Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh is considered to be very important both politically and diplomatically before the first phase of the Bengal elections. The political implications of PM Modi’s meeting with the people of Matua community in Bangladesh are being extracted before the first phase of elections.

Experts believe that if you leave the politics of elections, it is very special to go to Bangladesh as the first foreign trip after 497 days in the Prime Minister’s Kovid era. With China’s growing interest in this area, India has kept close to Bangladesh, addressing all the concerns of Bangladesh. Experts believe that the Prime Minister’s visit will strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

Diplomacy, security, business, and important fellow of the Vivekananda Foundation, who closely monitors the relations of the two countries, P.K. Mishra says that India’s relationship with Bangladesh is very important in terms of diplomacy and security and mutual trade, apart from the policy of Neighborhood First. Bangladesh is also an important partner of India in SAARC. Also, in the regional strategy against terrorism, his role is important for India. India has taken full care of Bangladesh in view of the special importance of the relationship in the era of Kovid.

For these reasons, the discussion of the yatra, experts say that Prime Minister Modi’s visit, apart from the political ways, is in the discussion for three reasons. The first – Mujib Borshoe, the birth centenary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the second – 50 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Bangladesh, and the third – commemorates 50 years of the war for Bangladesh’s independence.

During this visit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has joined the Bangladesh National Day Program as the chief guest during this visit to increase mutual understanding on the burning issues . Apart from bilateral dialogue with Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh President Mo. Abdul Hamid, Foreign Minister of Bangladesh, Dr. A.K. The result of the meeting with Abdul Momen will give a new strength to the relations between India and Bangladesh. Both countries will increase trade, strengthen connectivity in terms of movement, border issues, and enhance understanding on all the burning and relevant regional issues including Rohingya.

The first foreign travel experts in the Corona period say that it is also important that this is the Prime Minister’s first foreign trip since the onset of the Corona epidemic. After about 497 days, Narendra Modi is traveling abroad. Prior to this, PM Modi made his last visit to Brazil in November 2019. Whereas the Prime Minister made his last visit to Bangladesh in 2015. For PM Modi, the last year was 2020, when he did not go on a foreign trip.

Political Meaning of Meeting with Matua Community

PM Narendra Modi’s meeting with Scheduled Caste group Matua Community in Bangladesh is in political discussion. The Matua community is a major vote bank in West Bengal. They have presence in at least six parliamentary seats in West Bengal and have influence in 70 assembly seats.


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