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MBBS Students: Warning To Indian Students Studying MBBS In China, Only They Can Get Medical License In Our Country: Now the Indian Embassy in Beijing has answered all the queries of the students who went to study medicine in China. The Indian Embassy issued a statement. Students and their parents are advised to go through the gazette notification issued by NMC on November 18, 2021.

Indian students have a good craze for studying medicine. As a result, every year a large number of students go abroad for medical education. China also has a large number of Indian students studying medicine. But students studying medicine from different countries of the world including China have to take an exam to practice in India. Only after this exam do they get a license to practice medicine in India. However.. there is concern about the examination conducted in India for medical students who have done MBBS in China. In particular, students who have completed medicine in China are wondering what eligibility criteria they need to meet in order to obtain a medical practice license in their home country. The Embassy is constantly getting queries from Indian students as well as their parents regarding the eligibility criteria for students pursuing clinical medical programs in China.

At the same time, the Indian Embassy in Beijing answered all the queries of the students who have now gone to study medicine in China. It said that they are asking the embassy what are the eligibility criteria for appearing in the examination conducted by the National Medical Commission (NMC).

What was the Indian Embassy’s answer? “In this regard, students, and their parents are advised to refer to the gazette notification issued by NMC on November 18, 2021. In a statement released by the Indian Embassy, ​​”NMC Clause 4 (b) clearly states that foreign medical students must register with the relevant professional regulatory body.” Actually, doctors from abroad have to clear the FMGE exam to practice as doctors in India.

Moreover, ‘where the students are given medical degree after their studies. Where to get a license to practice as a student doctor. Moreover, this medical license is expected to be similar to the license given to medical students in India.

Relevant Chinese officials said that Indian students who come to China to study medicine from India are educated and ready to work as doctors. . However, after November 2021, students enrolled in clinical medicine programs in China who fail to obtain a license to practice as a medical doctor in China will not be allowed to appear for the ‘Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) examination.

Can students work in China without a medical license?

Students also asked the question of whether students can work as assistant doctors in Chinese hospitals after obtaining a license to practice medicine while studying medicine in China. Students say that if they get a chance to work in a hospital in that country, they will be able to pay off their expenses and loans taken for education.

Responding to the same matter, the Indian Embassy said that it is discussing with the relevant Chinese authorities whether there is such an opportunity for the students. The officials of the Indian embassy have clarified that they will tell the students as soon as they receive a reply.


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