Meera Kapoor's disclosure can forget husband Shahid Kapoor for this thing, Bolin- They know ...

Shahid Kapoor and Meera Rajput are the favorite Bollywood pair of fans. There is a lot of love between the two, which has been seen many times on social media. Both often share photos with each other. Recently, Meera put a ‘This or That’ session on her Instagram. Where the fans asked him a lot of questions, to which Meera has given a very beautiful answer.


Meera holds ‘this or that’ session on Instagram

In this session, a fan asked, Shahid BFF or Shahid Hubby. To this, Meera replied, “There was a two for one offer when we got married #Luckedout”. Meera’s response is very much liked by the fans.

Meera gave a funny answer to Shahid

Apart from this, a user asked, Shahid and food? In this session, Meera wrote that, food, and they know this.

Meera shared romantic photos with Shahid

Earlier on February 25, Meera shared a post for him on Shahid’s birthday. In which he wrote a beautiful message for Shahid, Meera shared a romantic photo of both of them, when I am with you So I feel better. Happy 40th birthday to the love of my life. Apart from this, while sharing another photo, Meera wrote that, Shine on, be one with the light.


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