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Meet tells Sharmaji this pendrive contain a video and assuming somebody get to be aware of this video it will annihilate my family so don’t tell anybody about this. Sharmaji says don’t stress no one would be aware over this video guarantee. Meet expresses gratitude toward him and think I have bring the genuine substance of offender.

Isha in hallway ask worker did you see my telephone. He says know and leave. Shanty says you have two missed call from your mother. Isha stroll to Shanty see her telephone and ask how my telephone is doing you. Shanty says did you fail to remember we are a couple now. Isha says give me my telephone back I want to call somebody. Shanty says do you need yo call your sweetheart. Isha says it’s non of your business. Shanty get up and harmed his hand and revile Meet and tells Isha don’t converse with me in that frame of mind sometime later or, more than likely you need to pay for that. Isha says Meet Bhabhi gave you pleasant gift and Isha get’s call. Shanty expresses get telephone and pit it on noisy speaker.

Everybody in Ahlawat’s family get’s cheerful and ask how are you Isha. Isha says I’m blissful and all of you realize how can everyone and Shanty is take great consideration of me and everybody is understanding here. Ragini says it felt quite a bit better in the wake of hearing your voice, I want to see you stand by I’ll video call you. Isha says not presently if it’s not too much trouble, I’ll call you tomorrow. Masum ask Isha what did you get in gift for first evening. Isha says I can’t forget thet gift for what seems like forever. Masum says how heartfelt. Meet Ahlawat take telephone. Shanty alarm her with cockroach Isha yells. Meet Ahlawat change to video call and ask her what occur. Shanty strolls in and welcome Meet Ahlawat and everybody showing his hand with swathes. Ragini ask how did your hurt yourself. Shanty says I fell on floor with glass and harmed myself, you will have a hard time believing Isha got so frightened subsequent to seeing my condition and she is still in injury. Ragini says it feels significantly better subsequent to hearing that you care about your better half. Meet Ahlawat says I implore god for your wellbeing and ask Isha not to be frightened by any means, in the event that you have anything to you simply call and tell us, by the way when are you coming for custom, I would recommend you to come today, it’s mom’s day as well. Shanty says I’m expressing her to proceed to meet your family however she is here terrified for me not all set, don’t stress over Isha I’ll take great consideration of her you should care for Meet Bhabhi. Isha says OK he is taking great consideration of me and they separates call. Tej tells Babita they look delightful together, Shanty will keep Isha blissful.

Babita and Ragini having tea. Babita shares with Ragini everybody felt blissful in the wake of seeing Isha is cheerful. Ragini says OK she was looking blissful. Masum strolls to Babita says look what Meet Ahlawat did. Babita and Ragini get’s strained and stroll to corridor with her. Masum says look what he did. Babita and Ragini see cake for mother’s day. Everybody strolls to them and wishes blissful mother’s day. Babita says you terrified me. Meet Ahlawat conciliatory sentiments for that. Babita says compelling reason should be sorry I like your these propensities. Raj says come we should cut cake. Smash higher up in hall feeling miserable glances at them. Meet Ahlawat ask where is chacha. Raj see him higher up. Smash joins his hand and request that he stay silent. Raj says I have send him out for a few work and focus on mother’s since it’s mom’s day neglect father’s. Everybody praise mother’s day. Babita and Ragini cut cake and everybody eat it. Meet Ahlawat think I regard you a ton father and proposition him cake to eat. Meet Ahlawat says consideration folks today is mother’s day and it’s exceptional for each mother cabin I need to specify that father has generally taken care and handle the obligation of mother and father same mother additionally did same, so I demand everybody that this day ought to be commended with both mother and father. Raj and Babita slice cake and give one another to eat. Meet Ahlawat takes favors from both and everybody embrace one another. Raj supposes on the off chance that my soyis not accepting me, how might my girl in regulation could trust me.

Meet calls Anubha and wish her cheerful mother’s day and says I’m missing both of you so much, in the event that I get free till night I’ll sure come to meet you. Hawa Singh arrives at Ahlawat house and welcome Meet. Meet separates call says I was on break so came to home for some work. Hawa Singh says great we will have tea at your houyor atleast give me water I’m feeling parched. Hawa Singh and Meet get’s inside chateau. Hawa Singh welcomes everybody and ask what’s going on. Babita ask you here why. Hawa Singh acclaim Meet says your stunt is extraordinary glance at your better half face this implies you didn’t let him know anything. Everybody befuddled. Meet Ahlawat ask what are you talking. Hawa Singh says to Meet Ahlawat you ought to feel pleased with your better half, she demonstrated that her occupation is more critical to her then anything and salute Meet. Meet get some information about. Hawa Singh says you just had one objective to get criminal of your dad and based on your proof I got capture warrant as well. Two constable strolls in with capture warrant. Hawa Singh request Meet to capture Rajvardhan Ahlawat, killer of your dad. Everybody in shock. Meet thinks Sharmaji guarantee me that he won’t inform anybody regarding video then how could he be here with Arrest warrant, did sharmaji give him pendrive. Babita says you are here to capture Raj, you imagine that Raj killed Meet Hoodas father, are you put of your psyche and request that somebody toss him out of house. Tej strolls to Hawa Singh what garbage are you talking he is anything but a common individual and who permitted you inside. Babita ask Meet for what reason aren’t you saying anything. Meet expresses due to my misstep Dad came in issue and I’m the explanation. Babita yells for what reason are you calm, you are additionally from police division expresses something to him. Babita says to Meet what sort of young lady are you, Raj gave you love of a girl and thoroughly took care of you, he battled me for you. Ragini yells at meet express something to them, you figure your dad can killer somebody and request that Ram follow through with something. Smash sees capture warrant strolls to Raj says it has your name in it. Babita says to smash we figured out that however question is the reason is Raj name in it and ask raj for what good reason are you calm say something, you are not a killer, for goodness’ sake say anything. Meet Ahlawat shares with Babita quiet down father is honest and he is denouncing him, he have no proof against father, he came here to inconvenience us and I’m almost certain this warrant is phony. Hawa Singh joins his hand says you are lashing out, I’m a cop simply following my obligation and on the off chance that you don’t accept ask your significant other how policed got this proof, for your data your better half give us proof in type of little pendrive, something insignificant was concealing a major mystery. Meet Ahlawat checks meet and go outside out.

Meet Ahlawat in garden. Meet follow him. Meet Ahlawat shares with her proof is in window box, he is telling untruth and begin digging. Meet expresses pay attention to me don’t dig it. Meet Ahlawat take out proof and says pendrive isn’t here and begin searching for it, just we both have some familiarity with this. Meet says I gave that pendrive to Sharmaji for lab testing however don’t have any idea how he got that pendrive. Meet Ahlawat in shock ask what are you talking about, you gave that pendrive for lab testing, you double-crossed me, you thought this before that is the reason you prevented me from obliterating proof in room, I thought you were taking care of me, you said nothing will occur and we will neglect, is the in view of this uniform, I suspect as much mother is correct you are not prepared to submit to any connection. Meet expresses pay attention to me one time. Meet Ahlawat yells at her equitable shut up no word from your mouth.


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