BJP leader shot dead in North 24 Parganas of West Bengal, Governor summons CM, DGP

Mass Resignation In BJP At Nandigram: The top leadership of the Bengal BJP (BJP) was crushed by the fire of insurgency. This time, there was not only rebellion in Nandigram, but the seat of Kha’s opposition party leader Suvendu Adhikari, many leaders of the original BJP also resigned on Saturday. The rebel leadership list includes block vice presidents from Mandal secretaries and well-known local BJP leaders. Resigned BJP leaders complained, “The same oppressors, whose oppression I came to Gerva camp, are now running the BJP sitting on our heads. Those who once oppressed innocent people from the Trinamool in the name of Subhendu are now running the Gerua Party.”

Jaydev Das and Batkrishna Das told a press conference at the BJP office in Gokulnagar, Nandigram, that they are not joining any other party even though they have left the BJP. Balakrishna’s clear declaration, “I am not in any position in BJP led by a thief leader. Not even in the team. Before the 2021 assembly polls, they selectively burnt the houses of BJP leaders and workers, filed false cases, and carried out looting. And now they have entered the party holding the hand of Shuvendu and are cornering the original BJP leaders by taking a place in the front row of the BJP.” Tamluk organizational district BJP president Tapan Bandyopadhyay said, “The rebels are not speaking properly. They are saying that they have been mourned for breaking party discipline.”

Apart from not attending the party meeting, the district BJP president condemned Jaydev Das and Balakrishna Das on October 12 for non-party activities. Not only that, these two original BJP leaders were not invited to the party’s Vijaya Sammilani in the presence of Shuvendu Adhikari at Maheshpur in Nandigram on October 15. Allegedly, the ‘bullying’ of some leaders close to Shuvendu is the main reason for not calling these leaders. Names of Meghnad Pal, and Saheb Das have come up among the accused leaders. The role of grassroots BJP leaders in Nandigram to assert influence within the party is looked down upon.

Jayadev and Balakrishna complained in a press conference that day, “Those who once framed the early BJP workers like us from the Trinamool Congress in false cases, tortured them, looted people’s money are now running the ocher brigade in Nandigram.” The rebels alleged that the once oppressors have now entered the party and cornered Jayadev in the front row of the BJP. On this day, BJP Secretary Purna Patra of Nandigram Dakshin Mandal, Shivshankar Sahu, Anup Maiti, Shaswat Midya, local leaders Surjit Paik, Uttam Bera, Govinda Patra, and many leaders along with Jaydev and Balakrishna met the journalists. Publicly announced that he will leave all the responsibilities of the BJP.

Expressing hatred towards Shuvendu and his followers, Jaydev claimed, “The letter sent by the district president on October 12 is a completely wrong move. That letter is insulting to me. Not willing to tarnish the position from any position of the party.” The same argument has been shown by Balakrishna Das. The rebel Jaydev Babura said that he will wait until October 31, and if the top leadership does not take a decision, he will discuss with his colleagues and then take the next step.


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