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Meet Ahlawat searching for pendrive in garden. Meet says I gave that pendrive to Sharmaji and I don’t have the foggiest idea how Hawa Singh have that. Meet Ahlawat gets out whatever are you saying, is uniform the purpose for this conduct change since I think mother was correct consistently, you are not adequately skilled to carry on connection. Meet expresses attempt to pay attention to me. Meet Ahlawat shout at her says just shut up. Meet hear a congrats message on walkie-talkie for settling an exceptionally old case yet you should capture right away and I’ll suggest your name for pramotion. Meet Ahlawat takes to walkie-talkie and don’t allow her to talk. Man says it’s an individual triumph for your Meet. Meet Ahlawat return her walkie-talkie and praise her for tackling her case. Meet says no. Meet Ahlawat says this will be an extraordinary article for the upcoming paper, a young lady became cop to track down the killer of her dad and in the wake of becoming SI when she got to know her father by marriage was killer she captured him, Hawa Singh is inside with capture warrant for my father what I’ll do now. Meet says I accept Dad is guiltless to demonstrate that I gave pendrive for testing, I did nothing out of sorts. Meet Ahlawat expresses stand by listening to me with your ears open I’ll be remaining with my father against you with your police force, I’ll perceive the way anybody can annihilate my family or damage my father.

Hawa Singh forward cuffs and says how about we start examination. Meet Ahlawat holds Hawa Singh hand and stand infront of him says my father is honest so I will not permit you to contact him. Hawa Singh says you are in the middle between of examination let us take care of our responsibilities. Meet Ahlawat ask examination or work I don’t have the foggiest idea yet my father is guiltless and he won’t move a stage on the off chance that you need you can take my yet no one will contact my father. Hawa Singh yells what are you seeing push ahead. Everybody feom Ahlawat’s family approached and make a divider to safeguard Raj. Meet move forward. Meet Ahlawat yells at her visit where you are. Babita chides Meet. Raj tells Babita stop and says you have rambled now everybody will listen truth and truth is I perpetrated that wrongdoing so I’ll be rebuffed and I acknowledge this discipline. Everybody tells Raj don’t say that we as a whole know it’s false. Meet Ahlawat says say nothing, no one will actually want to contact you. Raj says I can commit suicide for your accept yet presently let me do what I feel right. Everybody attempt to stop him. Babita says for what reason are you telling untruth I realize you can’t do this. Slam recollects what Raj expressed him about not doing anything for this case and embraces him. Raj strolls to Meet says comply with your obligation, capture me responsible for killing your dad and forward his hand for cuffs. Hawa Singh request Meet to capture the offender. Meet hold Raj’s hand and bring it down. Everybody holds constable hands. Babita says you can’t take him. Raj ask everybody not to conflict with regulation. Constable binds Raj. Raj ask Ram, Meet Ahlawat and Tej to deal with everybody when I’m no more. Police takes Raj with him. Everybody crying and attempt to stop him. Meet remaining behind crying.

Meet Ahlawat in prison shares with Raj I won’t allow you to live here briefly. He strolls to Inspector says you are abusing your powers, you can’t keep my father in lockup I let you know my legal counselor is coming. Investigator says listen anything we are doing are as per regulation and regulation is same for everybody. Attorney strolls to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says give him rescue paper and bring father of lockup. Legal advisor says it’s impractical court has dismissed bail application, your father is been captured for killing a cop and its a not kidding offense, they won’t leave him on the grounds that following 4 years they got a proof for this case. Meet Ahlawat yells each cop is abusing his powers and toss things. Reviewer yells keep up with quietness, he is now in a tough situation don’t make more wreck for him. Meet strolls to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll likewise see for how long you can keep my father inside, he takes keys of lockup and says I won’t leave without him. Everybody attempt to stops him. Overseer says I can place you in secure for getting out of hand in police headquarters, go stand there and request that everybody leave, I’m regarding you since you are a spouse of a proficient cop and I regard Rajvardhan.

Hawa Singh ready to come in case of an emergency tells Abhay Rana things are occurring in support of yourself, thank god Sharmaji colleague got pendrive and he gave it to me. Abhay Rana adulates him for his work and you will land prize for this position. Hawa Singh expresses gratitude toward him and detaches call.

Meet Ahlawat says I won’t leave without my father. Meet shares with him yelling in police headquarters is a criminal offense. Meet Ahlawat says keeping and honest person in prison isn’t a wrongdoing.

Shanty shares with Abhay Rana we should consider Raj acknowledge the wrongdoing however you are likewise in video what might be said about that. Abhay says I was in video however not know, just we both realize I discharged the shot not Ram Ahlawat, you live in morden society did you caught wind of transforming where you can put another person face on, so Hawa Singh accomplished this work prior to getting Raj, he let me know that he got a pendrive with video so I considered transforming it into my approval and Meet put out a snare for herself in the wake of giving that pendrive for testing and rest Raj forfeited for his sibling. Shanty are you feeling awful for them. Abhay says this is called as governmental issues. Shanty gets out whatever is our benifit in this. Abhay says now everybody will loathe Endlessly meet Ahlawat will break his connection with her and Babita as of now could do without her now she will be foe number 1 in family and this is the manner by which she will break her expectation. Isha hear all that and says I want to advise all that to Meet bhabhi in any case, she could assist Raj with emerging from secure.

Meet Ahlawat sitting on floor in police headquarters. Meet strolls to Raj. Raj request that she check out at Meet Ahlawat. Meet go to him. He says currently I’ll get out of this police headquarters just when my father is with me. Raj calls Meet Ahlawat and says you guaranteed me to deal with everybody in family and in the event that they put you in prison, how might you help them, you mother is as of now not great and in the event that she deteriorates, how you will respond, so return. Meet Ahlawat says you gave me obligation of mother and our home so I’ll go however I will not sit calm till the time you are out of prison, don’t stress I’ll get you out soon and leave. Meet stops him says don’t stress over him I’m here to deal with Dad. Meet Ahlawat says first you put him in prison and presently making me close to home nitwit so kindly quit playing with my feelings SI Meet Hooda and listen another thing that person inside is my father so don’t bother calling him papaji from next time figure out that. Meet says he is my dad as well. Meet Ahlawat says he is inside a direct result of you. Meet says I told you before. He shus her and says I realize reality currently kindly don’t say. Meet says did you fail to remember you guaranteed me at that precipice that you won’t quit trusting me and never question me and how could you quit trusting me unexpectedly early. Meet Ahlawat says there is an explanation and it’s remaining behind you, all that incident today is your issue and this time you are off-base and you fouled up. Meet says you realize your concern is the point at which you are furious you don’t tune in at all that is the reason letting you know something in this condition is squander and wouldn’t fret anything you say. Meet Ahlawat leave.

Meet Ahlawat strolls in Ahlawat’s chateau and see Tej, Sunaina, Masum and Hoshiyar sitting on couch. Masum and Tej stroll to Meet Ahlawat and ask where is father . Meet Ahlawat says I couldn’t bring him back yet don’t stress I’ll bring him back soon. Masum expresses shouldn’t something be said about mother she secured herself, she isn’t eating anything. Meet Ahlawat request to prepare a plate for mother.

Babita in her room. Meet Ahlawat strolls to her with plate. Masum, Sunaina, Tej and Hoshiyar strolls yo her. Sunaina ask her how have you treated yourself. Babita says my bliss, my grin, me preparing was supportive of Raj and when he isn’t around for what reason would it be advisable for me I prepare. Meet Ahlawat says Dad has requested that me and Tej deal with you and in the event that you don’t permit how might we face father, so if it’s not too much trouble, have food. Tej says Mom not for us for Dad have it. Babita says Raj should have not eaten anything yet, his medication assuming he misses he will fall debilitated.

Meet gives Raj his medication. Raj says you give this exceptional treatment to all jails. Meet expresses just to the individuals who are blameless. Raj says I am not blameless. Meet says we will see that and I am sorry you need to go through night here and have this medication. Raj has his medication.

Meet Ahlawat shares with Babita please for the good of Dad have food.

Raj says to Meet, give me my admission letter let me sign. Meet says in this you have composed, Abhay Rana’s younger sibling Aarti fell head over heels for a driver and needed to wed and you could have done without it and took them to wilderness to kill them and Ashok Hooda came there and in contention you shot Ashok Hooda. Raj says OK let ne sign. Meet tears the paper. Raj says you violated regulation, Meet says OK it is and I will be rebuffed for this as is giving bogus admission.

The episode closes.


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