The Maharashtra ATS, which is investigating the murder of Mansukh Hiren, a man linked to a suspected Scorpio car, found outside Mukesh Ambani’s house, is a big revelation. The ATS says Mansukh Hiren may have been forcibly given chloroform prior to the murder. The ATS has expressed this suspicion on the basis of the post-mortem report, according to which he had bruises on his body even before his death. Mansukh Hiren’s body was found on a creek near Mumbai on 5 March. At present, the NIA is investigating the case of a suspicious car found outside Mukesh Ambani’s house and is also investigating this case in his own hands.

At present, the investigating officers are trying to know whether the suspended police officer Sachin Vaje was present on the spot at the time of the crime. However, information based on technical mobile towers and IP evaluation shows that when Mansukh Hiren was killed, he was present in the vehicle. He is currently under the custody of the NIA and is being questioned by the agency. The ATS arrested former constables Vinayak Shinde (55) and Naresh Dhare (31). Naresh Dhare is a cricket bookie. At present, both of these are being questioned and with the help of many forensic experts, there is an attempt to find a clue through some trains.

What does Mansukh Hiren’s postmortem report say?
According to the post-mortem report of Mansukh Hiren, he had some bruises on his face before death. From this it seems that he must have been coerced and given to give chloroform. According to the Postmart report, Mansukh Hiren has been found with a scar on the left side of his face and also an injury to the upper part of his nose. Apart from this, there is some mark on the right side of the cheek. According to the post-mortem report, Mansukh Hiren has no injuries in the head and other parts of the body.

Taken to murder after being unconscious?
ATS officials suspect that Mansukh Hiren may have struggled when he was tried to be given chloroform, and during this time, he was forced into injuries on his face. Investigators suspect that Mansukh Hiren may have fainted after being given chloroform and was then taken away for his murder.


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