kunal running. Meet chasing him. Kunal conceal himself and says she is speedy ask her to run in Olympic, he pop out and says she went. Meet faucet his shoulder says I’m right here and trap him and ask inform me wherein is my sister. Kunal says I don’t realize wherein she is. Meet try and punch Kunal however recollect what Babita informed her the way to behave in market, throw him in floor and beat him and ask wherein is Manushi. Kunal says what I’ll inform and says me and Manushi had deliberate already to run on her wedding ceremony day and could meet at region however Manushi didn’t got here. Meet says you’re pronouncing lie and hit him . Kunal says beat me however your sister didn’t got here to me so will I provide you with. Meet thinks is he pronouncing genuine and says to Kunal I’m believing you and if I determined out genuine then I’ll now no longer spare you and walks away. Kunal says your sister can pay for the lie she stated to me however these days you probably did incorrect, you’ll pay for this and go through existence long.

Amma calls Anubha and says ship your Meet these days itself to her in-legal guidelines home, she is horrific omen and her husband additionally left these days. Anubha says what are you pronouncing she is your granddaughter. Amma says I even have handiest one granddaughter this is Manushi, who’s in problem due to her, ask her to go away in order that Manushi can stay in her room, pity she is residing like thief in her very own house. Meet ask Amma who’s hiding.

Drug provider assault Meet Ahlawat says your spouse gave our package deal to police. Meet Ahlawat beat them however Drig provider hit him on his head. Meet walks in to keep him


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