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Meet Ahlawat in hall hears door sound and walks closer to it, Manushi hiding in the back of it, hears footsteps and hides in the back of a curtain, Anubha stops him and says you visit Meet, I gets spray. Meet Ahlawat leaves, Anubha locks the door.
Meet Ahlawat receives Meet spray and asks her now no longer to transport and says I will pass get drugs and leaves. Anubha asks Meet is she nice, Meet says sure I am nice and you already know these days I become going to get Manushi, I noticed that boy she use to roam with, however he ran away, Anubha says don’t speak approximately Manushi in the front of Meet Ahlawat and overlook Manushi.
Meet Ahlawat listening to them status out of doors door and thinks in the event that they don’t speak approximately Manushi how will I discover her.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat stroll in room and sees complete room decorated, Meet’s neighbor says that is your first night time right here, so this ornament and Meet supply this milk to him and leaves.
Manushi says the following day absolutely each person will recognize the fact approximately Meet and Meet Ahlawat’s relation and it is going to be a laugh.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in room, he says I can’t sleep in this flower bed, do something, Meet says I apprehend and right here we don’t want curtain too, we will separate those beds and sees bubble wrap beneathneath the bed, Meet Ahlawat asks what’s all this, Meet thinks how will I inform him that is performed to tease newly wed and says its exact timepass, Meet Ahlawat says you’re psycho, separate those beds now, in the end I can sleep on my own in peace. They separate beds, Meet makes a decision to burts bubbles in order that no person doubts her and says you sleep I will burst them after which sleep, Meet Ahlawat seeking to sleep receives disturbed and pulls it from her hand, and hops on it, Meet joins him,each begin having a laugh bursting bubbles. Manushi hears the bubble sound and thinks the sound is due to the fact Meet and Meet Ahlawat are near eachother and slumbering collectively and says God they have got a ordinary life, how can this Meet be fortunate girl.

Meet stumbles however Meet Ahlawat holds her and forestalls her from falling down, Meet says I will alternate after which visit sleep. Meet Ahlawat thinks I ought to discover approximately Manushi I even have simply the following day’s day.
Meet wakes up and sees Meet Ahlawat nevertheless asleep and he getting stressed in sleep due to small bed, Meet says bad element slept uncomfortable all night time didn’t say a word, Meet joins each the beds, in order that Meet Ahlawat can sleep comfortably. Meet slowly places pillow beneathneath his head and rolls him over in order that he can suit on bed, Meet Ahlawat hugs Meet in sleep, Meet shouts, Meet Ahlawat wakes up and asks her what’s wrong, Meet says I become assisting you sleep comfortably, Meey Ahlawat says now no longer needed, Meet says I even have promised your Mom I won’t can help you be in hassle, Meet Ahlawat says you’re hassle to me.
Anubha calls Meet down.

Meet receives down and asks whats wrong, Anubha says there’s no water, how will Meet Ahlawat tubtub now, speak to Shakuntala and fill the tank, Meet Ahlawat says now no longer needed, and receives down, Anubha says what is going to he assume now, Meet says he might be nice, Meet Ahlawat says I will use this handpump water, Anubha says now no longer possible, Amma calls Meet and says pass speedy fill a bucket and pour in tank. Meet Ahlawat says Dad had instructed me such a lot of handpump memories permit me revel in it too, it is going to be a laugh
Anubha says to Amma, he’s so high-quality right, Amma says shutup and permit him tubtub, shall we pass, Anubha says Meet you maintain filling bucket, we are able to pass and leaves. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to leave, Meet says I can’t, mummy has ordered to live and who will assist you with greater water while you are included with cleaning soap, Meet Ahlawat says I can’t eliminate garments infront of you, Meet says right, I will near my eyes and stand, Meet Ahlawat says make certain you don’t open eyes and now pass get me towel. Meet is going get him towel, Meet Ahlawat asks her to shut eyes and ties towel round his waist and gets rid of blouse and begins offevolved bathing, Meet asks him does he need anything, Meet Ahlawat says not anything simply don’t open your eyes, Meet says okay, Meet Ahlawat included in cleaning soap asks for greater water, Meet with closed eyes receives to pump and opens her eyes whilst he touches her, Meet says flow apart and receives him watee, Meet Ahlawat says speedy my eyes are burning, Meet facilitates him water, he says why did you open your eyes, Meet says to assist you, and wait and makes an association to pump nosel and creates a bath for Meet Ahlawat and says now you’ve got got a bath. Meet Ahlawat amazed together along with her association and bathes properly, Meet thinks my sister gave you lot of ache and I will come up with little happiness like this however first I ought to get Kunal.

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