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Manchester United: Why Is Man U’s Eric Far Ahead Of Other Coaches?: Erik Ten Hag: Ten Hag also dominates the club’s kitchen. What kind of food a player will eat, according to the doctor’s advice, he decides the food list himself.

By Sir Alex Ferguson (Sir Alex Ferguson) Manchester United has lost much of its place and authority in world football since their retirement (Manchester United). This traditional football club has changed one coach after another in the hope that it will return to the light. Many stars have come and gone in the past few years. But success did not catch the Red Devils. United fans are finally seeing a glimmer of hope at Old Trafford. Because Dutch coach Erik Ten Haag is in charge of the team this season.

Although the style of play is different, Ten Haag has brought back ‘Fergie Time’ in order and discipline. Ferguson once threw a shoe at David Beckham in anger. After half-time, many saw Beckham take the field with tape under his eyebrows. Although not quite as angry as the ‘stick-wielding mastermind’ Ferguson, Ten Haag doesn’t go too far. He has already brought several changes to the team, which are being discussed in the EPL. Team Rush doesn’t want to leave anyway, as evidenced by Eric’s decisions. Not only that, the star also does not follow tradition in running the team. Eric showed what changes he had brought.

Change of Captain: England star Harry Maguire became the captain within a few days of taking charge of the previous coach Ole Solskjaer’s team. Within a few days, he became the team’s ‘man of failure’ in the defense. Ole Gunnar Solskjær did not want to risk his job by going against the grain despite the serious allegations of leaking many of the team’s secrets to the media. Ralph Rangnick was also on the list. However, after becoming an exceptional Ten Hague coach, he handed over the captaincy to the hardworking Bruno. Its benefits have been seen in the field. Fans are quite happy with this change.

Timeliness: Ten Haag believes there is no substitute for punctuality when it comes to competing against the best teams in the world. At the beginning of the season, he informed me that if you are late for practice, team meetings, or coming to the field, you will face severe punishment. The tendency to come on late at will has grown since Solskjaer’s time. It is heard that he did not bother anyone much to maintain good relations with everyone. However, the ‘headmaster’ Ten Haag is reluctant to let good students like Ronaldo and Rashford enter the ‘school’ late.


Discipline: It is said that Paul Pogba was the ultimate coach during Mourinho’s tenure. Be it practice or match, he liked to go at his own pace. Against such a culture Ten Haag prefers to run the team as he sees fit. Ronaldo himself had to be punished for breaking the rules during his tenure. He did not hesitate to keep players like him out of the team if they did not match the strategy.

Improvement in mutual understanding: Eric has made some exceptional decisions to improve mutual understanding between the players. Eric has banned the use of cell phones in the cafeteria to increase the opportunity for conversation among themselves. Apart from this, he gave them time to discuss the game with each other at the end of the match. The Man U coach is willing to accept that if that discussion turns into criticism and it gradually turns into a bit of a fight. According to him, this leads to healthy competition in the team and opportunities for self-criticism.

Diet and Fitness: Ten Haag also has authority in the club’s kitchen. What kind of food a player will eat, according to the doctor’s advice, he decides the food list himself. Ten Haag has been praised by football pundits ever since seeing a change in the appearance and motivation of some players like Luke Shaw.

After a long time, a skilled coach like Eric has come to Manchester United. The club authorities are also excited to have him. Fans also hope that this merciless discipline will bring back the well-known ‘glory of Man United’!


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