Mbappe Did Not Come To Practice Before The Quarter Finals! There Was Excitement Among The Fans: What was never seen in the France camp when they came to play the World Cup in Doha, happened in France’s practice on Tuesday. Even if the other footballers of the team came to practice according to the specified time, Mbappe himself did not come! France will play England in the quarter-finals in an important match on Saturday. Before that, the team’s best star, who is currently in the race for the highest scorer in the World Cup, Mbappe is not in practice!

When the other footballers of the team are busy preparing for the England match, why did Mbappe remove himself from the practice? So is the French star injured while playing against Poland in the pre-quarterfinal in the last match? Why Mbappe is not in practice, the problem is compounded by the fact that the French side has no clear answer. Because, after two days of rest after playing the Poland match, the French footballers went to practice for the first time on this day in preparation for the England match. And there was missing Mbappe! And as soon as this news spread, the French fans who came to see the practice of the team in Doha spread a serious sensation.

There is no end to the controversy surrounding Mbappe in Doha. Many things are being covered about the famous ‘mood’ of the star footballer for his extraordinary performance. But if the French striker did not come to practice that day, then this discussion will continue. Among them, he has created a new problem with FIFA regarding sponsorship. FIFA fined the France Football Association heavily for Mbappe’s failure to attend the post-match press conference despite being a man of the match. After knowing that, he paid the fine himself. But how to solve this problem? Mbappe was already having problems with the France Football Federation in the sponsorship dispute. This time there is a problem with FIFA itself.

Mbappe refused to go on promotion with the France Football Association’s own sponsors during the start of World Cup preparations. He made it clear that he could not accept from his heart, he would not be present at any such sponsor’s promotion. The federation bosses did not convince Mbappe to go to the event even after he said he was the sponsor of the federation. But what will FIFA bosses do? A beer company is giving man-of-the-match awards in the World Cup. As a result, when the footballers receive the man of the match award after the match, the logo of the beer company is on the trophy. In addition to this, the concerned footballer has to give an interview with that trophy. After this, the beer company is also publishing on its social media.

But in the case of Map, the problem started. Mbappe is not willing to obey any of its rules. He is not at all willing to promote any beer-manufacturing company. As a result, while receiving the man of the match award, the cameramen are holding the trophy around. The sponsor’s logo is going behind. None of the three pictures of Mbappe holding the man of the match award show the logo of the beer manufacturer. Moreover, he is not agreeing to give an interview about the trophy. As a result, the beer manufacturing company is unable to post Mbap’s interview on their social media as well. And this is the problem. The sponsor has reported to FIFA. Now the ball is all in FIFA’s court. He did not even come to practice that day.

All that is known from the French camp is that Mbappe was seen practicing with a bandage on his ankle for a few days at the start of the World Cup preparations. But since then the French star has not suffered any injury. However, France’s coach Deshan and the team doctor were seen discussing for a long time inside the field before the start of practice. And with that, the fog has been created.


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