Meena Said She Couldn’t Do That Scene At The Last Minute: The Makeup Was More Than What You Saw; Lal Sir And I Tried To Convince Maximum – Jeethu Joseph: The make-up given to actress Meena’s character was one of the major criticisms in the Jeethu Joseph-Mohanlal collaboration Drishyam. It was criticized that Meena’s dress was not suitable for a Thodupuzha housewife and Meena’s character was changed to a housewife who arrives in full make-up at a time of so many conflicts.

Later, Jeethu Joseph himself had to give an explanation in this regard. During an interview regarding his new film Kooman starring Asif Ali, Jeethu Joseph also talks about the criticism leveled against Drishyam.

In an interview with ‘The Forty’, Jeethu Joseph talks about the stage where he has to make some compromises on location.

‘We are not blaming Meena. It’s not the mole’s fault either. The spotted lady did not understand what we said. In makeup but also in some things that are not. And we can’t make someone uncomfortable. I am not interested in fighting with an artiste. Because they have to perform.

I understood after saying a lot. It was more than what you just saw. You have seen a reduced state. There is no point in blaming. It is because the spotted lady does not understand it. Maxim and Lal’s sir said. A little less. Then I said let it go.

There are people who figured it out on the first watch of the movie. Some have asked me. If it was today, I would have told them it was not possible. This is the first film with Lal sir. A sense of what Polly would think. It was thought that what would happen if the shoot didn’t happen if they got into a fight. There’s really no need to think like that. The director has to say what he has to say. But I can’t make the artist uncomfortable.

When I went to see Mamta while doing My Boss and told the story, she told me that I would have to wear a swimming suit. Told them I meant the swimsuit this way and not the vulgarity-angled shot. Pullikari said no problem. I had given that clarity.

Initially, when the story of the scene was told to Meena, it was said that there would be a cleavage shot. After hearing everything, at the last minute, Pullikari said that it is not possible. Then, in an adjustment, the pin was pierced. Those were the necessary scenes for the movie. Now, female artists are told everything in advance. They should come on set after understanding it. But don’t come on set and be uncomfortable. Jeethu Joseph said that he never skips scenes but tries to complete the scene by making some adjustments.

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